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"Zero fucks given. Next please."

“Yeah,” Bucky said, rolling his eyes. “Zero fucks given. Next please.”

Steve stared between his face and the tablet, visibly struggling for composure.

“But -” he said. “But she’s wearing a little jacket. She brings you things when you’re sad!”

“I don’t get sad, Steve,” he said, patient as possible, “I get freaked out, I get pissed, occasionally I get both pissed and freaked out. I don’t need a dog to bring me shit, I need a dog to keep me focused, bring me back to Earth. Something that’d make me safe to be in public. That one I’d accidentally tread on.”

“Okay,” Steve said, the furrow that said he was concentrating hard appearing between his brows. “Okay so something bigger, something - ”

“Less floofy,” Bucky said, flicking past something that looked more like a teddy bear than a dog.

“How about this one?”

The dog on the screen was big, friendly looking, beaming with its tongue hanging out and its one eye half-closed with the size of its smile. Draped half across him was a blond guy, scruffy and barely shaved and with the bluest eyes Bucky’d ever seen.

“Says Lucky’s owner works away a lot, he’s a fully trained therapy dog, this Clint guy’s looking for someone to walk Lucky and in exchange he’s willing to lend him for bad days, says you can come pick him up with a couple hours warning.”

“I get to pick up the owner, too?” Bucky asked, and Steve rolled his eyes.

“Okay,” he said, “next -”

“Nah, wait,” Bucky said, flicked back and took a longer look at the matching grins on dog and man, and decided he could afford to give a few fucks.

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a boy in my class called me fat and said i'd never be loved until i lost 40 pounds. i'm feeling down, jinah. could you recommend any songs to bring me back up?

Listen to the Wonder Woman theme. It’s called “Is She With You?” in the “Batman v Superman” movie. Then go kick that boy in the balls.

You are loved and you always will be loved. You are beautiful and strong, and numbers will never define beauty. 

Fuck that boy and his minuscule XY-chromosomed brain. Fuck that Neanderthal. He doesn’t know anything.

BTS Reaction To Their GF Wanting To Work At A Travel Agency

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Pls can you do a BTS reaction to their gf wanting to become a tour operator/ to work for a travel agency?

Jin: so does that mean you could plan our vacations and find good deals? Or send the others off somewhere so I can get a break from them?

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Suga: as long as when it comes to our vacations, you give me time to rest and don’t overplan everything, it’s all good. You’ll be really good at it. 

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J-Hope: Aww I think that’d be a great fit you! Just don’t go flirting with the locals on your trips and bring me back some food.

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Rap Monster: I’m just happy there’ll be someone else around who can translate. 

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Jimin: so does that mean I can leave planning our vacations to you?

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V: so I’m hearing wonderful vacations with my girlfriend that I won’t have to plan

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Jungkook: *eventually starts to worry that if you’re leading tours, you’ll be gone a lot just like he is so he might worry that it’ll be even harder for you two to see each other.*

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confession?? when Diana Prince saw Steve Trevor die in the plane and she Completely Lost It was the moment where I Completely Lost It too

when Diana emailed Bruce back about the picture saying “thanks for bringing him back to me”?? i am? broken?
when Diana said that the Amazonians speak 100+ languages my linguistics loving ass wished more than anything at that moment that I, too, with my 5'4" trilingual toad-lookin self could be an Amazonian too
when Diana went to try to save those people from the orange gas but found that she was too late? when she realized she can’t save everybody? when she repeated steve’s words that “maybe it’s not about what they deserve; it’s about what you believe”? idk where i’m going with this but. my heart hurts


Second, excuse the fuck out of you, that is my friend you’re talking about and she absolutely is not toad looking, she is RADIANT and I love her thank u 

I also am still shocked every time I remember you’re multilingual like holy FUCK brooke ur amazing 

finally wonder woman is the best thing to happen in 2k17 

I’d love more than anything to say I’m ok. And that life is just coming up roses. I mean, I have my moments. There’s are times in the day where I’m extremely happy. But there’s always something that brings me back to thinking about him. It’s so messed up. I love thinking about him, and I love thinking about everything we did. And everything I wanted/ want to do with him.
For a brief moment I’m happy. When I think about him it’s like I’m still with him? But then reality hits and I’m sad. I’ve never been this sad before, and I’ve never been heartbroken.
Even harder is the fact that there’s a chance to get him back, I think? A slight chance? Time will tell. I’m so fucked up. I miss my best friend guys.

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I love you guys ❤. You are the principal reason for I to create my Blog. It's been a couple of years, it brings me back nostalgia. I hope the best for you guys and wish that all of your projects come true. Once again I love you 💕. Also thanks for the work and we'll be here 😎.

Thank you so much! I hope to see you very soon! :D

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Hope you're feeling better. I have missed your posts. Adam looks great and so happy in the "Folds of Honor" clip :)

Thank you anon. I’m doing okay. I appreciate your love.

You can thank “Mr. Jeep driving, caring, beautiful Adam Driver & his out of this world empathy and love for veterans and their families” thing he did, for bringing me back here. Indirectly giving me a fat throat lump and making me cry and shit and realizing that there are important things in this world that are bigger than my own problems. How dare HE!? 😃

So yes. I’ll be around my dear. Right here. Xoxo ❤❤

Diana: Have you ever seen something that changes your life and you’re just like ‘huh’.

Steve: I saw you.

Diana: Honestly that’s very sweet but it really makes this awkward because I was going to show you a photo of a five scoop ice-cream.

And if I got distracted and lost my way, would you go out of your way just to look for me and bring me back home?