Traveling is awesome, but I think I’m repeating myself by saying it’s SO much better when you know someone to travel with. When I settled in Brisbane for a few months I started out alone in a suburb with a family I didn’t know & no idea what to do with my times off. Lucky for me, Dom (who I caught up with during my East Coast tour) was still in Brisbane & practically neighbours to me.

By neighbours I mean that she was a 3 km walk away. Up hills. Both ways. In my mind, I think of it as the “extreme” version of exercise on a treadmill where the incline keeps getting worse & worse & changes constantly. There are times where I can see the whole road ahead to where I’m traveling only because I’m at the top of the hill & can see all the twists in the road (& the peak of the next hill). Brisbane is anything but flat or a simple grid.

The past few months have just been nights of food experiments, hang outs in the city, patio relaxing, weird “art discoveries” (a shoe tree), & awesome beach traveling weekends. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.(…Is that too cheesy to say? Gonna miss ya while you’re still in OZ Dom!)

-Cory U