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Broken Trust - Part Seven (END)

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 2496

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Warnings: Angst, I’ll put another warning at the end of the tags. I just don’t want to spoil the story for ya. If you think you could possibly be triggered by something please go check.

A/N: So This is the very last part of this series and it kinda saddens me, to be honest, BUT I can tell you that I could write a one-part sequel if you guys want me to, just let me know! Feedback Is Appreciated!


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Well that was.. abnormally fast. Turns out I had downloaded some shorter semester mod in fucking August and then forgotten all about it! Why would I download such an unholy concoction in the first place is beyond me. It’s back in hell where it belongs now so we’re getting the full college experience going forward but ugh, upsetting nonetheless..

I mean is there enough time in the world to enjoy this crazy bitch that was slapping Gunther yesterday (for ‘cheating on her’ even though they’re not even friends) heartfart over him now? Girl what is wrong with you.


Aren’t we all.


You also keep washing dishes that aren’t your own.

-A girl sees you voluntarily cleaning up, she starts to wonder what else you could offer without her asking ;)

Ew yea that’s definitely not a thing.



-Ah there you are <3 I saw you washing worm covered dishes earlier, you have to keep that for my eyes only baby <3



LOL looks like you got yourself a girlfriend, Gunther! Congrats, didn’t think you had it in you.

-Help. me.

No can do baby. And I actually mean that, I wouldn’t know how to break you two up even if I wanted to. I mean you slept with someone else in the middle of your date and she stood there smiling, there’s obviously no stopping this crazy train. See you at the wedding!  

Meanwhile Daniel is making a very important call that I’m sure is gonna fail.. but you never know if you don’t try..


LMAO see you never, nerds.

-Ooooh a love letter for me from a secret admirer <3

Yea that’s obviously for Gunther from a very special lady. I legit don’t remember which one but PUT THAT DOWN BRITTANY IS COMING, she’s gonna think you’re some kind of player. 

-Well 2 minutes of conversation are gonna take care of that misconception.

Yea you can say that again.

UUUUUUGH this can’t NOT work they’re perfect for each other I know it!!! COME ON BRIT DON’T LET ME DOWN


-UGH you could not be more wrong, comrade Brit Brit, but bourgeois college apathy has obviously crushed whatever critical thinking skills managed to survive the sorority confirmation process.

Good god. Ok that’s enough, time to see what we’re really dealing with here. GET UP.


FUCKING BYE I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE. I mean both popularity and both suck ass at it + polar opposites at everything else?? Romeo and Juliet who.

Marvin Gaye - Let’s get it on.mp3

Interrupting our wonderful time is the cow harassing the girl Gunther woohooed in the middle of his date with Meatballs. I love college <3

Time to move this party to the bedroom! Just us, Brit, and our new best friend. Judging from the positions in the above photo, Daniel’s first sexual experience isn’t going to be a conventional one.

Aw come on Brit, don’t be like that, there’s plenty of Dan to go around!

Ok now you’re just making Mr Cow sad. Stop excluding him!!

UGH he left, hope you pillowchested assholes are happy with yourselves.

That’s right, get them, crazy secret society blonde!




Hope you enjoyed the view, blondie!

The love juices have yet to dry as Wyatt rushes to occupy the bed. I feel the need to remind readers THAT DORMIES HAVE THEIR OWN BEDS. You literally wouldn’t know from looking at my game.

Case in fucking point, immediately after Wyatt awakens, another one of Jojo’s semi-lovers helps himself to our communal bed. Remember Ti-Ning? He’s stinking under the covers and as I suspected, Jojo ‘hates him’ aka is secretly into him. Good to see the Blue Meatballs stalking method gaining more fans!

WELL WELL WELL look who moved in. After Gunther ‘cheated’ on the redhead lunatic sis, the responsibility of getting us into the secret society has fallen squarely on Jojo’s frail shoulders. 


SORRY, on Jojo’s buff, well-defined shoulders. 

-Thank you.

You keep your eye on the prize, right?

-Of course. Every step she takes, every breath she takes-

-So as I was saying, it’s an absolute disgrace that there isn’t A SINGLE flat earth class in this college. Of course we all know who’s responsible.. Starts with -I, ends with -lluminati..

-Yea, I’m out.

NO YOU DON’T. Must I remind you what’s at stake here??

-Must I remind you I don’t care about resurrecting that stupid cat? I mean if it was Victor, we’d be having a different conversation.

Ugh fucking Victor istg. But NO, I’m talking about finally getting what your tiny, murderous heart has been craving all those years.. THE COWPLANT. Just think about it, Jojo..

