New chapter of ‘It’s just you’ - a Mattex RPF

As someone who has been damaged beyond words by this story, I’d like to inform all innocent minds who haven’t been hurt yet, of the dangers this story presents to you.

Be prepared to be robbed of anything that is good in your life after each new chapter. Be prepared to be disregarded in a dark place left to wonder what else there is left to be taken from you come next release. Be prepared to be then yet again pulled further and further into an endless abyss. Be prepared, even though you won’t be, not really.

It’s a dark place, but it’s not a lonely place. Many have fallen before you and many will still follow, bravely entering with the belief that there is hope after all.

We will be waiting for you. We will welcome you and hold you in our hearts until the pain subsides. We will not judge you to have entered this place even though you’ve been warned.

Given the same choice we’d have entered these realms too. Armed with our best intentions to hold on to hope and stay strong until the end. Now that we are here, the decision is no longer ours to make. Walking away was never an option. We’ve given into temptation during the first exciting chapters, and now we must suffer for our arrogance.

This is the night, the dark place. Nobody will tell you to walk the path, but if you undertake this journey, know - you will not be alone.

Oh, yeah almost forgot to mention; the writing itself is quite brilliant.

The love. Can you feel it?

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