Fall Out Boy medley!


Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Nine In The Afternoon (P!ATD Cover)
  • Nine In The Afternoon (P!ATD Cover)
  • Brittany Butler
  • 2013

Nine In The Afternoon (P!ATD Cover) - Brittany Butler

I did a fun little cover of NITA today! :) This is such a great song, man. Never get sick of it. Perfect band. I’ve also realized that if I ever get the chance to do a record one day… I want Brendon Urie to be on it. Some way or another. End of story! haha.

Enjoy! <3


NEW VIDEO: Moody’s Mood For Love - Amy Winehouse/James Moody (Cover by Brittany Nicole) (by BriNicole22)


Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (Cover)

I told ya I’m always a little late with what’s popular… hahaha. Better late than never. :)

Heart to Heart.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… and, I just thought I’d come on here & blog some of my thoughts! :) 

First of all, I want to thank you for sticking with me. Whether you’ve been watching me since my first video five years ago, or if you’ve just found me recently. I really want to take the time to thank you.

#2: I used to talk at the end of my videos, but I stopped a while ago. And, now I’m starting to feel like we’ve lost the connection we once had. And, that’s not cool. So, I’m going to start talking in my videos, again! Yay! :)

#3: I know there are a lot of YouTubers these days. The majority of which post crazy, awesome, produced/HD/music video type things for all their covers, & such. I know that those videos are vastly more appealing than me sitting in my bedroom… but, that’s the best I can do right now. I’m also trying to stay true to the way YouTube used to be.

#4. That being said… I want you to know that I really can’t do anything without your support. Really. When a video of mine pops up in your subscriptions box, just by clicking it… you’re supporting me. If you don’t recognize the song, please. Don’t ignore it! Click it! Maybe you’ll like it, & be introduced to something new! If all the big YouTubers have already covered it… Click it! Maybe mine is a different take on the song! Just, click. :) That’s all I ask. You subscribed because you like my content, right? :) I work really hard, & relentlessly for hours on every single one of my videos for you. I would never upload a video that I didn’t fully believe in. I always make sure that it’s the absolute best performance I can give. And, I truly appreciate every single comment, view, like, reblog, retweet, & share. I cannot stress enough how much it helps. And, I always try to change up a song a bit. So, please. Simply, take a listen. <3

#5: I have a lot of cool things I’m working on! Like, new original music that might finalllly make it’s way to iTunes, “Shine” is going to be featured in an indie film that is to be released soon! (I’ll keep you posted!) & there’s a lot of other things I have in the works… but, I need to know that you’re willing to support me!!

Thanks for reading, & I hope you’ll continue to support me and my dreams. I really, really, strongly, greatly, wholeheartedly appreciate it!




Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (“Girlfriend”)  (by BriNicole22)


New video! Titanic 100 Year Anniversary - Theme/My Heart Will Go On.

What a difference time & practice can make.


I just listened back to old video recordings of some original songs I posted when I was first starting on YouTube (2007/2008). I almost can’t even believe I ever thought that I sounded good! Haha. I mean, my guitar is completely out of tune in almost every song. I’m screaming over my guitar because I never really used any sort of dynamics. I also sound very hoarse because, I never sang correctly. (Hence why I eventually got vocal nodes, which I had to go to vocal therapy for.) And, just so much else. Surprisingly, I don’t think the songs are that bad. Haha! They still have some potential, at least. :)

It’s crazy to me, though. When I look at my newest videos, and compare them to my early days. They are worlds apart. Truly. Taking a listen back has made me really proud of everything I’ve accomplished since I first started posting. And, made me realize how far I’ve actually come. Thank you if you started watching me way back in the day! Thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it.