My friend (@charlitora on Twitter tweeted above) was the one who passed the casting call. It was notified people had safety concerns regarding the casting call for an Asian American trans male youth…

ZAL BATMANGLIJ, creator/director of the Netflix series casting for an Asian American trans boy has CONFIRMED the casting call is legit. As you can take a look, he has a blue verified check. Here are his IMDB credits and his Wikipedia if you wanna take a quick look at who he is. Here are official Hollywood news sites referencing Zal Batmanglij and his new series on Netflix: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, IndieWire, Collider, and Just Jared His Twitter is here. Tweet receipts here & here. Feel free to do your own research for your own comfort.


The character will be a series regular on an upcoming Netflix series from filmmakers Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling (The East, Sound of my Voice). Produced by Plan B (12 Years a Slave, The Departed) and Anonymous Content. It will shoot in January 2016 for a few months likely in LA.



If you fit this description, please send your name, current picture, age, where you currently live, and contact info to

EDIT- 8/24/2015: Zal Batmanglij, the creator of “The OA” just re-CONFIRMED with the casting agency that is SAFE to submit. I’ve added screencaps to the tweets (source here and here.) The casting agency uses a gmail due to the large amount of submission they will receive due to the fact it is an OPEN casting call (though even in the future, do you research to be safe. i.e. If they ask for money, that’s a no!)

The casting director is AVY KAUFMAN. She’s a very big casting director who’s credits include Life of Pi, Salt, Scream 4 and Lincoln among others and has worked in the industry since the 1980′s. See her background via IMDB and Wikipedia.

Now go and submit and good luck!!!

EDIT- 2/19/2016 Please do not reblog this post as they have already cast this role at this point! Thanks!


I Origins (2014) - Mike Cahill

5 bullets on this film:

  • This is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. The story, the details and the characters are so inspiring and deep that I was kind of shocked when the movie was over. Indie movies are the best, man.
  • I really like the contrast and the connection between science and religion, and this movie used this theme very well. I was expecting a boring love story but it ended up messing me up for weeks because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
  • The cinematography and the soundtrack are amazing.
  • The actors are so beautiful, damn. If you like hot people talking about science and religion, that’s it. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey made me question my life choices.
  • Stop saying that this film is not scientifically accurate because no one cares!!!! The story is good, and that’s it. It’s a movie, not a Stephen Hawking’s theory. And it’s not about religion either, it only ‘explains’ the connection between the ‘spiritual world’ and science. 

Portraits of Actors: Tintypes by photographer Victoria Will at Sundance 2014, featuring Brit Marling, Michael Shannon, Dane DeHaan, Diane Kruger, Scoot McNairy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, Michael Pitt, Sam Shephard, Willem Dafoe, and Rachel McAdams.

(for more tintypes, visit Victoria Will’s website)


“I do believe we’ve known each other since forever.”


“Yes. You know how? When the Big Bang happened, all the atoms in the universe were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward, so my atoms and your atoms were certainly together then and… who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years, so my atoms have known your atoms and they’ve always known your atoms. My atoms have always loved your atoms.”

Any woman who doesn’t call herself a feminist is confused about what the word means. A feminist is for the cause of liberating women all over the world. And a woman who says she’s not a feminist is only saying that because she thinks it’s unappealing to men.
But any man worth his salt loves a feminist. Only men who are afraid of the feminine in themselves are afraid of women
—  Brit Marling

“Within our lifetimes, we’ve marveled as biologists have managed to look at ever smaller and smaller things. And astronomers have looked further and further into the dark night sky, back in time and out in space. But maybe the most mysterious of all is neither the small nor the large: it’s us, up close. Could we even recognize ourselves, and if we did, would we know ourselves? What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves? What would we really like to see if we could stand outside ourselves and look at us?” - Another Earth (2011)