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What does music mean to you?

“Well, art means everything to me. It is the greatest form of communication to spread a message of love and unity, to inspire and inform the world, today and tomorrow, and I believe music is the most accessible of art forms. It’s a universal language that is malleable and timeless, able to be claimed by each new generation and given a new context while passing on the archetypal stories that can unite the most diverse audiences, like the very first stories told around fires by minstrels and wisemen.”
Ryan Waters

Sky - Allthingslost feat. Dux Single Review by Andrew Behne

Now here we have a song titled Sky by Allthingslost. Beginning with a classic catchy chord progression enhanced by subtle chimes, a steady drum beat and acoustic guitar, a humble track is created to accentuate the lyrics to come. As soon as I heard the chorus voice, my mind’s eye imagined the hybrid voice of Dallas Green of City and Colour and Matthew Wright of The Getaway Plan, quite a mint combination. Although one can imagine the emotion trying to be illustrated by the artist, the lyrical impact doesn’t begin to clutch until the second verse. Although I am no lyricist, it feels as though some words and lyrics were included only as fillers. Though to be fair, it is often rare, that the words we lay in place are not merely to fill space - Now that’s a rap

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