fun parisian moments from a real life parisian (for ml fic writers) part 2
  • everything is closed on sundays so you can’t go out shopping or go to a restaurant
  • baguette with butter as breakfast
  • fountain pens are necessary for school
  • that moment when you underline something in fountain pen with a ruler and once you lake away the ruler, it smudges
  • the really smelly pen that erases fountain pen and then rewrites it
  • the water in the seine is never clear, it’s always dirty
  • no swimming in the seine that’s illegal
  • “bateaux mouches” are boats that go around the Seine and it’s mostly for tourists but it’s also a fun date activity (you go under the lover’s bridge and it’s cute
  • after your meal the waiter always asks if you want coffee. most people usually say yes.
  • a classic French snack is brioche with “milka” chocolate inside.
  • examples of candy are haribo, kinder, and milka. they do have american candy though, but not Hersheys because it’s not “real chocolate”.
  • 9th grade is actually the last grade in middle school (college). there are only 3 grades in high school (lycée)
  • the official names for classes go down from 12th (kindergarden) to 1st (11th grade). 12th grade is called Terminale.
  • Even though they are officially called 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, they are most commonly known as CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2 respectively
  • There are no “finals” in lycée. There is a Bac Francais at the end of 11th grade and a Final Bac at the end of 12th.
  • Teens don’t say bonjour to each other if they know each other well, it’s salut or even just “ma moeuf!” (my girl!) or “mec!”(dude!) or any variation of that
  • hugging is not really a thing! you greet everyone with a quick kiss on each cheek
  • paris at night is really pretty
  • it is not uncommon for kids to go out during school nights
  • anything from a french boulangerie that is not made of bread (baguette and vienoiseries) has to be refrigerated!!
  • even though it’s not directly translated like this “je t'aime” means I love you. You don’t say “je t'adore” when you’re trying to confess
  • a sunny day in paris is actually quite rare. it’s a pretty grey city.

I just had a very cute phonecall from one of my oldest friends, in which

  • She apologised for not getting back to my previous text, which was literally just me saying ‘HI HOW ARE YOU’ and which I’d totally forgotten I’d sent, but apparently she felt awful about not replying promptly and so phoned me instead
  • She listened very diligently to my rants about pinning down a PhD topic, and then said ‘well, if you’re a creative person, which you are, then I think you just have to let yourself be creative. Not because it’s a talent that you’ll lose if you don’t use it, but because it’s how you think, and it’s how you get stuff done’. SUCH SAGE ADVICE
  • She actually gave me ideas on my topic, even though she is a French and Russian translator who has never studied Classics in her life and so it’s totally out of her comfort zone, and it was really helpful advice!! Proof that just talking to people who are interested and want to help is more useful sometimes than talking to experts
  • She invited me to dinner at her house and then said, very seriously, “and I’ll make a note not to use any dairy,” because she is one of my friends who actually remembers that I’m lactose intolerant even though I hardly ever see her
  • She actually phoned me?? Just for a chat?? No-one does that any more and I always feel too weird to do it, even though I actually really like doing it, and I thought it was really endearing that she just did it

She is the friend who came round to my house the day after Clod died and brought with her a dairy free apple cake which she’d baked using fresh apples from her garden

Such a cute pal

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クッキー- biscuit, cookie
ブリオッシュ - brioche
バター - butter
コーヒ- coffee
ノンカフェイン - decaffeinated coffee
カフェラテ - coffee latte
セリアル- cereals
朝ご飯 - breakfast
コンチネンタルブレックファースト- continental breakfast
英国式朝食- english breakfast
クロワッサン - croissant
ラスク - rusk
果物 - fruit
ドライフルーツ- dried fruit
新聞- newspaper
ミルク - milk
チョコレートミルク - chocolate milk
ホットミルク - hot milk
豆乳 - soy milk
脱脂乳 - skimmed milk
ジャム - jam
のジャム - … jam
蜂蜜 - honey
ミューズリー- müsli/muesli
角食 - sandwiches bread
ベーコン - bacon
- bacon and eggs      
- ham
ソーセージ - sausage
ジュース - juice
フルーツジュース - fruit juice
マグカップ- mug
コーヒーカップ - coffee cup
お茶 - tea
急須 - teapot
トースト- toast
トースター- toaster
- egg, eggs
ヨーグルト - yogurt
- sugar

朝ご飯を食べる - to have breakfast


味噌汁 - miso soup
rolled omelette
漬物-pickled vegetable
海苔 - natto
お粥 - congee
納豆 - natto

Translated from; langs & lit @langsandlit