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“I mean I think movement has been interesting to Zal and I for a long time. I think in the beginning we talked about, a lot about the idea that violence is a uniquely cinematic thing. You can read a violent passage in a novel and it’s intense and visceral, but when you see it on screen, it’s something else entirely in terms of how it shocks your senses, and so I think for us we were interested in exploring what a kind of antidote to that might be. What is something else that’s uniquely cinematic that could come up against that, and for us that was the idea of movement and thinking about making a language of movements and building mythology around that.”

wow i didn’t think i could love bastille more but im just laughing so much at the fact that they ran across a busy road because they were late for the brits, took the tube there, and dan wore a bomber jacket and a t-shirt. my love for these dorks is so big and im so proud of them even if they didn’t win



are we gonna talk at all about this video of brit discussing fan theories?!?!

FIRST OF ALL i just need to express how wonderful it is to hear brit talking about the show in depth. this is the first time that either her or zal have actually spoken in a video about the show and i am so eternally happy.

SECOND OF ALL let’s talk about how brit was wayyy too familiar with these “theories” for them to have been completely fan-made. i mean she sounded so comfortable talking about that painter and the five cracks in the glass…. there must be some truth in those theories then, right? i need opinions.

LASTLY i just need to thank jimmy fallon for inviting brit back on his show and blessing us with these videos thank you thank you thank you