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Dollhouse Things That I Have A LOT Of Feelings About

(If anybody wants to add on feel free to!)

•Topher having the engagements with Sierra on his birthday so he’d have a friend to be with

•Victor and Sierra / Tony and Priya

•Mellie’s fate

•Topher’s breakdown in Epitaph One

•Topher’s sacrifice

•honestly everything that happened to Topher during the Epitaphs


•How much Alpha evolved as a character despite having only 4 episodes as a speaking role

•Alpha’s last gift for Echo

•The song, Remains

•Alpha’s fate!!!!

•Bennett dying in front of Topher

•Whiskey and her scars

•Boyd being a father figure to Echo in s1

•Alpha imprinting himself with Paul to understand Echo

•Adelle and Topher’s mother-son relationship

•Echo’s confusion when Alpha kills everyone but her in the shower (“They won’t wake up!”)

•Whiskey’s horror when she finds Alpha in her office

•how brilliant Echo and Alpha could have potentially been in the Epitaphs

•Alpha turning the Dollhouse into a safe haven for the dumbshows

•Whiskey gassing the Dollhouse so Mag, Zone, and Iris can escape