brit hottie


My Top Hottest European Actors:

·         Christian Bale

·         Gerard Butler

·         Eddie Redmayne

·         James McAvoy

·         Michael Fassbender

·         Cillian Murphy

·         Benedict Cumberbatch

·         Tom Hardy

·         Henry Cavill

·         Michiel Huisman

·         Jonathan Rhys Meyers

·         Orlando Bloom

·         Ben Barnes

·         Robert Pattinson

·         Andrew Garfield

·         Rupert Friend

·         Charlie Hunnam

·         Jamie Dornan

·         Ewan McGregor

·         Jude Law

·         Aaron Taylor-Johnson

·         Douglas Booth

·         Colin Farrell

·         Daniel Craig

Do the other day I was printing pictures of hotties ( Cumberbatch, Colin morgan, and the works) out in the office in my house to put up in my room.
Today my grandma was using her computer and yelled “ who is this hunky hunk!”
My grandma found a picture of Colin Morgan I left in there. She is now in love with him.