brit twins

Okay so,

One day, Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, Desmond, Arno, Aveline and the Brit twins open a bakery. We got the whole gang here.
All of them have their specialties like Evie and Ezio making cookies and Connor making breads and things with the tougher dough CUZ he’s packing some biceps.
Altaïr, Arno, and the Frye’s work on cakes and other pastries. Aveline makes beignets
So they all sit around one night in the husk of a building they just bought together in hopes of creating a successful bakery. But no one has a name for it yet.

No one has heard a peep from Connor since they got there.

Then suddenly…..

“Why don’t we call it the ‘Breaderhood’”


They certainly saved the best postcard ‘til last! Not that I’m biased any which way. The red Routemasters and the eternally optimistic Brits who don’t always carry umbrellas despite the rainy reputation. Graham was totally right to big it up.

…and that’s the last of the lot! I believe there are eight of these posts of mine, so, happy hunting! Who was your favourite? Postcard/song/both?

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