Do NOT commission this artist. She is a notorious scam artist who has scammed over a thousand USD from users over the past few years. DO NOT COMMISSION. DO NOT TRADE. DO NOT RECOMMEND.



This pretty much ticked me off, hopefully Nate won’t have to wait much longer but I just don’t understand how hard it is to get something done by a set dead line. They agreed to a deadline so they really have no leg to stand on. In the time they said they said they were going to upload Nates art they’ve uploaded 2 personal art pictures and 2 new YCH auctions. Really sorry Nate, I hope you get your art soon, happy birthday

-Update they finally uploaded it but…not only did the picture contain multiple copyrighted images owned by kids shows (instead of just drawing it themselves..) but they lied saying they didn’t upload it due to internet issues. If thats the case how come you both uploaded 2 auctions and 2 personal pieces of art in the meantime? Stop lying, you just get caught out and it makes you look bad, at least be honest with your customers.

Brisbee commissions are misleading, lazy, sloppy, and overall lackluster- and this is the piece that I think really proves it.

You should never, ever have a sketch that is more detailed, anatomically proper, and interesting to look at than the finished, paid for piece.

It’s obvious that Samm drew the sketch, at least for the body. Look at how the arm is anatomically decent, and the lines flow nicely. There are suggestions of wrinkles, folds and direction to the clothes and fur. The kite is in decent perspective. What did Ethan do?

  • Stripped the background of all detail, giving it a completely barren, paint-bucket look.
  • Lined it basically and sloppily, removing all of the wrinkles and folds that gave a sense of gravity and realism, and made numerous mistakes, including the lumpy nose with one nostril, irises extending beyond the eyes, and a random heavy black outline on the mouth.
  • Flattened the kite to a perfect geometric shape, with strange resemblance in color and shape to clipart and no sense of perspective.
  • Sloppily colored it, leaving mistakes in numerous places. (tongue, tuft by eye, ribbons)

Was the commissioner aware that this is the quality of what they were paying and waiting for? I doubt it. The character isn’t even looking at the kite. These two do not take pride in their work. They do not try to grow. They only want to make a quick buck, and none of these “leave Samm alone!” posts will change my mind about spreading awareness of their scamming. People deserve to know.

Scammer Alert: New Account

I think Hinauchi’s new account is Jackpot. on furaffinity. My reasoning?

  1. “Abbott” is part of one of her OC’s names
  2. Species says mini aussie shepherd, just like her OC and favorite dog
  3. Recent account following her disappearance
  4. Watched only by Caden, Plushkitty (another close friend which Samm wiped her ass with) and another new possible side account of Samm’s, Miniaussie.
Freaking heads up

Hinauchi/ Yiptrip/Samm and Ethan have made a NEW account on the art site If you use this site and don’t know who these people are, do NOT commission them. They owe a lot of art/money and at least two fursuits that I know of. Many of them for quite some time. A quick search on Hinauchi will reveal a lot. Varying from traced commissions, ych auctions, and some recent issues in the taxidermy community. So heads up. They do not offer refunds and don’t deliver their art for quite some time, if at all.

They currently owe a fursuit to someone, has a fursuit that was never delivered from years ago, sold a traced group ych auction for around $1000, no refunds given. Are rude when asked about updates on commissions by commissioners who are fed up with no answers via notes, etc.

This is all I am gonna mention on them right now. There are some blogs with everything documented here on tumblr if you want to know more.

They are ~Brisben on weasyl.

Warning to artists

So this is a follow up to the thing I posted before about the fa account where they take commissions and chances are they will never complete them for you. There have been so many cases, they owe so many people art or money from even over a year ago. Their most current known accounts are brisbee on furaffinity and brisben on weasyl. They are thieves, scammers, and just plain scum. I would suggest avoiding them.

Can I be put on a anon for this submission? ;~;

This is the art trade Brisbee agreed too and it’s aggravating

There are 2 other trades on his Yiffin profile that Ethan has yet to start

Plus he and Samm have customers to answer who are asking about the que

And commissions to do it’s really unacceptable

Ce trebuie sa stii despre jucariile sexuale si cum sa le folosesti corect

Ce trebuie sa stii despre jucariile sexuale si cum sa le folosesti corect

In zilele noastre nu poti intra in nici o farmacie fara sa vezi tot felul de articole “adjuvante” si promitatoare de placeri garantate, mai ales pentru femei, in scopul de a le ajuta sa se autorelaxeze singure, acasa. Patty Brisben este o pasionata a fenomenului placerii la femei, autoare a mai multor studii in domeniu […] Citește mai mult


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I posted this on sammlogic last night.

Go to brisbee’s page today and find another who is a perfect example of what I was getting at.

There needs to be a psa campaign encouraging people to stop funding Samm and Ethan? It’s really frustrating that they get so  much business, that pays quite a bit for samm’s sketches and ethan’s mediocre finishing.

Whats going on about this animal abuse report? Still haven’t seen any proof that everything is A-okay with the animals yet. They don’t NEED a scanner they can take a photo if they have to. Can someone update me on the suitation? - Mod Bub

anonymous asked:

I feel like Ethan's trying to improve but might be doing it the wrong way. Instead of working on the anatomy, the posing, etc, he's working on purely the style. While that's great and all he actually had a very nice style going on. I'm not seeing much difference in anything but style and maybe lines and how he does fur. In the comparison his older art has a more dynamic pose and the body flows better. in the current one the pose is more stiff and the body is lumpy and shaped oddly.

That’s the thing though, he doesn’t work on anatomy? Someone asked him once why all the YCH were by Samm and he said “Samm’s teaching me anatomy” yea ok lol. All of those recent posts are Samm’s, he just colors them.

In addition to your points, I like how in his comparison he’s comparing a shaded color picture to a line art - how is that even comparative? He’s so eager to prove everyone wrong that he can’t even put effort into proving us all wrong. It’s sad, yo. I agree, though, he is not working on anything else but style - and it’s not even his own style, it’s a merge between Samm’s and his. Lame.

- Mod Rum

This is the original adopt that Ethan originally took as inspiration for Brisben. I thought I’d upload since there has been some speak of him once more ripping off someones fursona design? 

“I also recall that quite a while back, he messaged me on Skype linking me to an adoptable that he particularly liked but couldn’t afford. He wanted it badly enough that he said he would tweak the markings and essentially adapt the design as his own, i.e. theft. Skip forward several months, and Brisben was born.”yiffvia  

credit for adopt

-Mod Bub