-Oh god, the power, the unlimited power.. Fucking Ti-Ning is first on my list.

Yea we all know you want to fuck Ti-Ning but I don’t think you have to threaten him with a cowplant, he’d probably say yes if you asked him out-


-You know what repulses me, dear Jojό? Musique classique, is absolutely the worst, no? I mean who likes it apart from bores and killers seriàl? 

-Oh yea, you’re so right, Ti-Ning WYATT.

God Jojo are you so committed to this charade of denial that you’re gonna date someone who hates creepy classical music? What’s next? Does he hate bow-ties and oedipal complexes too?

-’Scuse me, my.. girlfriend.. is waiting for me.. When did life get so unfun :(

-Oui, I think it’s imperative that you sever all relationships with anyone wearing plaid pantalons, Jojό.. Très unseemly..

-Oh my <3

Well this stamp of approval is the fucking deathblow, JOJO GET OUT NOW. TI-NING’S DOOR IS RIGHT THERE


-My god, Wyatt, your manipulative criticism of my interests and family is attractive to say the least! 

NOP I don’t accept this, even you can’t keep this bullshit up!



Speaking of ‘</3′ looks like Meatballs hired a sniper to hit Gunther with the arrow of love. I extremely have other plans for him so this is obviously not happening but NICE TRY MEATBALLS


-HA. Watch and learn bitch, first I let him be his gross whoring self.. and now that I have him.. the era of Blue Meatballs.. BEGINS.


Wolfstar fic I am considering writing

-POV Remus
-summer after 7th year and James decides they need a break before they all get involved in this war shit.
-James reveals his parents own a house in the US in rural Vermont of all places
-everyone is like wtf James who are you
-the marauders plus Lily, Mary, Dorcas and Marlene go
-silly teenage shenanigans
-brits being confused by American culture
-get together fic
-deaf/hard of hearing James, mostly because there needs to be more representation of disabled people but also bc marauders using sign language
-Jewish!remus, ace!peter, aro!mary, poc!lily, poc!marlene and Dorcas, queer!everyone
-if you want pls like this if you would read this bc I need encouragement.

December 8th, 2014 - Insecurity



8th of December, 2014 - Insecurity

“Iggy? Open up!”

Alfred knocked on the Englishman’s hotel door, his face carrying an expression of concern. It was Arthur’s turn to hold the meeting in his country, and their flight had arrived late. But despite the jet lag that was seriously taking its toll on him, he had something he needed to discuss with his boyfriend.

The door slowly opened, but only just enough so, as it hide the other’s face from Alfred. “A…America…? What is it, don’t you know how bloody late it is?”

“What’s wrong with your voice, dude? You sound weird…” He asked, trying to see through the small crack of the door.

Arthur cleared his throat, though it did nothing to conceal the hoarseness in voice. “Nothing, nothing’s wrong. I think I may have caught something, but that’s all, don’t worry.”

He went to close the door, but Alfred grabbed the outside doorknob to keep it in place.

“Wait, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

The other hesitated, before opening the door wide enough for the other to see him completely. “Come in.”

Alfred wasn’t going to lie; The Brit looked like absolute shit. His eyes were red from crying, tears stained his face, and he wasn’t meeting the American’s gaze, choosing to stare at the floor.

He walked forward, resting a hand on Arthur’s shoulder as he lead him over to the bed. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You’ve been acting weird all day, even on the plane ride over. Please, tell me.”

The two sat down on the bed, and Arthur sighed as he looked up into Alfred’s caring eyes. Just the expression he was giving him forced a few more tears to spill from his eyes, and he ducked his head back down to hide them from the blond.

“I…I-I’m scared,” he muttered, barely loud enough for Alfred to hear.

“What’re you scared of?” Alfred asked, wanting to know what it was that could be paining his Arthur.

“I’m scared…o-of you l-leaving me.”

It was silent for a moment, but it was broken by a small chuckle from Alfred. He pulled Arthur against his chest and ran a hand through his hair.

“Why the hell would I leave you, Iggy?” he asked softly, his voice laced with comfort.

“Because, I’m too emotionally closed off, and I’m an asshole…and…” Arthur paused to take a few shuddery breaths, before mumbling into his shirt, “I-I’m not good enough….for you…”

The sharp pain that ran through Alfred’s heart was almost like a shock; he almost couldn’t believe that these words were coming from his lover!

He pulled away from the other, before gently kissing his cheek. “Of course you are. And there’s so much that’s to love about you, too…” Alfred continued to speak, kissing different spots of Arthur’s face in between words.

