brings back old times

7 Seconds To Say Yes

i was very emotional in making this and i tried to capture the overwhelming emotion in this through my writing, so here’s a nice fluffy one shot ;)

summary: the most important 7 seconds of dan’s life caught on camera

warning: g for gay, feels, maybe improper tenses as i usually write past tense and might have messed up whoops

genre: fluff

word count: 1,446

Sometimes people ask me if it’s weird to have so much of my life on the internet for everybody to see. I always say that I don’t mind, as some of my happiest moments have been documented for the internet to see, and I wouldn’t want to ever lose those moments. The internet has done so much for me, it’s only fair that I let people see into my glamorous life for a few minutes. Everybody eats the answer up, and, while it’s mostly true, that isn’t the reason that I don’t mind.

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come what may

When you’re immortal, there’s a point after a couple decades or maybe centuries, when everything becomes boring. It has happened to Magnus as well – after a long while of going through day-to-day motions, ordinary chores and mundane routines, he has gotten sick of them and instead searched for new ways to reinvent living without falling into absolute decadence.

He stopped doing his own laundry in favor of sending it to professional businesses, cooked rarely and instead snapped his fingers to conjure the best dishes from around the world; even walking or talking became a show of grace and elegance and poise to the point of not seeming remotely human underneath layers of satins and silks and the most expensive jewelry.

So this shouldn’t feel special, yet it is. The windowsill is cluttered full of clay pots with herbs preening in the natural light, mint and basil and rosemary alongside species that do not have a name in any language close to English; the window itself is thrown wide open, letting in a breeze smelling of pollen and carrying the buzz of the city.

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Neither you or Namjoon has time for one another  pt.5END

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Y/N’s p.o.v

It was late, and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about him nonstop, as if he was the only person I knew how to think about - which right now seems to be the case. I’ve been lying here for hours now, thinking over and over again how stupid all this was. After what he said, I cried. Buckets and buckets of tears. He hasn’t responded to my messages that I sent to him a couple of hours ago, he’s probably busy, like he always is or maybe he just doesn’t want to reply. I guess I really was a regret to him. 

My doorbell rang and I groaned, not wanting to move from my bed but I knew I had to. I ordered chicken and beer to try and drown my unhappiness away and I had to go pay. I grabbed my wallet, shoved on a hoodie putting the hood over my head to hide my ridiculously puffy red eyes and opened the door. I kept my head down as the person who stood before me stretched out his hand and dangled the plastic bag of food in front of me. 

“How much is it?” My voice cracked. I swallowed hard and rummaged through my purse readying myself.

“It’s on me.” That voice - I could recognise it from anywhere. I didn’t want to lift my head, I froze and stood there not moving until I decided to take a step back wanting to close the door. But of course I couldn’t hold him off, did I even want to?

“Y/N, please.” I dropped my hands from pushing the door and took a step back. He walked in and closed the door behind him. “Y/N, why won’t you look at me?” I felt his hand underneath my chin, ready to direct my face towards his direction but I shook him off. I didn’t want him to see me, especially not like this. I looked like a train wreck, I hadn’t seen him in so long and I didn’t want to be looking this way when he saw me. I didn’t want him to see how much I was suffering because he told me what he did. 

He placed the bag on the ground and took a step towards me, but I only took a step back. This process continued until my back was pressed against the wall. His right hand by the side of my head, his left inching it’s way closer towards my face until he placed it on my cheek.

“Y/N, look at me.” I hesitantly looked up at him, his eyes searching mine as if he was looking for some kind of answer, answers I probably couldn’t provide. His thumb, swiping my cheek - doing so made me realise that I was crying again. “Why are you crying?” His voice calm and soothing to my ears. But I couldn’t help let more tears fall, as if the answer wasn’t already obvious.

“Because, you don’t love me anymore.” I sounded so pathetic, why is it that I need a man in my life in order for me to gain happiness? But Namjoon wasn’t just any man. He’s someone I grew to love more and more each day throughout our six years of being together. I’ve never known to love anyone else. I’ve always only loved him, and to have someone I love so dearly regret even asking me to be theirs in the first place has put me on another level of low. 

“But I do.” Our eye contact didn’t break once. I used to be able to read him like a book, but right now I had no idea. I didn’t want to believe his words, because I was afraid to but at the same time I wanted to trust him again and know what he’s saying is the absolute truth. 

