Shadowhunters Music

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Official Theme Song - This is the Hunt - Ruelle

Shadowhunters Pre-Release Trailers and Promos

1) Bring Me Back To Life - HT Bristol
2) Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai)  - First Look Promo
3) Sad Lullaby (hush little baby) by KenzieSkerry - Magnus and Clary Scene in Trailer

Beyond the Shadows

1) Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns - The Bloopers Scene
2) Frozen Oceans - Shiny Toy Guns LYRICS - Relationship Scene
3) The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid - Set’s Introduction
4) The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights - End Emotional Scene
5) Shiny Toy Guns-Rainy Monday (with lyrics) - During Clary’s Introduction
6) The Birthday Massacre - Calling - Isabelle’s Introduction
7)  Grind Fury - During the ‘Pandemonuim’ Scene in the video “Cassandra Clare’s 1st visit to the set of Shadowhunters”
8) Cat’s Cradle - The soundtrack during the cast introduction in the video "Cassandra Clare’s 1st visit to the set of Shadowhunters”

Episode 1

1) Monsters by Ruelle - Opening montage; Isabelle, Jace & Alec hunt a shapeshifting demon.  
2) Don’t Come Over by Jess Penner - Clary joins Simon at a cafe.
3) Deez Nutz by Extreme Music - Simon, Maureen and Clary talk
4) Forever Young (feat. Alberto Rosende & Shailene Garnett) by Shadowhunters Cast.
5) Love Disease by Extreme Music - Outside Pandemonium when Simon changes.
6) Sweatin Out the Toxins by Extreme Music - Jace bumps into Clary; she decides to follow him
7) Redose by The Prototypes - Clary follows Jace.

Episode 2 

1) Street Clothes (feat. Voli) by Marz Ferrer - In a parking garage. Midori was about to get him, until Luke arrives.
2) This is the Hunt by Ruelle - Opening credits.
3) Emmanuel by Basecamp (Instrumental Version) -  Isabelle arrives back to her room with a tray of food.
4) Maced in Space by Extreme Music - At Pandemonium, Dot comes to find Magnus, who has opened a portal.
5) Great Disaster by Desoto Jones - Simon in the van listening to a song on his iPod.

Episode 3

1) Tearing Us Apart by Honora (Instrumental)  - In the graveyard, Jace shows Clary how to use a Seraph blade.
2) Fog by Kids and Chemicals - Isabelle joins Meliorn inside his tent.
3) Garage Party by MR JIGGA - Clary and Jace at the Vampire Biker Bar - Hardtail.  
4) Holy Dove by Civil Twilight - Clary with the a biker vampire (Brad).
5) Trap (J Paul Mix) by Elizaveta - Camille seduces Simon and Isabelle seduces Meliorn
6) Invincible by Ruelle - Jace and Clary on the Motorcycle.
7) Indigo Puff by Sundara Karma (covered by Layla ) - End Scene. 

Episode 4

1) Brand New by Dead Right! - Isabelle helps Clary pick out an outfit.
2) Practice Practice by Extreme Music - Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle stand in line with a crowd of downworlders to enter the bar.
3) Man vs. Machine by N3XTST3P - At the Party. Magnus Scene.

Episode 5

1) Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G, BWV 1048: II. Adagio Ma Non Tanto by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Jonathan Carney - Magnus calls Alec
2) Soldier by Fleurie - Clary comforts a wounded Luke. End Scene

Episode 6

1) Where Do We Go From Here - Ruelle - Izzy changes herself and Magnus and Alec have drinks.

Episode 7

1) Storm - Ruelle - Clary and Jace Kiss

Episode 8

1) Hurts like Hell - Fleurie - Clary and Simon Grave scene

Episode 9

1) Start 'Em Up - APM Music - Clary, Jace, Izzy, Simon and Luke walk out with Werewolves and Vampires.
2) Who Am I - Andrew Judah - Simon and Clary Episode end.

Episode 10

1) Free - Before the Brave - Clary meets Simon, Izzy, Alec and Jace at Java Jace.
2) Wake Me Up - Andrew SiD - Valentine and Isabelle at the Mad Hatter Party
3) Get up and Glow - Circuit Shaker, Vicky Harrison & Oliver Price (Instrumental) - Jocelyn & Valentine dance together.
4) Skiss 2 by Alice Boman - Jace asks Clary to dance; Alec invites offers Magnus a drink; Simon tells Clary his plan to ask Isabelle to move in with him.
5) The Machine - Chris Bohn - Magnus speaks to Clary at the Party.
6) Scoop - APM - Clary and Magnus sneak into the Basement when Jace arrives.

Episode 11

1) Eyelids - PVRIS - Clary and Jace kiss after Jace’s Blood Transfusion

Episode 12

1) The Right Way -  Type 3 Vampires - Izzy drops Alec off at his bachelor party.
2) Arrows (Love Thy Brother Remix) - Mas Ysa - Bachelor Party and Parabatai scene.
3) Air on the G String  -  Extreme Music - Pre- Wedding scene.
4) War of Hearts - Ruelle - Alec and Lydia’s Wedding and Malec Scene.

Episode 13

1) Bad Dream - Ruelle