announcementttt for followers

so followers, after a very long and painful internal battle, i have decided to leave this blog.

im not leaving tumblr, just, this blog.

theres a lot of reasons why, and it’s going to be a little difficult starting over, (especially since i almost had 600 of you and i was so proud of my small army) plus all the wonderful memories i’ve had on this blog for the last 2 years, but hey, it’s time to make new ones, right?

i’ll be leaving the blog up, since stacey might actually log on sometimes. but after today, any activity you see from this blog won’t be me (unless stated otherwise but i’ll only be checking messages every once in a while for the next month or so)

i’m not entirely sure if i want to make my new blog public yet, so for now if you want the url, send me an ask or something. to be honest if you’re in the kagepro fandom it might be really easy to find me because yeah.

and uh, if you DO choose to follow me again, please don’t expect me to automatically follow you back. this isn’t a follow for follow im sorry but one of the reasons why i remade was because my dash was cluttered with so many kagepro blogs who all followed each other so i would see the same posts so many times all day long, also i began seeing more rape jokes and stuff from the kagepro fandom that i’m not okay with. i know i could have just unfollowed, but i’d feel bad unfollowing so many people you feel me.

anyways, thank you all for sticking by me all this time! and if we talked a lot on this blog, i hope we’ll continue being friends ;v;

see you later~

- Brianna