keith: lance i’m starving bring me back some lunch

lance, a lush employee: keith if i sneak you any more bath bombs they’ll fire me

keith: i thought you loved me 

I’m thinking about getting back into my fanfic writing. I haven’t writing Richonne in so long and I need to get out of the habit of not finishing what I write. I have at least 2 Richonne fics that I can remember off the top of my head I never finished (that I really want to finish too) and my Michonne/Abraham friendship oneshots I want to get back to (I miss Big Red). I’m gonna set time aside when i’m not working and editing videos to get back it. I feel like it time. May it’ll bring me back to my own original writing I’ve been procrastinating on…

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So, yesterday I went to planned parenthood to get tested (I have a yeast infection, everyone.. yay!) anywhoo, the nurse practitioner who examined me was ridiculously cute. She was… I don’t even know, adorable and I wanted to ask her out, but like… she’s in my vagina telling me I might have a yeast infection.. and she’s so cute and saying “These things happen. It might be because you just got your IUD placed.” and trying to make me feel better (I wasn’t stressed over it. I was stressed over the fact that I want to ask this lady out. UGH anyway so she brings me back to her office and her computer has all these gay pride stickers all over it and I just KNEW it. Anyways.. While we were in her office my phone started blowing up with text messages and I was like “Ugh drama” to myself because it was dumb drama anyway she was like “You deserve better!” then she blushed and OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO BACK TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND ASK HER OUT. JFC 

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what are ways to recover after an episode of abuse that has led to dissociation?

grounding tehniques are what’s coming to mind for me. some examples:

  • watching your favourite kids movie
  • drinking hot tea/coffee or even just holding the hot mug in your hands
  • listening to music that calms you
  • doing something physical and repetitive (this might seem counter-intuitive, but, at least for me, it tends to slowly bring me back into my body) such as doing the dishes, scribbling on a piece of paper, folding origami, ripping some paper to tiny shreds, peeling potatoes (only with a potato peeler please, do not try to handle knives while you’re dissociating), petting an animal, etc.
  • playing a kids game (like animal crossing. something where you can stand around and do nothing for a long time and it won’t affect the game, and nothing with violence, harsh language, or mature themes)
  • making bread (but i only recommend it if you’ve made the recipe several times before, so that you can let muscle memory take over). here’s a good very easy recipe if you want.
  • alternately, make naan–this is probably a great deal simpler, takes less time, and this recipe doesnt use yeast. the only ingredients are common household items (please make sure you’re 100% back before you start frying them, though)
  • stimming, especially physical stimming such as flapping, drumming your fingers, playing conductor with your hands. not everyone stims, obviously, but even for non-adhd/non-autistic/non-spd people it can still feel really nice and calm you considerably.
  • counting in a foreign language. i understand that not everyone knows multiple languages, but if you’re learning one, pull up a number list in that language, and count out loud. this requires a little thinking but not much, though don’t feel bad if you can’t do it. if you already know the language, it should be simpler, but still require a little concentration.

things that (most likely) won’t help:

  • anything that requires intense thought, such as homework, reading, baking a new recipe, or writing.
  • exercise (unless you do a lot of it normally, in which case do something simple and easy for a long time–right now you’re trying to come back to your body, not actually get your workout it. never do activites that could potentially be dangerous if you’re not paying attention)
  • anything that involves loud noise (unless that specifically calms you down)
  • anything that has themes which might trigger you (which means that most videogames are probably out)

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Man, that Sambomaster Naruto opening nearly brought me to tears. So many memories, it brought me back to 2nd grade. That show is something else. It seems that all people who enveloped themselves in that show have a connection to one another. Thanks for bringing me back, my guy


I hope we eventually find our way back to one another. I hope we become better versions of ourselves and fit better together some months from now. I hope nothing comes between us. I hope we love better. I hope we laugh more. I hope we touch more. I hope we kiss more. I hope the better version of ourselves love one another more. I hope you love yourself better. I hope fate is a real thing. I hope fate brings you back to me.