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Missed Kisses (Peter Parker)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None

Summary: Peter and Y/N have been friends since they were children and as kids, used to kiss one another on the cheek all the time until one day, Peter stopped. Y/N doesn’t realize it until one day looking through old photos with Aunt May.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a fluffy little fic I thought up. I hope you like it!

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“Aw, look at this one!” May sighed happily, showing you the photo of you and Peter at the age of three, with your little matching outfits.

“May, I don’t know why you want to get rid of this stuff, it brings back such good memories.” You said, looking through more photos.

“We don’t have enough room for it all and some of this stuff are just things I kept because I was too lazy to get rid of it.”

You picked up a photo of you and Peter and smiled. You both looked about five in the photo, Peter was on the ground, holding his knee and crying as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“I can’t believe you have a picture of this.” You thought aloud, holding the photo tightly.

May looked over your shoulder and smiled.

“I had to.” She explained, “You and Peter were just so cute when you were younger, kissing one another until you felt better. Like parents with their children.”

You gazed at her with a smile before looking at the next photo, this time it was you, at age eight, your bike on the ground and you on the ground. You noticed the large scrapes on your leg and Peter, his arms around you as he pressed a kiss to your head.

You could remember that day clearly, how Peter and his uncle had tried to teach you how to ride a bike and the way you toppled over and skid across the pavement.

The next photo you passed was that of you and Peter, both around thirteen, grinning as he had his arm draped over your shoulders because Aunt May had told him to, and in both your hands were blue ribbons.

You remembered that day clearly, how you and Peter slaved over your science fair project to win hands down. You remembered how when you kissed Peter’s cheek, just as you always did, he froze up and didn’t give you one in return.

That was the last time you had ever kissed Peter.

You hadn’t fully realized the lack of affection like that between you and Peter until now, at sixteen, looking through old photos with his aunt.

It was in the midst of your thinking that May announced that she would be going to the store as Peter walked into the room, taking a seat next to you on the couch as he picked up a few photos.

Your gaze fell from the photos in your hands to Peter’s face as you studied every bit of it, your lip between your teeth as you wondered if it would be too weird to ask for a kiss.

“Peter?” You said his name softly, your courage thin.

He looked up at you, his chocolate brown eyes gazing into yours as you feared that he knew what you were going to ask him.

“What’s up, bug?” His nickname for you rolled off his tongue, making you want to let your request go.

“Can I have a kiss?” The question fell from your mouth before you could second guess yourself.

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know.” You said with a shrug, feeling embarrassed for asking. “I just miss the times you used to do it. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“No, no. It’s okay, bug. I’ll do it if you want me to.” Peter stammered, not sure if he wanted to do it, but he’d do anything for you, he knew that.

Peter pulled you close and pressed a kiss to your forehead before pulling away, hiding his face so you couldn’t see the red on his face.

But, you didn’t notice because you too, were hiding your face from sight as you tried to shake off the shock of what you felt in Peter’s kiss.

Two weeks later, you sat on Peter’s bed, a bag of peas on your eye as Peter walked into the room and took a seat beside you.

You had gotten in a fight to stand up for Peter, a fight you had won, but that didn’t mean you were always going to walk out scratch free.

“You didn’t have to do that, bug.” Peter explained. “I can fight my own fights.”

“Peter, you can’t handle your powers very well yet and who knows what would’ve happened?” You explained with a wince. “You could’ve webbed someone or something. Plus, I just have a black eye, nothing time can’t heal.”

Peter smiled at you and brushed the hair from your face for you as you moved the bag on your eye.

“Still. Let me handle the fights.”

You bit your lip, feeling greedy as you opened your mouth. “Can I get a kiss?”

Peter moved close and pressed a kiss to your cheek, just under the bag as his eyes fluttered closed. He was starting to feel silly for giving you kisses and never asking for one in return when he wanted them too.

A few months passed after your scuffle, your eye had healed and Peter figured out how to control his powers.

But, that didn’t mean he didn’t come to you to get patched up or just to kiss you.

It didn’t occur to you that some of those kisses he’d give you in the dead of night after you patched him up were not requested by you until one night at three in the morning, you sat on your bed, Peter in between your legs as you patched up the cuts on his back.

Peter had never asked you for a kiss, not one on the cheek or on the lips, though he desperately wanted to. He was much shier than you were about being affectionate.

But, as you placed the last bandage on Peter’s shoulder, you heard his soft voice.

“Can I have a kiss, bug?”

You smiled a smile unseen by Peter and pressed a kiss to his shoulder right above where you had bandaged it before he rose from his spot on the bed and got his suit back on, his back to you.

He turned around and faced you, his suit now on and held his mask in his hands as he walked toward you and bent over, pressing a kiss to your cheek before he climbed out the window and disappeared into the night.

It was then that you realized that you hadn’t asked for that kiss.

A few weeks had passed and you forgot about the kisses you shared that night.

But, when Peter had come home, with bruises and cuts worse than you’d ever seen on him, after Civil War, the request for kisses seemed less silly than you would have originally thought.

Between bandages, the request would fall from Peter’s mouth and at times. Without your asking, Peter would take your hand in his or your face and press a kiss upon it like a silent thank you.

It wasn’t until the final bandages were applied that you sat beside Peter and gained some courage.

