bristols ren faire


My dear friend made a post about her excitement about this upcoming season of Renaissance Faire- and I felt like I should do the same. Last year was my first year ever having any kind of acting role at Bristol Renaissance Faire- let alone my first year working there in general. Being part of Danse Macabre was the highlight of my day, since I spent most of my day selling gorgeous costumes at Pendragon. I can not wait to do it again this year, and also possibly help teach some movement classes at rehearsals this summer for the upcoming season. :] I have a new costume design that I really think is going to be a big hit. This year is going to be a blast.

(Photo credit goes to Kathy Jaskulski and Creative VisuALs Photography, LLC)


So here are a lot of pictures of me at Bristol Ren Faire in my lovely new dress! I got quite a few compliments on the dress and the Jaspers bag, and was called a “lovely lady” so many times I was split between wanting to float away or to hide under my own skirt.

I have more pics of the actual faire (lots of pretty clothes and and faeries), so I’ll post them after I get some sleep.

If you want to read about my day at the Faire, it’s here!