“You’re not emotionally closed off at all, dude. And you are kind of an asshole, but you’re a cute asshole, at least. You’re adorable, and you listen to really good bands, and you have these stupid freckles that I absolutely love…and your cooking might be questionable, but…”

This earned a small laugh from the Brit, and he returned the sweet smile Alfred gave him, the tears having since stopped.

“And I know you care about me,” Alfred said, pressing a soft kiss against Arthur’s lips. “I love you, Iggy. Don’t you ever think I don’t.”

The English nation wrapped his arms around Alfred, and pulled the other down towards the bed. He pulled back the blanket and covered them both with it as he snuggled into the American’s chest.

“I love you too, Alfred.”

Spoiled // Minicat

A/N: For @jaysketchin, sorry this took so long. Send more requests if you have them. Thanks for reading. (:

The hustle and bustle of the emergency room was definitely not a sound that Mini Ladd had ever gotten used to, nor did he want to get used to it. All the beeps and buzzers, and sounds of doctors shuffling by, it annoyed him. Of course, he knew they were just doing their job, but still, he didn’t like being here, and he didn’t like the circumstances he was here under. It had been two hours at the very least that he had been here, and he was tired of waiting. So, he did the only reasonable thing, and went up to the front desk to inquire about Tyler.

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Preference #28 Colors

Harry:  Black & White is for the picture that melts your heart.

It’s been a week since you and Harry had brought you twin boys, Aidan and Evan home the hospital. Things have been kinda crazy as of late and you were slightly worried about your 6 year old daughter Madison. At first when you told her about being an older sister she was really excited. But once they got here, she’s been really quiet and stays in her room most of the time. Both you and Harry have tried to get her to interact with her brothers but she wasn’t having any of it. At the moment the house was quiet because the boys just down for their nap, Madison was in her room while you and Harry were cuddling on the couch, trying to catch a break before the little ones woke up. As you cuddled against his side you closed your eyes and just breathed in his scent. Just as you were about to doze off your eyes shot up when you heard footsteps upstairs. You turned towards Harry and you knew by the look on his face that he heard it too. You both, as quietly as you could, got up and off the couch and tiptoed up the stairs. As you got closer to the twins room you could hear something talking. Your heart stopped when you opened the door and saw your daughter leaning over their crib to talk to them.

            “I know I haven’t talked to you guys that much.” She began. “But I guess at first I was just kinda confused. I didn’t understand why there’s two of you and why mom and dad had to spend so you much time with you. But now I understand. After a long talk with auntie Gemma, she explained everything. She told me that I was as tiny as both of you and I needed just as much attention, if not more. She said all I did was cry.”

Tears filled your eyes as you listened to her giggle as she talked to her brothers. You turned your head to see Harry doing the exact same thing. He whispered something in your ear before kissing your forehead and slipping out of the room. As he went to grab the camera, you listened as she talked to them more.

            “So I know I haven’t been the best sister as of late.” She began leaning down to whisper to them. “But I promise for this moment on, I’ll be the best big sister I can be. I’ll teach you how to tie your shoes because let’s be honest, daddy was terrible at it. I’ll protect you for the monsters at night because they don’t exist. But most of all, I’ll love you unconditionally.”

Just then you knew Harry was next to you again when he snapped a picture of the sight in front of you. He showed you the picture and you couldn’t help the warmness that filled your heart.

            “You’re the best big sister in the whole world.” Harry spoke up making your daughter look up at you both, blushing.”

            “You weren’t supposed to hear that daddy.” She pouted making you both laugh.

            “Don’t worry.” You spoke up. “Your secret is safe with us.”

            “Sorry I haven’t really helped.” She began.

Without another word both you and Harry walked over to her and wrapped her in a big hug. She buried her face against your stomach as both you and Harry rubbed her back.

            “You’ve been amazing.” Harry spoke up. “How about this weekend, daddy will take care of the boys while you and mommy go out and have a girl’s day? Does that sound good to you?”

            “Really?” She asked her eyes lighting up.

            “Yes.” He nodded smiling.

            “Thank you daddy.” She smiled reaching up for him to pick her up. “I love you both so much.”

            “We love you too beautiful.” You whispered. “But how about we go cuddle on the couch until these two knuckleheads wake up.”

            “Can I help you give them a bath tonight?” She asked looking over at you, her green eyes sparkling.

            “Of course you can.” You nodded kissing her forehead.

