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‘Grip Thumb’ Bristol X OWL Skateboards 'NEW_SPEAK’ Premiere 23/06/16 from Al Hodgson on Vimeo.

'Grip Thumb’ Bristol and OWL Skateboards 'NEW_SPEAK’ Premiere collaborative event in Stokescroft, Bristol, June 23rd, 2016.

Following the last Grip Thumb event at Parlour Presents, Shoreditch in 2015, Grip Thumb brought their event to Stokes Croft, Bristol, to exhibit griptape art from over 30 artists alongside the premiere of OWL Skateboard’s new full length VX Video, 'NEW_SPEAK’

Supported by:

OWL Skateboards
Blue Monday Press
Monster Energy
Grizzly Griptape

Big Thanks to all the artists who took part, everyone who came to the event, Phoebe Fleming for shooting this video, Tom Mangham for the support from Monster, Griff for the photography and Ben Gore at Blue Monday Press.