You placed a steady hand onto his face and leaned in close before you felt Peter’s breath hitch and his lips brushed yours. Your eyes fluttered closed along with his as your lips connected in a passionate kiss.

His hands found their way to your hips and pulled you onto his lap as you pressed a final kiss to his cheek. His smile after you looked into his eyes had melted you more than you ever thought it could as you whispered softly to him.

“Can I have a kiss?”

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Your take on the Knicks shirt??

Scully doesn’t argue when Mulder tells her they have to leave the motel.  She doesn’t even ask questions.  She just slides out of bed and reaches for her suitcase.  Mulder isn’t looking at her bare legs as she bends over, of course he’s not (okay, maybe he is, but she knows what to expect by now), but as her nightshirt rides up her bare thighs, he catches a glimpse of blue and orange.

“Scully, what are you wearing?” he asks.

She straightens up.  "It’s commonly known as a nightshirt, Mulder.  Sometimes pajamas just seem too fussy to pack.“  

“Not the shirt,” he says.  "Under the shirt.“

She crossed her arms over her chest and raises one eyebrow at him.  "Are you trying to consort with me while on assignment, Agent?  Because that seems like a personal question.”  She licks her lips, which doesn’t at all hide her smile.  

“I’m a trained investigator,” he says.  "And I can’t help but notice that you appear to be wearing New York Knicks boxers, Agent Scully.“

"Do you have jurisdiction over my undergarments?” she teases.  

“We’ve crossed state lines together,” he says.  "That makes this a matter of federal interest.“

"Federal interest,” she murmurs in a warm, husky voice.  "I see.“

"I don’t recall you being a New York Knicks fan, Scully,” he says.  "I do recall personally owning a pair of New York Knicks boxers, which I now can’t remember having seen in the last…while.“

"You’d think such a passionate fan would keep better track of his merchandise,” Scully tells him, turning away.  This time when she bends to pick up a pair of shoes, she’s definitely taking no pains to stop her shirt from hitching up and showing the hem of his Knicks boxers.

He reaches out to tug at her shirt and she playfully pushes his hand away.  "Not without a warrant, Agent,“ she says, her smile almost a grin.  

"You’re having fun with this, aren’t you?” he asks.

“I certainly am,” she says.  

“What if I were to demand that you take those off right now?” he asks.  

“I’d tell you you need a better line than that to get me out of my clothes,” she says with a wink.

“My clothes,” he grumbles.  

“I don’t seem to recall this kind of resistance when I wore your Knicks t-shirt,” she says, stepping closer to him.  She’s so short in her bare feet.  He has to tilt his head to gaze down at her.

“That was different,” he says.

“Was it,” she says.  "For what reason, I wonder.  Maybe because your Knicks t-shirt was worn so thin it was almost transparent?“

"Maybe,” he says.

“Or was it because you had the privilege of taking the Knicks t-shirt off of me on several occasions?” she says, pretending to be thoughtful even as her fingers graze the hem of his decidedly non-Knicks shirt.  Scully’s always had a knack for hands-on learning.  

“Might be that,” he allows, his mind starting to wander further and further south.  "Maybe it’s just that we weren’t on a case.“

"We were that one time,” she says, and the shiver in her voice runs up and down his spine.  

“Oh,” he says, and has to clear his throat.  "Yeah.  Just that one time.“

"But I suppose,” she says, “if you really want them back….”  She’s almost pressed against him, her fingers splayed over his belly.  Her shoulders tilt oddly, and it takes him a moment to realize that her free hand has slipped under her nightshirt to tug at the boxers.  They fall to the carpet at her feet with a little whooshing noise.  She steps neatly out of them, leaving them on the floor in front of him.  

“There you are,” she says.  

“You know what,” he says, “I’ll get those back from you later.”

“Whatever you want, Mulder,” she says, smirking at her suitcase.  

He hesitates, then picks up the boxers and drapes them over the eyes of the fox on the wall.  "How long’s it take to get a warrant in this town, Scully?“ he asks.  "I ask as a professional investigator, just in case I uncover any other mysteries within my jurisdiction.”

“Depends on who’s asking,” she tells him.  "But I think you’ve got a good shot.“

"I’ll check back,” he says.  "After we’ve checked out.“

"I’ll try not to skip town before you have the chance to conclude your investigation,” she tells him, and it’s like the time they spent apart was only the blink of an eye.   

“See that you don’t,” he says.

“Give me ten minutes,” she tells him, hooking a pair of impractical-looking lace-trimmed underwear out of her suitcase.  "Although I have to say this seedy motel is bringing back some memories.“

"Good ones?” he asks.

She licks her lips again as she studies him.  "Good enough.“

"Ten minutes,” he says.  "We’ll find a slightly less suspect dump.  It’ll feel just like home.“  

He walks out of her room and closes the door behind himself.  "Just like the old days,” he murmurs to himself.  "For better or for worse.“

Little Mandolin

‘Fuck, I gotta do this sometime. I can’t go back home if I don’t do this. The longer I wait the harder its going to be.’ Apollo thought to himself. He was pacing the floor nervously, hands fumbling the tiny box in his pocket as he waits for seravek to wash up before they went out to dinner. The day had been almost perfect, he had taken Seravek out on a boat ride this morning and then lead him around town to check out all the little street markets that Seravek seemed to be fond of. He knew how much Seravek was missing the kids, hell, he did too, so he had to try and keep him busy so he didn’t worry too much. 

