brings a

//well, crap…

Now I want to bring this blog back to life

You guys are such a blessing to me for how kind and supportive you are, I swear-

d'you know i used to buy into this whole fandom discourse thing but i’ve come to the great realisation that i’ve got enough going on in my real life, so i don’t need to spend my time online telling people they’re problematic for liking something

and im also never going to apologise or be made feel bad for something that brings some genuine joy into my life so….. cool

anonymous asked:

wht are not we talking about " “I needed to bring home a win for you”? is this like some angel mating ritual thing? cas like gotta give the bae the prey i hunted to properly court him, prove that I am a good suitor that can provide for my chosen one


Like he has to prove what a good hunter and protector he is to his future mate…


Meanwhile Dean wants to “kick his feathery ass” >.>