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“I totally get that people want to pitch us as rivals but we’re old friends and I think that he’s a phenomenal actor. I’ve seen a lot of his stage work and what he did in The Imitation Game is just beautiful. While we understand people want to pitch us against each other we won’t enter that game.” - Eddie Redmayne

“It’s not rivalry. It’s a friendship. I will be the first person on my feet if Eddie wins any of the prizes he will rightfully be nominated for — I will be front and centre, screaming, clapping and delighting in any accolade that is thrown his way. People can try to whip it up between us all they like — Eddie and I will just stand back and laugh at you all.” - Benedict Cumberbatch


2009 to 2014, Rob and Tom in New York. Rob, talking about Tom:

“We went to school together, and then we lived together for a bit, so we’ve been friends and more for what feels like our whole lives. I mean, we are friends. He’s my best friend, and that’s it. He’s like a brother to me, you know? We have the same group of friends, and I’m friends with all of them, not just him.”


Rob and Andrew Garfield got caught up last night in Toronto.

The Twilight hunk and Spider Man spent a good chunk of time catching up at the back of the restaurant, the two of them standing directly behind the banquette I was perched at. It was the post-premiere party for Garfield’s new one – a serious drama called 99 Homes – and Robert had just zipped into town for his own premiere, Map to the Stars.

And though there’d been some unkind rumours a few years ago that these two lads kinda loathed each other, I saw zero signs of a rivalry.

“Where’s Emma?” I heard Robert ask Andrew about his famous girlfriend. Normal party chatter. The two also appeared to exchange information via their phones – two guys at a party looking at screens! – and even ribbed each other about their beards.

On that latter count, Andrew certainly has Robert beat: his is a full-on grizzly-man beard, while Robert’s fuzz was his usual several-days grown-in.



Rob and some of the Brit pack dropped by the BlastOff comic book store in North Hollywood this afternoon. The women who work there tweeted, impressed with his “sweet and soft spoken manner.” Not sure if it was Tom, Jamie, Bobby or Marcus with him, but whoever they were, they got away without being papped.  4-23-14

An additional tweet refused to disclose exactly what he bought, citing the fact that they respected his privacy, and noting that “He was honestly a total darling to everyone.” We would be surprised if we heard anything different about Rob.