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This image was taken in June of 2014 of what was said to be a crocodile in a river in England. The Bristol Crocodile was first sighted in River Avon in February of the same year. Reptile and amphibian expert, Dr Ian Stephen, claims that it is possible for crocodiles to survive in British rivers. While they can survive in the rivers, Stephen says that it would be impossible for them to flourish, meaning someone had to have recently let the animal loose. Stephen and others believe that someone who kept a crocodile must have let it go when it got too big.


How to make a water filter | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

Water is essential to life on Earth. But how does the water get from the rivers and streams to your tap at home? Ross & Heather of the Live Science Team show you how to make a water filter and visit Bristol Water treatment works to investigate the science and engineering behind a glass of water:

By: At-Bristol Science Centre