Before they went back, they stopped off at a neat little cafe for a snack, since breakfast wasn’t that popular of a thing here. They spent the afternoon on the beach, walking along the coastline and then Apollo took him to a neat little botanical guarden and enjoyed some wine. 

They were getting ready for dinner now, Seravek was getting ready in the bathroom. 

Seravek poked his head out of the bathroom, “I’m ready when you are Apollo!” 

The larger monster looked up from the floor and smiled to himself– how was it that Seravek always managed to make his soul skip a beat? Seravek had dressed himself in a floral sheer top and a pair of high-waist shorts. 

“Well?” Seravek broke him out of his trance and spun around.

Apollo melted, “You look beautiful darlin’ as always, Il mio bel fiore.”

Seravek linked his arm into his and smiled warmly, “You’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself.” 

The two of them enjoyed a nice dinner, it was candle lit as the sun was setting. Lanterns hanging from the ceiling and walls, and large pillars wrapped in vines. There was soft music in the background and Apollo thought to himself that maybe it was a good time to pop the question but— he chickened out again.

Seravek took notice that Apollo had seemed kind of down on the walk back to the hotel, he was about to question him, ask him what was wrong, when the faint strumming of a mandolin caught his attention. It was a street performer! “Apollo! Look!” Seravek tugged at his shirt sleeve.

The bigger monster felt something tug at his non-existent heart-strings. The dim lighting and the soft strumming seemed to bring back fond memories to him as he thinks back to the old days where he would play on street corners and serenade cute girls. Apollo reached into his pocket and tossed a couple of bucks into the performers hat and then he did something– he swallowed back his worries and stress and pushed everything to the back of his mind. Suddenly he was pulling away from Seravek and bending down on one knee.

“Seravek…I- You know I love ya. And you know how much ya mean to me. The fact that you’ve stuck around for this long shows me that there’s no one else i’d rather be with than you. You’ve given me two beautiful children who i’m sure will grow up to be talented and amazing– “

Seravek’s eyes went wide– was this happening? Was this really happening??

Apollo reached into his vest pocket and took out a small black case, opened it and held it up to him. “Ti amo tanto, tu sei la luce della mia vita… You’re the light of my life, Sevvy. Would you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

As if someone had turned on a faucet, tears began to pour down the smaller monsters cheeks. He felt his legs turn to jelly and cupped his hands over his mouth. 

“P-Pollo–” He managed to choke out between breaths. The music seemed to drown out, he didn’t even notice others watching the scene or that the street performer had began to sing some old italian love song. 

“Well? C’mon sevvy, don’t leave me hangin’ here, the pavement’s dirty.” Apollo offered a soft smile up at him.

Seravek fumbled with his words but he managed to croak out a “YES” in response and then proceeding to leap at Apollo, wrapping his arms around him tightly and sobbed into his chest. “Yes- y-yes, yes. I ne-never thought you w-would ask – I’m so ha..happy, I l-love you-”  

Apollo hushed his partner as he stood up and brought him into a warm kiss and other’s were cheering and clapping. “C’mere, lets see if this fits.” He grinned, taking the others smaller hand in his and slipped the small ring onto his finger. “It’s a perfect fit.”

“W-Where– where did you get this Apollo? Its–it’s so pretty.” 

“It was my mother’s, the only thing I had to remember her by. Now it’s yours, I love you. What do ya say we head on back to the hotel now, yeah?”

Seravek sniffed, wiping his eyes and gazed down at the ring on his finger before Apollo had swooped him off his feet and carried him back in his arms, the sound of the mandolin fading behind them.

Imagine giving Harry Mr Pickle Jr.

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warnings: there are golden circle spoilers. really this is just one big spoiler. whoops.

“Have we met before? You look a little familiar,” was as much progress as you made with Harry.

When they found him, Eggsy, Merlin and Ginger Ale thought it’d be a good idea to bring you in, hoping to jog his memory. But all you got was a hint at the old Harry and a whole lot of pain from seeing your beloved become a stranger once again.

You spent most days with him, listening to his talk about butterflies (all of which you’d heard before) and trying to weave references to your early days together, even back to the days before he’d become a spy, hoping he’d catch them. He never did.

One day, you were talking with Eggsy about how he’d been. He told you of his girlfriend, Tilde, and the new dog she’d bought him after the loss of JB.

It triggered a thought.

After a few talks with Statesman, they pulled some strings and managed to get their hands on a brindle Cairn Terrier that looked remarkably like the old Mr Pickle.

Puppy under your arm, you knocked on Harry’s door before letting yourself in with a large grin on your face. “Hello, Harry. I brought you a present.”

Harry looked up from where he was sat with his butterfly book and his eyes widened when he noticed what you were carrying.

“Oh my,” he beamed, hurrying over to you. “Well, he is a lovely one.”

You nodded, holding the dog up to your face, “Isn’t he just? Don’t you think the name ‘Mr. Pickle’ suits him?” And then with careful thought, you puckered your lips and made a kissing noise at the dog, who leaned in to sniff at your lips.

Harry, who’d been watching with glee, had a wave crash over him. He was drenched in the memory of a photograph on his mantle piece at home, of you and a darling puppy almost sharing a kiss. It knocked him backward and he fell against his bed, sat on the end of it with his shaking hands clutching at his head.

