brit tour

_George Harrison; United States/Estados Unidos; Daly City; Cow Palace; Dark Horse Tour/Turnê Dark Horse; November 7th 1974/7 de novembro de 1974.

_Photo/Foto: Dan Cuny.

_Source/Fonte: Brit Rock by the Bay.

_Copyright/Direitos Autorais: David Miller, Dan Cuny and/e Gary Hodges.

If you ever have a bad day, just watch this video and it will surely cheer you up🌞

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What video is that hot stuff gif you re blogged from

it’s here in the brits 2015 backstage tour vid :) isjdfksjdlfjsdlf god tbh all of the brits content is so underrated and lovely. esp the backstage tours, they’re so surprisingly relaxed in these videos and laughing a lot and feeling awkward and out of place and it’s honestly adorable to watch??? and there’s some genuinely flirty moments in this vid omg and a lot of shots of them squeezing together as they take in all the Serious Business brits stuff together :(( here r some cute pics i have from this vid just bc im feelin emo and want to share: 

i just feel like the brits vids are lowkey such good examples of the way dnp sort of subtly lean on each other (i mean figuratively mostly but also sometimes literally) in situations where theyre a bit uncomfortable and out of their depth

ahahah also a bonus: 

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what promo do you think she's likely to do? GMA concert, AMAs, VSFS, Grammys, Brits? then tour in the summer?

i think she’ll probably perform at awards shows and use them to get her message out as SHE wants rather than as THEY want. but otherwise i think it’ll be totally unexpected and like nothing we’ve ever seen. she wants the art to speak for itself. she asked the media nicely during 1989 to please pay attention to the music and not her personal life and they didn’t listen, so now, music is all they’re gonna get and they’re damn well going to pay attention. this album is gonna be her magnum opus, i feel it.