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The girl on the left is a sophomore in my Spanish class, and her and her boyfriend have been missing since January 2nd.

It’s entirely possible that they ran away together, but no one knows why. Their safety is extremely important to their family, friends, and peers, so please pass this around and keep them in your thoughts.

When imagining the future, conventional science fiction often focuses too much on gadgets and not enough on people, Brissett says. “We think [science fiction] is about … the new machines we’ll have, the little gadgets that will make our lives easier … but I think the civil rights movement is one of the most science-fictional things that could have probably happened, because all of a sudden this entire group of people that was totally ignored showed up at the table and said ‘We want in.’”

“I read Elysium in under 12 hours. I put it down to sleep, eat and pet the cat and that’s about it. The book was nominated for a 2014 Philip K Dick Award and it’s been favorably compared to David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. As someone who’s attempted Cloud Atlas a dozen times and failed to make it past the first 100 pages, I can say that I see the validity of the comparison and I’ll raise you a perhaps controversial, “I think this is better.” Maybe it’s because I was able to finish this one, but let’s chalk that up to my readerly issues and move on.”

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"We’ve been examining the dust, trying to understand how to reverse its effects in the atmosphere."

Adrian nodded.

"Well, we haven’t learned much about the dust. Actually, we don’t have the slightest idea how it works yet or how to get rid of it. It will probably take us years to understand, much less to do anything about it. … But we have figured out something."

Adrian leaned back. “Yes?”

Stephen opened a window in his table screen and entered a few commands. A display of the spinning Earth appeared with a simulation of clouds floating like pulled cotton across its surface. Stephen entered a few more commands, and about twenty to twenty-five colored lines appeared crisscrossing the globe.

"What’s this?" Adrian asked.

"Atmospheric encoding." Stephen rubbed his finger over the screen to maneuver the image and then zoomed in to show a closer view of the lines that divided the atmospheric layers of the earth.

Stephen smiled. “It’s a method of etching a basic operating system into the earth’s atmosphere. It would be powered by the sun and invisible to the naked eye.”

"For what purpose?"

"There are a lot of ways we could go with this. We’re still experimenting. We were kinda hoping that you might have some ideas." Stephen tossed Adrian a memory card. "Here are the schematics for the system and our current methodology. … For now, we are only uploading a message that’s a warning to others about what these aliens have done to us. We set it to emit an intermittent signal so that if some intelligence comes along, they should be able to detect the program."

"Like the aliens who attacked us," Adrian said.

"Maybe—well, yes, they would be able to detect it. But like you said, I doubt they care."

—Jennifer Marie Brissett, Elysium

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