You clutched the dog to your chest and fell to your knees beside Harry. “Harry, are you alright?” He didn’t answer, just kept shaking. “Hey, answer me.”

Had you gone too fast? Had you damaged him more than he already had been?

Your heart sped in your chest and the dog squirmed, sensing your anxiety.

But everything calmed when Harry removed his hands and looked down at you with a gentle smile and teary eyes. “I think 'Mr Pickle Junior’ suits him better, don’t you?”

written by: archie

Nohrian Festival: Xander and Kamui Married Conversation (Parts 1 & 2)

Whoaaah, I think this is the longest one that I (Marie) have done thus far. As usual, I altered the text here and there so it would make more sense and sound less stilted in English, but the spirit and meaning of the Japanese text is there. I think. It’s still kinda stilted, though.

Usually I use Kamui’s English name, but decided to stick to her Japanese name this time. She and Xander make such a cute couple! Actually…Just about ALL of Xander’s S-support conversations are really cute! He’s totally devoted to his wife, so I don’t think he’ll be the light-hearted womanizer his father was. (Hard to imagine Garon being like that…ugh. maybe he used to look more like Xander?)

Xander and Kamui’s S-support convo is mentioned here, especially in the second part, so you might want to read that first.

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It’s St. Lucia’s day today! :D

Not many people celebrate St. Lucia (or St. Lucy), and I personally love it, so I thought I’d make some Lucia themed ot4 art :)

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Hey so I'm not looking for a specific fic but I kinda wanna read something where younger season 1-3 Sam and Dean take care of older world weary later seasons Sam and Dean so if u know any fics like that I would really appreciate it.

Well to answer your question…


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Ones that kinda…sorta…not really but…fit your ask….

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The 10 Year Wait   by razielimSam travels back in time and learns something new about his brother.

A man with his insides out and his outsides off by: britomart_is They say there are only two stories in the world: man goes on a journey, and stranger comes to town.

No Time by  AmyPond45As soon as he caught the eye of the most gorgeous man in the room – hell, the most gorgeous man in any room – right there in the mirror over the bar, the look of loss and longing in his eyes should have tipped Dean off. Should have sent him running for the hills.        

You Can’t Go Home Again by AmyPond45 Sam and Dean discover evidence that they time-traveled to 1983 to help their Dad and their younger selves right after their mother died. Then things get complicated.      

Barely if at all fit…..

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A Brief Moment in Time by   Annie46fic   Dean’s death was caused by the Mark of Cain.  Sam decides to go back to a time before all of this started.  After finding a suitable spell he finds himself back in Truman High, and goes hunting for Dean who is now the younger brother.  Posing as a janitor Sam finds Dean, but can he change things for good this time?  Or will everything go to hell?        

Dream a Little Dream by tir_synniThe last thing Dean remembered was Bobby’s yard. The next thing he knew, his dad and brother were there, and he was screaming.

These are the Places I’ve Been By: goodnight-sammy Waking up on a motel floor with a gun to your head is not particularly comforting, let me tell you. Especially when that gun belongs to your dead father, and you somehow made your way to 1993 overnight. OR In which Sam wakes up in 1993 and decides that Time Travel sucks. Set in early season 8 (after Southern Comfort), back when the brothers were still fighting. Rated T for language

To End Your SufferingBy: MissAnnThropic The forest was bombarded with a blinding light. When it faded, Dean stared down at the body before him. It was Sam, Dean knew, but only because Dean remembered what Sam had looked like at four years old.

Time Travel’s a Bitch  by wilddragonflyingSo a fifteen-year-old Sammy shows up in the bunker. That’s not exactly a good thing; it brings back memories for both Dean and Sam. So, of course it’s all Gabriel’s fault.              

To the Moon and Back By: Scarlett7   Seeking some relief from Season 9? Here you go. Angst, brotherly love and even some Weechesters! Set right after “The Purge”. Sam’s anger towards Dean has been lingering for days. But when a 5 year old version of Sam shows up at their door, both boys will learn a lesson about what it means to be a Winchester brother.

Under a Haystack by Janissa11 A curse leaves Sam with a very different version of Dean.

You Can’t Go Home Again by AmyPond45 Sam and Dean discover evidence that they time-traveled to 1983 to help their Dad and their younger selves right after their mother died. Then things get complicated.

Doesn’t fit but are Time Travel Fics

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Come to Leave Me  by raziella He just wanted to change some things - go back and redo the parts that lead to this. He didn’t expect to end up here.        

Future Tense by selecasharpWhile on a case, Sam and Dean are given a vision of the future - a future in which they’ve stopped the apocalypse and are now, apparently, involved. Dean’s convinced that it’s another trick and insists that they forget it, but Sam can’t let it - any of it - go.

He is the Wind in the Door by rivers_bend   sequel to TJTBATW John has dumped Dean and Sam in Georgia for the summer while he goes to Louisiana. Meanwhile, fourteen years in the future, Sam is searching an old hotel. He gets sucked back in time and lands at his brother’s feet.

It’s the Blueprint of Your Life by queenkluSam jerks awake in the middle of the night and everything goes to hell. Well, not literally, though Dean is staring down the barrel of less than a year before his deal comes due. In the midst of dealing (or not dealing) with his impending death, a killer ghost ship, and Bela showing up out of the blue, Dean also has to figure out what’s going on in Sam’s head to make him so twitchy, why he’s suddenly breezing through this case while writing endless notes in a notebook he won’t let Dean see. Damn it, Dean thinks, This is gonna take a lot of chickflick moments.

