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steve’s middle name is spelled G-R-A-N-T but it’s pronounced ‘trouble’

Finally, I made a full reference for my interpretation of Sammy Lawrence! \(*<*)/
I was so fascinated by him in the game, I found myself trying to understand who he was and what happened to him. I have tons of headcanons (I might make a post on my main blog, who knows, I’ll see), and playing around with them I happened to design my own interpretation of him. I’m experimenting from time to time with my style for him.
This is something pre-Bendy and the Ink Machine, actually. It’s Sammy, before his body completely turns in an inky dark abyss, but while already losing his mind and praising Bendy as his Lord.
… I should give more explenations. I will. Someday. Not now. Too lazy now.

… and yes I do roleplay him at @atramentoprophetam you know I would don’t act as surprised.

Also, two of the studies in the bottom image were made during yesterday’s livestream! :D Thanks to everyone who joined me!

Mh? What? Why he misses a finger on the left hand, you ask?
Blame Bendy.
                  (Why he doesn’t misses it in other drawings? Blame distraction, haha,,)