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Merry Grinchmas

You’re a mean one, Mr. Trump.
You really go too far
You’ve insulted half the country and proclaimed yourself our czar, Mr. Trump
You’re a rotten pulpy kumquat yes that’s what you are

You’re a vain one, Mr. Trump
You’re a Brioni-suited fop
You’re as bossy as a baron and you don’t know when to stop, Mr. Trump
You’re a Cheeto-faced burrito with a hairball on top

You’re a monster, Mr. Trump
You have a lot of gall
You’ll deport all of the Muslims and you want to build a wall, Mr. Trump
You’re a Twitter-feuding fraudster who can’t get anyone decent to play your Inaugural Ball

You’re a foul one, Mr. Trump
You think women are second-class
You want to fuck your daughter since she’s that “hot piece of ass”, Mr. Trump
Your plan for America seems like nothing more than superinflated ego and gas

You’re a vile one, Mr. Trump
You and your minions in your tower
Your Cabinet’s full of racists, and your policy is sour, Mr. Trump
Your salivating fanbase is throwing a homophobic kegger and getting drunk on white power

You nauseate me, Mr. Trump
I’m running out of fucks
With Biden and Obama reduced to lame and limping ducks, Mr. Trump
I am quite certain that under your brand of presidency and “leadership” the next four years will, and I quote,

WILD THINGS - model: Caspar Oechsler - photographer: Philippe Vogelenzang - stylist: Tobias Frericks - GQ Germany December 2015

  • featured: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton , Brioni.
8 ~ The Suits of James Bond:

Le Chiffre’s Velvet Dinner Jacket and Suit in ‘Casino Royale’ (2006) was made By Brioni Couture House, and the Black Dress Shirt By Turnbull & Asser

Le Chiffre’s Black Tie outfit sold for £20,000 at Christie’s in South Kensington at “50 Years of James Bond: The Auction,“ which took place from September 28, 2012 to October 8, 2012.


TRACK SUITS -  model: Justin Grossman - photographer: Ryan Plett - stylist: Eugene Tong - grooming: Martin Christopher Harper - Details August 2015

  • DSquared2 suit & shirt - Bruno Cucinelli tie - To Boot New York shoes 
  • Tom Ford suit - Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane shirt
  • Brioni suit & shirt - Ermenegildo Zegna tie - Santoni shoes

Jon Kortajarena by Sergi Pons
 April 2012 

(1) eyeglasses RetroSuperFuture (3) Diesel, jacket MCS
(4) Salvatore Ferragamo (5) Brioni


What I wore yesterday..SUIT: brioni…SHIRT: mattabisch kiton..TIE: robert talbott SHOES: st.crispins..P.S: hugo boss..LAPEL PIN: nordstrom rack..WATCH: tag heur carrera