The Jerk, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe by rivers_bend   While searching an old hotel, Sam gets sucked back in time and lands at his brother’s feet.

Jump to the Left by insomnia_geekTakes place immediately at the end of 5x14 My Bloody Valentine. Help comes in many forms. Dean should’ve been more specific what he was asking for.

Ne obliviscaris - Never Forget by wiccaqueen Dean Winchester, whose mother and baby brother died at the hands of a demon over two decades ago, finds himself traveling back in time to 18th century Scotland. There, while trying to navigate the rugged Highlands and foreign customs, Dean meets with a unique group of men - a clan of hunters. But even more intriguing is the young Highlander Samuel Campbell and the role he plays in Dean’s fate.

Quantum Sammy by mari4212 How do you get around an unbreakable deal?

Rewritten   by Fangirl-Jess   Sam was a having a tough day as it is, trying to cure your demon brother while he’s trying to kill you wasn’t enough now he’s in 2006 with his brother just after their father deal and death; before Bobby’s,Jo’s , Ellen’s, Ash’s and many more deaths; before Cas and the angels; before the cage; before the apocalypse; before Dean’s deals. Will Sam and Dean try to change the future ?

The Road Home by sinestrated   When a routine hunt suddenly goes sour, Dean finds himself in an alternate dimension where he and Sam have apparently been involved for some time. Getting back won’t be easy, especially when they discover that doing so will come at a terrifyingly high price.

Seeing Double by butterflywrites After the events of Dark Side of the Moon, Sam and Dean again get drunk, pass out, and wake up to find two people in their motel room. This time, it’s their younger selves, from not long after Christmas 1991, and they have to figure out how to get the kids back to the right time.

Skinning Schrodinger’s Cat  by lyra_wing 23-year-old Sam pays a visit to 22-year-old Dean. Idea came about when I was thinking – older Sam and younger Dean, and CRAP, that’d be way hot. Yes.

The Time Traveler’s Brother by AmyPond45 Dean’s life is turned upside down the night his mother dies. But that’s also the night a mysterious grown-up version of Dean’s brother first appears in his life. While Dean grows up, “Old Sam” is often there, especially when Dean’s father isn’t. As Dean learns what the future holds, he begins to question everything his father has taught him about who he is and what he is supposed to become. Can Dean find a way to save his little brother from his own future?

When You Have To Go There   by ciaan  
Written for the blindfold_spn prompt: “Present Sam time travels and comes face to face with a 15 year old Dean. Toppy!Sam/Needy!Dean.”

your breath on my neck like a music that holds my hands downby locknkey Sometimes the job takes Sam and Dean further than they’d ever planned to go. Time and space are no barriers when Sam is in danger.

Christmas Tree

Characters: Simon x OC

Warnings: Swearing. Caring Simon. 

Summary: Audrey used to love Christmas and her only wish is to put up a tree at the Sanctuary.

“What’s on the menu today, ladies?”  

The familiar voice strides into the stuffy kitchen of the Sanctuary. And it sounds chipper. A good sign. The pick-up went well.

Audrey looks up from her soaked baking tray, which is ready to scrub. She smiles as Simon’s eyes find hers.

“The usual,” Edith pipes up, placing about a dozen pots and pans into the sink. She was always Audrey’s favorite person. Her warm personality complimented by the crinkles in the corners of her eyes were the first two things she noticed when Negan brought Audrey to the Sanctuary. She is the definition of a perfect grandmother. Or a nice neighbour at the end of your street that hands out bags of candy to trick-or-treaters.

Aside from her lovely attributes, she makes Gelato. Which makes her even more amazing. Especially in Simon’s eyes.

“Although Audrey managed to mock up some brownies for dessert,” the middle-aged lady grins, winking at Audrey. Simon widens his eyes goes to stand with the girl, almost directly next to her. He pokes at leftover food on his way, sucking it off the tip of his finger.

“How the hell did you manage that, sweetheart?”

Audrey blushes and grabs a dry towel, pulling it between her fingers, “It’s not the best.”

“No, come on,” he smiles, pulling his trousers up, “Let me be the judge of that.”

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After a while, certain songs remind you of them. And when you walk through town, certain places bring back happy little memories. Every face that blurs by, looks more and more like the person you’re yearning to see. Maybe it’s just that this town brings back old memories that no one else shares with you, except that one person. Or maybe I miss the good days when I had no worries, when it was just you and me facing the world. Whatever the reason, I feel all the emotions come flooding back as soon as I set foot in this place. And sadly, the only thing I want to see is your face, your smile, your walk, running back to me. But you’re never there, and I’m left alone, drowning in my own wistful thoughts… praying for the boy that’s never coming back.
—  is it sad to say, I miss you?
Some Holt headcanons

With the possible exception of Sam, I see the Holts as a very musical family.
Colleen - teaches voice and piano lessons, probably played the flute or violin at some point
Matt - doesn’t play any instruments but is a hardcore choir and musical theatre nerd
Katie - pianist.  As in, like, a virtuoso.  I mean, we’ve all seen her type — you can’t convince me those fingers aren’t every bit as nimble on a piano keyboard as on a computer keyboard.

