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I wanted to send @yokoboo some Hope You’re Feeling Better flowers, but then I realized I’d have to draw them, because you can’t send real flowers through the internet (yet). And then I was like, if I’m gonna be drawing flowers obviously I might as well also draw Thistle. So here we are. Glad your migraines have been winding down, Yoko! We love you!


on another note, this is legit the best I’ve done at line variation ever and I’m kinda mad cause it turned out a lot better than the actual stuff I’ve been trying to work on for Doodleberry Jam lol. That might actually be because I’ve been practicing lines more this month though so hey!! :D 


Pseudo-Legendaries Series

1st stage pseudo-legendary pokemon! I omitted Beldum because for some reason gen 3 has TWO pseudo-legendaries and I wanted to have a nice dragon theme going (with the exception of Larvitar, but it’s dragon-like so it counts). Sorry Beldum :c

These were all drawn on vellum bristol board, carefully cut with a precision knife, glued to smooth bristol covered with washi tape, and finally placed onto a bigger piece of bristol! I wanted to experiment with a few different types of traditional media, which was super fun

Both the originals and prints of these cuties are available on my Etsy for those interested in taking home one of their own c:

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anstarx  asked:

Hi! Just want to say that your poses are super helpful! I actually want to ask about your background setting- How do you get a clean background (white paper? White wall?) like that? Also the lighting, did you use natural lighting since I struggled to get a good lighting when I take reference pictures.

Oh dude, you wouldn’t believe how bad my setup is. ^_^;  I’m hoping maybe someday if I can manage the funds, I can put together a better setup with more flexible lighting options, a turntable, props, and maybe even a better camera.

Right now, I’m using a folded piece of bristol board as a base and backdrop, a basic floor lamp with two daylight CFL bulbs, and the camera in my iPhone 5s.  I position or tilt the floor lamp until I get roughly the results I want.  It’s a pretty low budget operation.

But what I lack in a professional setup and photography skills, I make up for in Photoshop skills! :D  I’m an illustrator/comic person, and I do art in Photoshop for a living.  I use the Curves tool to balance out the lights and darks and remove color casts.  If you don’t have Photoshop, most art programs these days have some sort of equivalent.

Here’s a before and after:

In this case, I also edited out some props and composited a second photo of Orange-kun’s tape-covered foot.  I always note in my post whether or not something’s been edited, so people can know what’s actually doable with these figures and what isn’t.

So I hope that answers your question!  If anyone wants more info on how to use Photoshop curves, let me know.

(and btw, a new pose is coming up in a couple hours!)

anonymous asked:

I saw your post about Liz and MJ and that was super cute could you maybe do the same but between the cute af crackship of Gwen Stacy and MJ?

listen,,,,,,, mj and gwen are canon and i dont entertain any other opinions 

(also i used smhc mj cause you know what!! i hate plot holes!!)

here’s a little bit of chemistry :)

when gwen stacy is assigned as michelle jones’ lab partner on the first day of third period chemistry, all she can really think is “you’ve gotta be kidding.

because here’s the thing: the past few months of michelle’s life have played out similarly to a badly written early 2000’s teen movie.

she transferred to midtown and had no friends, but joined a single club and became decathlon captain by the end of sophomore year. she attended a grand total of two social events, and somehow got herself two close friends, one of which moonlights as a superhero.

those things don’t just happen.

so when gwen sets her backpack down, light blue cardigan bunching up around her wrists and loose pieces of her ponytail curling up around her ears, mj braces herself for impact. braces for something awful, for gwen, popular put-together gwen, as soft and warm as she seems, to be a totally different brand of popular than liz.

but gwen barely does anything. she says hi, silently takes notes during the period, tells flash to shut up (and he actually does what), picks up michelle’s pencil for her when it drops to the ground, and smiles up at mj with attentive eyes when the bell rings and says she’ll see her tomorrow.

and mj can’t stop thinking about it.


later at lunch, mj asks ned and peter if they know gwen.

ned falters. peter snorts his chocolate milk.

mj doesn’t get any answers.

at some point, mj stops paying attention entirely in favour of observing gwen, who walked in with the entire science olympics team behind her. every single one of them is wearing matching decorated nametags, and gwen is smiling like she’s never felt happier. 

and mj can’t stop thinking about it.


at the first decathlon practice of the year, michelle trades her progress charts and cue cards for glitter glue and crayola markers.  the team is crowded around a piece of bristol board with “ACADECA” written on it in giant letters to hang over their part of the club bulletin board, and it’s the world’s most chaotic masterpiece; cindy is the shining star of the art department, and peter is very much not. as much as michelle cant let go of the setback on team progress, she’s almost completely sure that liz would justify the activity as a team morale booster, so she’ll let herself move on this one time.

besides, the look of pure glee on ned’s face when she let’s him put star shaped stickers on her cheeks is priceless. who cares about setbacks to team progress? she feels cute. 

little does she know that gwen passes by their room on her way to her locker, and for an incredibly brief moment, just watches her laugh. 

and gwen can’t stop thinking about it. 


gwen is sitting on mj’s floor in sweatpants and an oscorp tshirt, writing titles out in jumbo sharpie on their shared science project. 

it’s been a couple months since the semester started, and mj honestly hasn’t had to think about much other than her crush since. 

gwen leans on top of their graphs and feels mj’s gaze on her back. she tries her best to seem natural, but she can feel her face heating up. 

neither of them want to think about it. 


Last year, I made some Adventure Time fan art, but never got around to posting it. I have a special AU in my heart that their gender-bent characters are their siblings. I had the most fun with Marshall Lee and Marceline b/c they had the most movement.

I have two extra pieces of Bristol, so I’ll be drawing Jake/Cake and Ice King/Queen soon too!

Revisiting a couple of characters from my pretty popular “Danny Gomez Does drugs on the Weekends” post when I initially laid out the main characters and their respective hallucinations. 

I had one spare piece of bristol board and chose to do the first color picture of Patricia and Sweetwater since their relationship as creator and creation is so amusing to me. 

Yes Sweetwater’s stomach is a ball pit. Yes it’s safe/sanitary (unlike the ones in real life). 

The original/initial sketches (and the other two chars) are here.


Here’s a couple mildly terrible pictures of all the THAC Pops I gave to the boys! (with bonus @admiralskywhale in the background of one :P) Click through for some actual decent pictures of each individual Pop, with a bit of detail on how I made each one as well! :O


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The Simpsons Comics recently had an issue that featured a bunch of two page stories/spreads. Shane came up with an idea for a crazy Homer power plant scene, pitched it, and got it approved by Bongo. Then we packed it full of a ton of gags and fun stuff to look at. I roughed out the illustration in Photoshop, printed it out in light blue on two 11"x17" pieces of bristol, penciled it, then inked it. Then it’s off to Bongo to be colored and lettered.

In the upper left, there are cameos of Kassandra, Shane, Charlie, and Bongo’s Creative Director: Nathan Kane! I’m also drawn in as one of the kids in Lisa’s class.