Gosh I’ve wanted to try and cosplay Josh since Watch Dogs 2 came out ;u;

Hopefully one day I’ll get together a proper cosplay and do him justice :3c

That last shot just made me laugh too much not to include it just look at my face omg


I wanted to make gifs of my fallout ocs because damn I love the spinning character effect when you leave the game running.

Fallout 3 - Althea

Fallout 4 - Quinn

I should be in bed but this looked too fun to pass up .-.

HE IS THE SLENDERMANS NOW, RUN! Or maybe a Frienderman c: i like that option better.

For Markiplier’s challange to guess what that weird… third body part it… What even is it really? who knows. Also, my computer drawings are terrible, i know XD But it was fuuun~


I finished Tiny Box Tim!

A lot of people were interested in seeing me finished him! I tried to be realistic but I couldn’t help but put his adorable little face on one side c:

I also went ahead and put on most of the markings seen on the box and tried to paint it mismatched wood colours. All in all, I’m pretty proud of him and happy to now own my own little biscuit c: