britain in bloom

I really don’t understand British actors.
They go on to major at University in some major that it is nearly impossible to get a job in (ie Orlando Bloom: sculpture, Tom Hiddleston: Classical Greek and Latin, Theo James: Philosophy, Richard Armitage: cello/music) like what are they thinking “oh i can’t get a job in sculpture or classical Greek and Latin I guess I’ll just have to be an A-list actor bye mum and dad.”


BLOOMING BOOTIFUL | Norfolk Lavender House & Gardens| Heacham - Norfolk by Victoria
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Happy Valentines Day! 

*There was The Beatles,The Rolling Stones and Elton John in the 60’s and 70’s as the Original British Invasion. Now in the 90’s and 2000’s we have a new British Invasion for our Generation. In this new Invasion it is not musicians but a very talented group of actors instead. Meet the newest British Gentlemen to capture our hearts and take the USA and World by Storm!*

Top Row:Benedict Cumberbatch,James McAvoy & Tom Hiddleston
Middle Row: Ben Kingsley,Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart
Bottom Row: Andrew Lincoln,Orlando Bloom & Mark Strong