With those words Harry and Madison left the room leaving you alone with your little angels. You looked down at the camera and gasped when you saw the picture Harry took in black and white. It instantly became your favorite picture.


Liam:  Rose Gold is the color of your wedding bands.

Both you and Liam turned towards Zayn and Eleanor for the rings. When you had them in your hands you turned back to face each other with smiles on your faces. As you looked at each other with nothing but love in your eyes, the JP spoke up and said, “The ring is the symbol of the commitment which binds these two together. There are two rings because there are two people, each to make a contribution to the life of the other, and to their new life together.”

Liam then took the ring he had in his hand for you, placed it on your finger and said, “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day. I love you Y/f/n and I will from now until the end of time.”

You smiled softly, tears filling your eyes. You bit your lower lip as Liam wiped your tears away. You then took his hand in your own, slipped the ring on his finger and whispered the same words he said to you, “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day. I love you Liam James Payne and I will from now until the end of time.”

You pulled his hand up to your lips and pressed a kiss to where the ring to rests. You looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes as you heard the JP say, “You may now kiss your bride.”

Liam placed both of his hands on the side of your face and pressed his lips softly to yours. You could hear everybody cheering behind you but all you could think about was Liam and your new life together. When he pulled away he looked into Y/c/e and you knew he was thinking the exact same thing. The rest of the day went by so fast you didn’t know what was up or down. Before you knew it the two of you were sitting in the back of your limo on your way to the hotel. He pulled you against his side and placed a soft kiss against your temple. You snuggled into his side as he laced your fingers together and smiled down at your.

            “I love you Mrs. Payne.” He whispered. “I love you so much.”

            “I love you too Liam.” You smiled hiding your face in his chest.

            “You look so beautiful.” He began rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand. “Did I tell you that today?”

            “Yes.” You nodded. “You did, about a thousand times.”

            “Well here’s to a thousand and one.” He smirked.

You picked up his hand and pressed a kiss to the top of his hand much like you did during the ceremony. You looked down at your hands intertwined and smiled.

            “What are you thinking?” He asked.

            “I just can’t believe we’re finally married.” You whispered looking up at him. “After all these years of being friends, I just can’t believe it finally happened. You make me so happy Liam. I hope you know that.”

            “And you make me just as happy beautiful girl.” He whispered. “You’re my world. You always have been and you always will be. I promise I will wake up every day go to bed every night making sure that you’re happy and have everything you need.”

            “I promise to do the same thing.” You whispered kissing him softly.



Louis:  Red is the color of the first dress you wear out with him after confirming your relationship.

When your boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson ask you to go to the Brits with him you instantly began looking for the perfect dress. You even called up Sophia and asked her for help considering she always looked spot on. So when you walked into the very last store for the day and she pulled out an amazing red dress you both instantly knew it was the one. This was pretty much your coming out (as Louis girlfriend) party and you needed to look amazing. You tried on the dress for you and by the look on her face you knew you had found it. And now here you stood in the front of your mirror putting the finishing touches on your hair and makeup. You looked at yourself in your floor length mirror and nodded in approval. Just then you heard a knock on your bedroom door and Louis saying, “Are you ready angel?”

            “I am.” You whispered smiling.

With those words he pushed open the door and walked inside. His eyes got huge and his jaw dropped when he saw you with your hands on your hips waiting for him.

            “So?” You asked blushing as his bright blue eyes turned dark. “What do you think?”

            “You look stunning angel.” He whispered walking towards you. “So, so beautiful. I’m going to have to beat the men off with a stick.”

            “Too bad for them.” You smirked. “I only have eyes for you.”

            “Too bad for them.” He repeated. “And lucky me. Are you ready to go?”

            “As ready as I’ll ever be.” You nodded.

With those words he took your hand in his own and led you downstairs and out to his car.

The next day!

You woke up and looked around the room. You reached over only to find empty sheets. You knew he hadn’t been up long because they were still slightly warm. You crawled out of bed and walked down the stairs only to see Louis sitting on the couch sipping on a cup of tea. He must have heard you because he turned around to greet you with one of his award winning smiles.

            “Come here beautiful.” He whispered turning back away from you.

You walked around the couch and cocked your eyebrow when you saw him reading the new paper.

            “What are you reading?” You asked sitting next to him.

            “Looks like someone was a hit last night.” He smiled showing you the article he was reading.

You looked down and read nothing but amazing words about how beautiful you looked and how perfect you complimented Louis. Tears filled your eyes as you read the words and they didn’t stop until you felt a warm thumb brush them away.