That said, I am now going to totally change the subject.  It’ll tie back in, I promise.

I hc Sam as being extremely into old black-and-white movies.  One of his particular favorites is Little Shop of Horrors.  It became a lowkey family favorite… and then, at some point in middle school/junior high, Matt found out it was also a musical and became OBSESSED.  As in, singing all the songs nonstop, never mind that none of them were in his voice range.  As in, convincing his kid sister who’s already something of a prodigy to learn the songs on the piano.  As in, dragging all his friends, including that one shy, brilliant, slightly dorky boy who everyone says is ‘going places’ and who he may or may not have a crush on, into Little Shop of Horrors hell.

Now, fast-forward a few years.  Katie, now known as Pidge, the Green Paladin of Voltron, is exploring the Castle of Lions and discovers a locked closet opening off the grand ballroom.  Curious, she convinces Coran to open it and finds an odd-looking but strangely familiar device with eighty-eight keys in yellow and blue — Alteans created their own version of the piano.  Pidge is ecstatic, but also a little sad because it brings back memories of good times with her whole family there.

Not too long thereafter, Katie and Matt finally, finally reunite.  Pidge shows her only slightly awestruck brother around the Castle, and they end up in the ballroom, where nobody has bothered to put the Altean piano back in the closet.  They play/sing some old favorites from musicals Matt has been in or just really likes.  Shiro, who had been letting them have some sibling alone time, hears the music and wanders in, and the moment he does, Matt’s face lights up.  Just like in the old days, he calls, “Shiro!  Do the narration!”

And Shiro sighs as if exasperated with this foolishness, though he actually loves it, and not just because his crush loves it, the way it was at first.  And Pidge hits the first chord.  And Shiro begins: “On the twenty-third day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own…”

And before you know it, they’re all singing and laughing and together and happy for the first time in way too long.

Hey Brother

A/N: well it’s May 2nd which is Sammy’s birthday!!!… And I felt this terrible urge to do something about it and voila! This fic was born. It was a rushed up thing and it’s raw and unbeta-ed, so all crap is my fault. I was inspired by the coke advertisement – idk… I find it way too cute. 

and Happie Birthday lil Sammy!!!
Warnings: none… its fluff, but there’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ mention of abuse and bullying, does that count?
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester (mentioned)
Word Count: 1k odd

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Mom? Pt 2.

A/N: Part 2 to this one-shot.

Mom? Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Mary x Daughter!Reader

You all sat around the table, happy to be there together and happy that everyone was safe. You had all taken a beating, Cas had healed you all but you were all still pretty sore. This is why everyone had decided to stay in; eating fried chicken, pie, and drinking beer. You let out a chuckle causing Sam to give you a curious glance. You shook your head and took a sip of your root beer while smiling.

After Dean left to thought it would take forever to feel this happy again.

When Sam was taken you weren’t sure your family was going to be normal ever again.

Here you sat, at your kitchen table, with your two older brothers and your mother who has been dead for over 30 years.

For a Winchester life was good.

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sole-survivor-christmas headcanons

Hah! TBH I was going to do without tag because I can buuuut @catastrotaffy saved me! What a hero! :O

Let’s talk about the softie overboss.

1. What was your soles attitude towards Christmas before and after the apocalypse? Are they religious?

Roy loved Christmas. As kid mostly because of the presents but later he couldn’t care less. It was one of the only times his whole family came together. Watching cheesy Christmas movies, eating so much of grandmas Christmas dinner until he couldn’t move anymore, getting drunk on the after-christmas-party on the next day with his friends.

He has many good memories the old Christmas - and these memories are making him now sad somehow. Roy is glad that Christmas is still a thing somehow, even when it’s maybe not like 200 years ago. But he will try to bring it back to Nuka World.

He was once little religious, so the church visit was always part of Christmas. But now? Which god would allow all this bullshit?

2. What was their childhood memories about the Christmas holidays? What did they get for presents from their family/friends?

Roy still remembers that he spend as little boy nearly every  Christmas night behind the living room door, waiting for Santa Claus  to surprise him and to tell him that he wants a puppy…and to ask him why everyone says that he wants Milk and Cookies but his mum told him that Santa prefers Beer and Cookies because non of his friends wanted to believe him.
Surprisingly was never successful. He always slept in or his mother sent him to bed. 
As kid a lot of toys - mostly little cars because he collected them.
As adult he was mostly money and clothes. Only some of his friends still gave him little cars… because he still collected them.

3. What was Christmas like with their spouse/ partner and other members of their family? Presents they would give each other? 

Roy was always one of the ‘last second buyer’. Stressful times but he still tried to find good presents. More useful stuff, something they could need.
He never had a really long time relationship so when he had a partner to christmas it was always someone other.

4. What would sole give the companions/friends for Christmas?

Shortly before Christmas he lock himself in his workshop. He makes new unique weapons or other stuff they could need while Cupcake plays the… . doordeathclaw (sure she wouldn’t do someone something but try to move a snorring Deathclaw). He will also cook for them like his Grandma once did it. Bringing some old Christmas spirits back.

For his animal friends they get some dead Radstags.

