I’ve been trying to draw traditionally more often, so here’s @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu… aka anti and darkiishu.

i think i’ve found a love of drawing succulent and cacti crowns c:

i referenced @bristlee1‘s photo here, and inspiration for darkiiishu came from wiishu’s picture here!

huge thanks to anyone and everyone who likes, comments, reblogs, or simply smiles at my stuff, and i hope you all have a fantastic day!


Going through my αrt folder αnd found these Jαck drαwings I wαs doing over α yeαr αgo thαt I’ll never finish, so I might αs well post them since I don’t reαlly drαw αnymore.
The second one is from α photo by Bristlee1 from Pαx Eαst I think. I cαn’t find the photo (it’s lαgging my internet oops but it’s there somewhere).

PAX was amazing!!

I got back to Denver late last night (and that was a whole shit experience because my sister and I almost missed our second flight because the first flight was delayed)

Anyway, the first day was the markiplier & friends signing. When I got there, the first thing that happened was I finally met @bristlee1, who is a sweetheart. I waited in line and I got to see @therealjacksepticeye, @lordminion, @markiplier, and I finally met @muyskerm. I gave Mark and Jack prints of this photo, it was the first photo of mine to get attention after Jack reblogged it. When I gave the photo to Mark, he picked it up and waved it to show Jack at the other end of the signing. He was yelling “Jack look, look Jack, Jack, Jack” 

These guys were such sweethearts and they’re all super nice people. I also was upset last year, because I met Mark, but I never asked for a hug. When I met him at this year, I got my pax badge signed and gave him the print, he asked “Is there anything else you need form me?” I quickly said “a hug” so I finally got my hug!!

I also got to meet @wiishu​ the following day, who is super nice and such an honor to meet such an amazing artist. I also got to meet @simpleagle as well, who is also such an amazing artist.

It was such an amazing trip, I had loads of fun and I took loads of photos, but finals are coming up for me so I might not post anything right away. A huge congratulations to @foxtrot44​ and @lordminion​ for they’re engagement. I wish nothing but wonderful things and happiness for you two!!