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“How was it like to work with [Y/N]? I remember in a different interview you had mentioned that she was your celebrity crush.” The interview chuckled as Tom’s face turned a little red. 

Shifting, Tom winced but laughed. “Yeah, uh, embarrassing. But, no, it was absolutely amazing. [Y/N] is so incredibly talented, it was amazing to work with her. She brings this contagious energy on set and made it so much fun to film. I mean it’s insane how down to earth she is. My first time meeting [Y/N] was not my smoothest, either. I got completely tongue-tied and distracted because she’s so stunning in person. She’s got these big [eye color] eyes and they just stand out. I, it was very embarrassing.” 

“Did she know about your crush?” 

“No, actually, she didn’t until I mentioned it.” Tom winced again, running a hand over his face. “She forced me to pull up the interview on Youtube.” 

“Well, I’m sure now that you know her, the crush went away. The usually do.”

Tom breathed out, “It got worse.” 

I’ve been trying to get back into writing, it’s been busy start to the new year. Request some things to get my juices flowing. I can’t promise that I can do all of them but I will try. 

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My Top Hottest European Actors:

·         Christian Bale

·         Gerard Butler

·         Eddie Redmayne

·         James McAvoy

·         Michael Fassbender

·         Cillian Murphy

·         Benedict Cumberbatch

·         Tom Hardy

·         Henry Cavill

·         Michiel Huisman

·         Jonathan Rhys Meyers

·         Orlando Bloom

·         Ben Barnes

·         Robert Pattinson

·         Andrew Garfield

·         Rupert Friend

·         Charlie Hunnam

·         Jamie Dornan

·         Ewan McGregor

·         Jude Law

·         Aaron Taylor-Johnson

·         Douglas Booth

·         Colin Farrell

·         Daniel Craig

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Here we go again! thesuncouk*tvandshowbiz*3578118*joe-alwyn-taylor-swift-boyfriend-actor* Weirdly, the Sun picked up a few things that the Swidiots have been stating these past few months, like the fact that she walked around wearing disguises.


Oh this outta be fun 😈

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