“I don’t know if I can believe you, no matter how much I want to.” 

“Why won’t you believe me?” I could feel his breath against my skin, his breathing got heavier and the tone of his voice lowered.

“Is that really a question Namjoon? I don’t think you quite understand how I’m feeling right now.” 

“But I do!” He fought back. I shook my head in disagreement.

“How could you possibly know how it feels to be told that you’re a regret by someone you love?” 

“I didn’t mean it, I feel guilty about it because I never should have said those things. It was a mistake.”

“One mistake after another, how do you expect me to believe you?” 

“Because you love me and I believe in you to trust me.” 

“Am I easy to you? Is that why you asked me to be your girlfriend to begin with?”

“No of course not, don’t be ridiculous. It wasn’t a mistake for asking you to be mine. I’ve had the best six years of my life being with you and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.” I could feel more tears falling, my heart ached seeing him. His hand didn’t leave my face, I honestly wanted to wrap my arms around him and cry into his chest but I couldn’t move.

“You know Namjoon, not being able to see one another as often as we used to really opened up my eyes.” He swallowed hard, anticipating what I’m about say next. “It made me realise how much I love and miss you every time you’re not around, it made me cherish the time that we have together more.” His eyes gleamed, hearing the positivity. 

“But I feel like I was feeling those things alone.” After I had said that, his whole face dropped. “Whenever we got the time to be next to one another, you’d still be on your phone or laptop doing work, and when I’d ask what you’re doing your reply would always be something along the lines of ‘you wouldn’t understand even if I told you’, I felt so excluded, like my presence didn’t even matter.” 

“You always held a book in front of your face when I was around, so how different are we really?” 

“What else was I supposed to do? And your love for literature is the same as mine, it’s an interest the both of us shared. Something we both enjoyed. Don’t you remember how we spent our first couple of dates as a couple?”

“We sat in the corner of a library, exchanged our favourite novels and we’d sit with a coffee whilst reading. Occasionally we’d look up and smile at one another. Sometimes I’d watch you read, and see your facials change depending on which part of the book you’re reading.” He remembered clearly.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to relive those dates. Every time I asked to meet at the library, you’d push away the idea and suggest we hung out here, that way you could access your work. I missed the old us. I know I’ve been studying a lot lately and haven’t been able to make time either so we’re both at fault. Thinking about it more clearly, maybe we’re not meant to be.” It pained me say that, but I didn’t want to be his distraction. 

“But we are meant to be, we’ve been together for six years Y/N we can’t just throw it away as if it never happened.” 

“I wasn’t the one who threw it away though Namjoon. I wasn’t the one who wanted to break up. I honestly would have never wanted that.”

“Baby I’m sorry. Please give me another chance? We’ll bring back the old times hmm? I can’t be without you Y/N, you’re my everything. I always worked best around you, that’s why I always did it - and I’m sorry it made you think that I was neglecting you, but I wasn’t. It’s because I feel at peace, like I’m at home when I’m with you.” 

“I asked you if you’d regret breaking up with me Namjoon, I-”

“I regret it, that’s my biggest regret. Not having you around anymore is my worst fear.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want or need to be hurt again.”

“Of course I’m sure! Baby I swear I’ll make it up to you, I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said, and I know it’d be selfish of me to ask you to erase those things that I’ve said to you, but princess please just forget those words.” 

I couldn’t and didn’t want to lose him. I loved him too much to let this all go. His eyes showed desperation and that was enough for me to confirm his feelings. A smile crept onto my lips.

“God Y/N, you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky, you know that right?” I couldn’t help but smile. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his waist and buried my face into his chest only to have him place his hands on my shoulders and push me away. I pouted like a little kid and he smiled. 

“I love you.” He said as he pressed him lips against my head.

And that concludes ‘Neither you or Namjoon have time for one another.’

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Here me out, guys. Big Time Rush may well have been a kids show but it’s iconic to the generation it was made for. Even without the show, the band’s music was great and I 100% believe that they were the precursor to other boyband successes (*cough* One Direction *cough*) because they warmed up the target audience first. All four guys were so talented in their own individual ways and I hope that whatever they’re doing now, they’re happy and killing it. They brought happiness to so many kids’ lives and to me at least, the show is still good to watch today. And it had such a great message, too. Follow your dreams no matter who you are or where you come from, work hard and do what your heart tells you is right. What I’m trying to say is, I’d give my right hand for someone to bring these boys back.

