brisbane trains


This is the sort of guitar that gets me all sorts of excited. It’s in the workshop for a neck and machine head replacement and setup.

I had to post it because I’ve been ogling this guitar for some time now after seeing it’s owner, (let’s call him Ged because that’s his name) playing it, with one of his bands The Halls. It started out life as a J Masics Squier Jazzmaster, and while it still retains a bit of the old Jazzmaster, (okay not much) it’s been modded to the hilt and I don’t want to give it back to him. 

The neck is being replaced with the original (for now) as it was swapped out a while back in favour of trying something different. Unfortunately, while it was a wonderful piece of craftsmanship, the U profile it was shaped to tended to leave the player with exhausted hands after hours of of playing on end as he is more accustomed to a modern C profile. I feel like pointing out here that the neck that was custom built, was built wonderfully and I tip my hat to the builder. 

The job is a pretty straight forward one and I’m not going to exhaust you with the details except for pointing out that the peg holes on the stock Squier neck were actually a little to large for the Kluson tuners. Instead of filling up the holes with glue and hoping for the best I shaved some ebony I had around and with the smallest amount of glue got the shaves to sit nicely around the bushings and hey presto, super snug fit. 

But yes, the real reason I wanted to post this guitar is because it is exactly the kind of thing I love doing and believe there should be more of! Some call it rolling a turd in glitter, and sometimes that’s fair, but I call it common sense. I’m mid way through writing an article on modified lower to middle price range guitars so keep an eye out for that, until then feel free to get your drool on with this guitar. 

Oh by the way, the mods were not done by myself, as I said it’s just in for a setup but damn I wish I had the chance to have done it! Lollar Gold Foils, Mastery Bridge, Kluson Tuners, Modified pickup switch. This thing has, as they say - Sustain for dayyyyyyyyssssssssssssssss.