5. What other sole do you know they would like to kiss under the mistletoe?

A kiss on the cheek? Why not. Sil, Brian, Grey .. .. who ever is standing next to him. It would be quick and he would go back to what ever he did before like nothing happened. :<

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Old Playlist Memories

So, I recently saw a post by tumblr user hippist  about playlists you made in the past and the memories you get by listening to them. I love and hate this feeling at the same time, but I’ve always wondered if other people felt this way too when they discovered old playlists. I’ve decided to put up my old playlist of music that brings me back to the past and resurfaces many memories, good and bad. The playlist is as follows:

  • Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine
  • Comin’ Home - City and Colour 
  • Skinny Love - Bon Iver 
  • The Lengths - The Black Keys 
  • Song to the Siren - Tim Buckley
  • These are the Days of Our Lives - Queen 
  • Porcelain - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Life Without You - Stevie Ray Vaughan 
  • And I Love Her - The Beatles 
  • Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
  • We Never Change - Coldplay 
  • Leap Your Bar - John Frusciante 
  • Going to California - Led Zeppelin 
  • About Today - The National
  • Poles Apart - Pink Floyd
  • Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Harsh Realm - Widowspeak
  • On the Turning Away - Pink Floyd
  • Before the Beginning - John Frusciante
  • Lenny - Stevie Ray Vaughan  
  • Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Promising Light - Iron and Wine
  • Big Log - Robert Plan
A Thursday

It was a usual rendezvous.
Nothing special just going out, enjoying the weather, laughing at everything and having a good time. But sometimes, the usual become unusual. That day wasn’t at all for having a good time, it was only to bring the old memories back and feel their warmth.
Unconscious about the hidden truth, we kept our meeting with nostalgic eyes, while the time flies to farewell our memories.

— h.harouche

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hi momma! i just came back from a retreat with my choir and it was so much fun! i got to talk to one of my best friends's girlfriend on the phone and a girl who graduated last year came by to see us and it was so much fun. idk i just wanted to share with you because i'm really happy. how was your weekend?

i’m glad you had a good time, my love! you deserve lots of happy days! 💕

me and @johtopride painted my room yesterday and i threw away lots of old things that were bringing back bad memories and hurting me.

now its brand new and feel good.

i woke up early today and repositioned stuff in my room and had a yummy lunch. i just took a two hour power nap and now i’m just cuddled up in my blankets with spooky. ☺️

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I will be using back one of the previous story where MC died due to old age.

Link to previous story is as below.


The King decides to bring you back to heaven instead of reborn when your life span on earth ended. As you pass through The Gate of Taboo, your memories on earth were gone, including the God. You start your role as a junior goddess and were told by other goddesses on how great and powerful are the gods from department of wishes and department of punishment. You hope you can meet them one day even from far will be good.

The God immediately ran to find you when he heard you have become goddess. However, you got a shock and pushed him away when he tries to embrace you. He then realized that you have lost all memories. You bow your head low to him and tried to walk away. In fact, you are so worry just by standing near him. However, he grabs your arm and drags you to somewhere.


Leon drags you to his secret garden and you are not sure why he brings you here. You simply stand there and wondering what you should say.

“There was once a lady who is unbearably precious to me. Even at her death bed, she still put me as her priority. I vow to myself that I will find her after she is reborn.” Leon said passionately while looking deep into you.

“So did you manage to find her?” You asked and were touch by how devoted Leon is.

“Yes, I did. She became a goddess and is standing right in front of me.” Leon said sweetly and closes the gap between you. You are shocked of what you heard and move away from him, but he wraps you in his arms.

“I also told myself that I will make you fall in love with me all over again. I will definitely make you fall deeply in love again.” Leon said and kisses your forehead before letting you go.


Scorpio soon grabs you and flies out in the night sky to enjoy the night view full of stars. You are embarrassed that he is holding you so close to him.

“There was a woman who loves to argue with me but I also love her deeply. Even at her death bed, she is still trying to argue with me. I promise her under the night of stars that I will love her forever and I will find her when she is reborn.” Scorpio said passionately to you.

“So did you manage to find her?” You asked and look up at him who is still looking at you passionately.

“She is right in front of me now but she can’t remember me. However, I will definitely make you fall in love with me again.” Scorpio whisper into your ears and kiss your cheek.


Teorus grabs you to the garden where he fought with his father. He keeps staring at you and that make you feel uncomfortable and shy about it.

“There was a woman who taught me the joy of true love. I promise that I will love her eternity. I also promise at her death bed that I will find her after she is reborn because she is the only one for me.” Teorus said passionately without breaking his eyes contact with you.

“So did you manage to find her?” You asked timidly, occasionally peep over his face.

“The goddess right in front of me is her but you lost memories of me. I am so happy just to find you. I will give you time to fall in love with me, just like in the past.” Teorus said happily and embrace you tightly in his arms.


Dui drags you to the fountain of love. You wanted to go back to your duties but were also curious why he brought you here.

“There was a lady who smile has capture my heart. I make a promise here that I will make her happy and smiles forever. I promise the same thing at her death bed and will find her after she is reborn to fulfil my promise to her.” Dui said passionately.

“That woman is so lucky. So did you manage to find her?” You asked curiously while smiling at him.

“Yes, she is now standing right in front of me, giving me her wonderful smiles. I know you can’t remember me. Rest assure that I will make you fall in love with me again.” Dui said passionately and embraces you.

Hue drags you to the reflective pool of the department of wishes. You find the place very beautiful and your eyes keep wonder around.

