BRITISH ART-SOUL phenomenon Laura Mvula remembers inspiring private time with the much-missed Prince in the latest MOJO magazine.

“The night of the Brits, 2014, [Prince] presented the Best British Female Solo Artist award because, he said, he thought I was going to win,” Mvula recalls, “and when I didn’t win he invited my sister and me around to where he was staying. When I arrived, 3RDEYEGIRL were there. There was food. There was someone on the decks. It was like a music video from the ’90s.

“He greeted me at the door and asked me how I was feeling. I said, To be honest, I feel disappointed that I feel disappointed, and he said he understood. He talked to us for hours about the music business, about owning your own music – how that was the goal. We talked about my album, and he asked me what was coming next. I didn’t need a Brit award any more. I was sitting talking with Prince. Where would you rather be?”  (x)

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Okay, Niall is looking so good lately and I want him to model for real hahaha which are youe favourite Niall looks? And in which clothes would you like to see him? (I have a thing for Tommy H so I would love to see him in one of his sweaters or suits

ohhhhh YES ! his body is so amazing, especially for suits! i love the suits he wore to that horse race thingy or? was it even horse races? idk i think it was. so yeah that is definitely high on the favourite niall looks list. i also loved the outfit he wore for brits 2014, the leather jacket-white shirt-black skinny thing. but i also love love love him in comfy clothes, like just a blue skinny with a white shirt or a cuddly sweater, he basically looks good in everything. and idk what i’d like to see him in tbh, i think he looks good in so many things and he also knows how to dress himself quite well. tho i like them bottun ups a lot, like the one we wore to wimbledon recently, a light blue one. or some other tennis event idk anymore tbh i can’t keep up with all the sport thingys he’s going to. but it’d love to see some more of those bottun ups! he’ll look so smart and handsome and grown up and :) :) :) 


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Missing Moments Brit’s 2014 - POV Niall - 9500 parole.
Dal testo:“L'idea di ritrovarsi tutti quanti in quel hotel è partita dal solito Liam, ma sono stati tutti entusiasti di accontentarlo.
Sono arrivati la sera prima, sul tardi e hanno preso possesso delle loro suite. Hanno fatto di tutto per non far trapelare nulla e godersi in santa pace quelle ventiquattro ore, senza folle urlanti di fronte la hall.
Stando alla sua TL di Twitter la notizia non è ancora trapelata, anche se loro avevano scommesso sul cameriere del servizio in camera. I soliti malfidati”.

Words: 8877, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Italiano

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