brioche knit


How to Knit the Half Brioche Stitch

my first time ever knitting brioche! once you get a few rows in it really takes off! I can’t recommend the marley shawl pattern (andrea mowry) enough if you are also new to brioche, you pick it up in no time!

I wanted to make something with retro colors so I went with hedgehog fibers. the yarn is lovely but I do wish I picked colors that had more contrast.. 💖


How to Knit the Diagonal Brioche Stitch


Step-by-step video for how to knit the hexagon stitch by Wool and the Gang! They describe the stitch as “a dense, richly textured fabric that is great for sweaters and accessories. The fabric is created by knitting into the stitch below on one row, then knitting stitches and the loops together on the next row. It is a similar stitch to a honeycomb brioche.”


Decided to teach myself two-color brioche knitting. Having taught myself, I now say: Fuck two-color brioche knitting. The stitch itself is easy enough, but the selvage edge is a sonofabitch. I complain now, but the fabric it makes is so pretty and springy and soft that I can’t make myself stop.

The yarn I’m using is Freia Handpaints Sportweight in Hard Candy, btw.