brings renewal

Email the Netflix decision makers to renew Sense8

Here are their emails:

Reed Hasting - Co-founder and CEO

Cindy Holland - Vice President of Original Content

Neil Hunt - Chief Product Officer

Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer


I got these emails from here which is a great post with more info about what you can do to help save Sense8, so definitely check it out! I just thought it would be helpful to put the emails in their own post to make them more prominent!


This shit ain't over

So don’t give up. The letter Netflix sent out to us, all that “we can’t bring it back” bullshit? It was to silence us. To bring all attention to OITNB, to get us to stop. Don’t let that bring you down. There were #BringBackSense8 banners at Pride parades. The fandom is telling Netflix to bring it back. CELEBRITIES are telling Netflix to bring it back. Whatever Netflix tells you, don’t give up. Fandoms have brought shows back before, if we get enough attention, if we cancel enought Netflix will be forced to take at least some kind of action. So, keep tweeting, emaling, calling, posting, cancelling, watching.

There might come a time when there’s no hope for Sense8, but today sure as hell ain’t that day. So don’t. Give. Up.

the more i look at the numbers, the more i am baffled …

as wonderful as the get down was, it cost $12 million an episode, and currently lies at #183 on imdb’s popularity scale (last week, #311). 16k people have rated it a solid 8.4. unfortunately, it got cancelled.

13 reasons why (are we even having to discuss this show), cost unkown, currently lies at #8 on the same scale (#1 last week). 97k people have given it an 8.6. it has been renewed.

riverdale, also cost unknown, currently lies at #7 on the same scale (#11 last week). only 23k people gave it a 7.9 rating and somehow, it got renewed (sources mainly point this towards the ending of pll and teen wolf among other things). 

a series of unfortunate events? #238 this week, and #277 last week (cost unknown). only 25k people gave it an 8.0. guess what? not only did it get renewed for a second season, but it’s getting a third one too!

sense8, which cost $4.5 million an episode in s1 and $9 million an episode in s2, currently lies at #18 - last week, it was #10 (higher than riverdale and asoue). 88k people have given the show an 8.4. and somehow, it got cancelled?!

i completely understand that the show was sure to cost considerably more than what did get renewed, but i’m sharing some of these facts because i simply assumed people weren’t watching sense8 as much as they should have, like what happened with the get down - but nope. as expensive as it was, the show was massively popular. 

so the question is, why, netflix? why?

ok SO....

let’s be sad about this, for a moment.
let’s cry and lick our wounds and consider all the things we, as of now, will never see.

and then, tomorrow, WE FUCKING RALLY

you take everything you’re feeling, everything that matters to you, push all of it into your phone, your twitter, your petitions, etc etc etc.


Dear Global Cluster,

Sense8 inspired @a-womans-courage to draw this..

And inspired me to write fanfiction after a year of giving up on writing.

How did Sense8 inspire YOU?

It could be anything: drawing, writing fanfiction, drabbles, headcanon, episode analyses, or poetry. It could be photo editing, or video editing. It could be that Sense8 inspired you to be a better person, or changed your perspective on some things.

It doesn’t have to be something new. It could be something you’ve done, drawn, written, or felt years ago.

Please share with us (Your cluster <3), and everyone else how this inspiration manifested itself. Share your work and thoughts for us to see and appreciate.

Use the tag #Sense8InspiresMe here on Tumblr and on Twitter so we can show others how much this show has touched us all.


Anytime! The point isn’t to get this trending, but to show people how important Sense8 has become to us all, and how it brought out the best in us.

Please reblog so others can see this and take part.

Thank you, Sensies!