            “They love you baby.” He whispered kissing your temple. “Almost as much as I do. Almost.”

            “I can’t believe it.” You smiled.

            “Believe baby.” He smirked kissing the side of your neck. “But you’re all mine.”

            “Damn straight.”


Niall:  Silver is color of your hair.

You smiled when you felt a cool hand cover yours. You looked over to your right to see the pair of blue eyes you loved so much for all these years.

            “Would you like to dance my lady?” He asked kissing the top of your hand.

            “I would love too.” You nodded.

Even though it took you both longer to stand up, when you did finally make it to your feet you shuffled along to the dance floor. Today your oldest great granddaughter was marrying her prince charming and it just happened to be yours and Niall’s 75th wedding anniversary. When you made it to the dance floor everybody around you began to clap. He wrapped his arm around your waist much like he did all those years ago and rested his head against yours. You placed your small, wrinkled hand in his and sighed as you two danced (as well as you could) around the floor.

            “I can’t believe this was us 75 years ago.” He whispered. “I remember it like it was yesterday.”

            “Me too.” You smiled turning to look into his eyes. “Thank you Niall James Horan.”

            “For what?” He asked confused.

            “For giving me the best life I could have ever dreamed of.” You whispered tears filling your eyes. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and even though it was hard sometimes, we made it, together.”

            “You’re the love of my life.” He began sniffling and you knew he was tearing up as well. “I promised you that day all those years ago, no matter what happened, I’d love you and be here for you no matter what. I promised I’d be with you until my last breath and here we are 75 years later, still looking amazing might I add, still so in love.”

            “You really were my prince charming.” You smiled leaning up to kiss him softly.

            “And you were the princess I always wanted.” He sighed happily. “Best life I could have ever imagined.”

            “Agreed.” You nodded not caring that everyone was now watching you dance with your husband.

All you could see was him and all he could see was you.


Zayn:  Pink and white are the colors for your baby girl.

Today you and Zayn were having a photographer come to the house to take pictures of your whole family but mostly your daughter Emma. She just got home about two weeks ago and you were ready to get some professional shots. You grabbed the beanie Uncle Harry got for her and put it on her head. She looked up at you with her big brown eyes shining.

            “She looks beautiful.” You heard from the door. “Just like her mother.”

            “She looks like you.” You blushed looking over your shoulder at Zayn.

            “Nonsense.” He began as he walked towards you. “Have you picked out outfits yet?”

            “I have a couple.” You nodded. “But I was thinking we could just use the blanket your mother gave her at the hospital for the first couple shots.”

            “I love that idea.” He smiled. “And so will she.”

So you grabbed the blanket while Zayn grabbed your daughter and you both walked into the living room. You laid the blanket on the floor before placing her in the middle. You tucked the blanket under her arms all while she watched you with big eyes. Not long after the photographer was in the house snapping pictures of her. As he took different shots you watched as she slowly began to stick her tongue out. Your eyes were wide but you giggled when you saw Zayn standing behind her doing the same thing. You watched as he interacted with your girl thanking god for you happy family. 

These pictures are not mine. I do not own them. 

Romantic Slasher Films // Tate & Phoebe

It had been quite a while since Phoebe and Tate really got a chance to hang out. To say the least, it had been a little awkward since they had sex at that party a little while back. The pair agreed to never talk about it again because they honestly didn’t want to admit that it happened. They were terrified that her brother would find out and then their friendship would basically be over. He couldn’t imagine not being best friends with Jackson and Phoebe anymore. Friends and family were the most important things in Tate’s life and he was going to do whatever he could to make sure that they stayed in his life. Tonight was going to be a simple night and nothing bad could really come out of it. All they were going to do was pig out on junk food and watch some movies. Tate got a few slasher films as well as some romantic comedies to balance the night out. It was planned that the girl would pick which ones she wanted to watch and that’s what they would go with. 

Seeing as she was meant to be there any minute, Tate realized that he should probably go ahead and get the snacks ready. He had popcorn, chocolate, cookie dough, and all the chips that you could imagine downstairs. It was already laid out on the counter and all he needed to do was take it upstairs to his room. It wasn’t hard to carry everything up on the first trip considering the fact that he had long arms and big hands. After everything was settled on the bed, the Brit quickly pulled his clothes off and grabbed a pair of pajama pants. He was trying not to focus on how awkward it would be because his hopes were that it wouldn’t be awkward at all. Tate pulled on his pants and headed downstairs to wait for the girl to arrive. The dark-haired boy sat on the sofa and flipped through the channels as he waited patiently.