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My LARP group had a photoshoot last weekend! The story has shifted forward in time several months under our new WM team so it was a perfect time to bring back my old elven character and play a magic user again >:3 Shes a very different personality from my merc so I’m excited to be her for a while.

Updated my old outfit to a fancier and more practical gear, she also has a blind eye and scars but I don’t have my eyepatch yet plus has a birthday dinner right after so couldn’t do the scars since I needed just makeup I could take off fast >_> lol

Love so many of the photos!

The top and bottom photos are by Alexa Lachuta Photography

Middle three by The Plaid Ographer


This was made for a particular verse of mine which I loved, it’s months old but I couldn’t keep myself from bringing it back, this time as a tutorial. One style of an edit I simply adore is one of movie posters, so here it goes, it’s not hard to do but lengthy so come take a seat.

  • Difficulty: Easy Peasy
  • Requirements: Any version of PS, I use Portable CS
  • Image Heavy: No quite, but they’re large
  • Type: Posters, Teasers
  • Many thanks to @swiftofrph for the PNGs!

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Im considering being the Beyoncé of drag shows
Time to bring back entertainment and creativity
#time to brand myself
# 22 year old 5'11 130lbs
Inbox or comment local clubs plzs and thxs 😘

No im not drag I’m transgender but I love to perform and entertain so why not 💋
sleepover time! || mark

a/n: I’M SORRY I KNOW I STILL HAVE REQUESTS TO COMPLETE BUT THIS SUDDENLY CAME TO MY MIND?????? afhushgduofhs i’m sorry i had to o(╥﹏╥)o

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  • so basically he finally has a couple days off and wants to spend some time with you but will he ever have a break????
  • ‘y/n!! we need to have a sleepover and bring back the old times ;((’
  • the sleepover happens at your apartment bc damm the dorms are noisy 
  • before he comes you have a fort of blankets and pillows set up in the living room
  • about 8PM when he comes over in his pajamas already n everything!!! 
  • pj cozy mark can that be a concept pls
  • you guys decide on having a movie marathon with all the lights off but after one movie y’all get bored
  • ‘y/n.’
  • ‘yes mark??’
  • and at this point the lights are still off so it’s pitch black, you guys are snuggled close together under the fort
  • ‘do you have… rAMEN???’ he would dramatically pull out his phone flashlight and shine it on his face 
  • unfortunately but fortunately you don’t so that means 10PM grocery run time!!
  • running around the aisles in your pjs + bunny slippers and taking turns to push each other in the carts since no one else is there and the cashier is like half asleep
  • ‘yo y/n, dontcha think we need some chips and candy too’
  • when you guys are back home you run into the kitchen and take out a huge pot to put like four packs of ramen ;;
  • you guys start blasting music as you sing along and dance
  • by singing i mean screaming like a dying seal and dancing i mean by standing on the counter, doing air guitars and hair flips
  • the neighbors start banging on your door and telling you to shut up oops-
  • by the time all that happens the ramen is overcooked so the noodles are way too soft :(
  • but it’s a-okay!!
  • bringing the pot into the middle of the living room you just eat out of it quietly sitting on the floor
  • after, you guys feel bloated and lay there, doing nothing
  • you end up going on your phones for a good twenty minutes 
  • johnny fting you guys even though it’s 1AM 
  • ‘i can’t believe you didn’t invite me’
  • by this time everything is pretty chilled as you both start getting tired
  • you’re about to fall asleep but mark drags your ass out and makes you wear his sweatshirt so you won’t catch a cold :3
  • going to a nearby playground and sitting on the swings to talk, pushing each other on the slides and playing tag ohmYGOD MY HEART 
  • rolling around on the grass you and him finally settle down and just stare at the beautiful sky dotted with twinkling stars
  • one of mark’s arms are used as a pillow for his head and the other he wraps around your waist
  • ‘i like this a lot’
  • ‘me too mark’
  • once you’re back home, you lay back down inside the fort and mark follows behind with the bags of chips and candy
  • you guys snuggle up for another movie, but soon enough you end up falling asleep
  • he’d turn the movie off and cover you with more blankets, resting his head on his hand as he admires your being
  • ‘good night y/n’ he would say as he kisses your forehead.