“There was a woman who loves this place too. In her previous 2 lives, we have fall deeply in love. She is so selfless and taught me the joy of love. That is why at her death bed, I told myself that I have to find her again after she is reborn.” Hue said passionately and keeps looking at you.

“Both of you must be fated to fall in love twice. So did you manage to find her?” You asked curiously.

“Yes, I did. She is now standing in front of me but losing her memories of me. However, I believe fate will make you fall in love with me again.” Hue said and brings your hand to his lips.


Ichthys brings you to the holy towel. You are captive by the view in front of you and you forget the fear totally when you just meet him.

“There was a woman who taught me not to give in to destiny. I even vow that I will love her eternity here at this same place. Even at her death bed, I can’t even bear to let her go. Thus, I promise to find her after she is reborn.” Ichthys said passionately to you and you wonder why he did that.

“That is so sweet of you. So did you manage to find her?” You asked finally.

“Yes but she can’t remember me. The person is you. We made a wish here together before. So I am sure that I will make you fall head over heal with me again.” Ichthys grins and give you a quick kiss on your cheek.

here by the settled shadows

summary: ghosts linger. 

(excerpt: phil meets two hundred and forty eight versions of himself by the time he’s twenty-three, and they never leave, trailing after him with phantom smiles and paper-thin skins that hold their stories inside.)

notes: a 2012 christmastime fic. because apparently i’ve started an unhappy christmas fics tradition, and this has been sitting in my folders for too long.

a quirky, strange, angsty little thing that started as me toying with realistic sci-fi and turned into some kind of elaborate metaphor for 2012!phil. warning that this fic mentions/deals with the vday vid, because i figured, you know. if i go mia might as well look taboos in the eye. also read on ao3.






In one world, Phil’s uncle takes him hunting as a child. This Phil becomes a vet, and he sits at the foot of the bed with running red hands and leaves marks on the duvet, blood and guilt and apathy. He isn’t fond of houseplants, and his cold eyes are unchanging as he glances over Phil’s shoulder at pictures of cats online.

Phil never does last his vet internship. In the end, he packs his things and goes back home, to his room and his bed and the red marks on the duvet. The Phil of the universe where he lasts through the internship still sits at the foot of the bed, judges. His judgement leaves dents in the cushions, but Phil bleaches the duvet white and no longer cares.

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10 things I will tell my daughter about heartbreak 

  1.  You’ll find yourself crying yourself to sleep at 2 am with mascara heavily pouring down your face because he told you he didn’t love you anymore. You’ll feel darker than the circles that surround your eyes the next morning. The new mascara that you bought to impress him now just clouds your eyes, but he’s just not worth your tears 
  2.  When you don’t know what to do anymore because the emotional scars he left you with are more than you can handle, you’ll turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the pain. You will find yourself in the middle of the night drunk texting him and only having a bottle of vodka to comfort your tears. And when he doesn’t respond to the endless amount of texts and calls you left him, the only thing you’ll have is drugs to get him off your mind. You will show up at his door, high off your mind, begging for him back only to see that he’s moved on 
  3. Trying to grasp onto the wall to keep yourself from crumbling down will be the new thing you’re good at. You’ll be curled up in a ball wearing his old sweatshirt crying yourself to sleep for months after he leaves.  But please, take all his shit he left at your house and burn it. Burn all the things that bring back memories, do not let those things make you miss him 
  4.  You will not know what to do with yourself when he leaves. Its okay to sit in your bed days on end but you will have to get back up eventually. There will be no energy left in you because having your heart broken will suck all the life out of you. There will be no motivation to eat, shower, or communicate with anyone. This is normal just please don’t let this become a habit
  5.  The urges to talk to him will come in waves, very strong waves. You won’t be able to sleep because you miss him so much and not being able to make memories together or tell each other everything anymore will kill you. The voicemails you left him begging him to come back will just pile up on his phone but no matter how many texts/calls you leave him he’s not coming back 
  6. Nothing else will compare to the taste of these lips. You will fuck other people wishing that it’s him but it will just never be the same. You never thought that your last kiss would be your last so you will go and hookup with as many people as you can to get over him, but this won’t change the fact that he’s gone
  7. The words he engraved in you will take years to fully heal. All the “I love you’s” will endlessly haunt you and keep you wondering why he’s gone. All the love notes and cute little moments that was exchanged can never be undone. He never fully meant it when he told you how much you meant to him, even as much as he convinced you he did. You just have to allow yourself the strength to move forward. He did not love you 
  8. Just because he hurt you, do not hurt yourself. I know it feels like the world is crumbling down on you, but that does not give you an excuse to take the pain he caused you out on yourself. Carving his name into your skin will just make you wake up with more regrets than the regrets of losing him
  9. Whenever your phone lights up you’ll wish its him. After time, you will fill the empty void of him with another boy. Once he see’s you’re happily moved on, he will try coming back just to fuck with your head. He will finally see what he lost after all these months. But just promise, no matter how much you want to go back to him, do not. He broke your heart once and will do it again
  10.  You will never love someone else like you did your first love. This is the one that you experienced all your firsts with, they showed you what love is. There will be many more loves after this one, but you will never forget this one no matter how hard you try. You made him your world but you were nothing in his. One day, when you think you’re over him, you’ll see something that reminds you of him and you will go back and try to figure out what went wrong. Never ever give somebody the power to hurt you because no matter how hard you try, you can never truly forget them