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I'm missing your art. Pls come back ;_;

aww D’: I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting much art, I have been pretty swamped trying to finish the commissions I have left and I can’t really post WIPS of most of them cause a lot of them are surprise gifts :s! here’s one I did recently I really liked, in more or a inky style. Alex commissioned this as a surprise gift for her bf  Luke guitarist of the Aussie band Heavy Roller This is him and his late best friend back in their 90′s glam rock days ^ 0 ^ !!


Assembled, reassembled

© T.M. Fletcher

Gas stripping tower in the early morning light - fabricated in Yorkshire in 1912 and erected in South Brisbane to strip tar and ammonia from coal gas. It was reassembled here by the Brisbane River in 1980, and refurbishments were completed in 1988. Now it is an asterisk for passing runners and cyclists, a signifier of local colour and a forgotten past.

Fanfic meetup - Return to the Pancake Manor

That’s right folks! We’re returning to where it all began, the fabulous Pancake Manor!

Date: Sun 30 August

Time: 6pm

Where: Pancake Manor in the CBD (18 Charlotte St, Brisbane)

In an attempt not to traumatise any more waiters (or patrons) we’ll be forgoing cards against humanity and playing uno instead. If anyone has any other game suggestions we’d love to hear them!

Look forward to seeing you there :D