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Questions by deaddollsdontcry

  1. do you think you’d survive during a zombie apocalypse?
    I really don’t know, but usually I give my best when I’m under pression or in a difficult situation, so yeah I think I could survive.
  2. what’s your favourite colour?
  3. you have the chance to meet your favourite band, what would you tell them?
    I’d tell them that I love them and that their songs help me during bad times.
  4. have you ever had a bad hangover?
    Never :)
  5. if you were given 1 million euro what would you do?
    Travel all over the world!
  6. if you could pick a book or movie to be in which one would you choose?
    Uhm I think I’d choose Persuasion as book and The Lord Of The Rings as a movie.
  7. which song best represents you?
    Fix You by Coldplay and Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine.
  8. if you were ever told there’s only one day left until doomsday what would you do?
    Probably I’d go to London .-.
  9. how many languages do you know?
    Italian (does it count?), English and Sicilian! lol
  10. if you could reincarnate into an animal, which one do you think you would be?
    A butterfly or a monkey according to the people who know me but I’d gladly turn into a penguin or a polar bear or a wolf , I’d like to live in the cold.
  11. what’s the first record you bought?
    These Streets by Paolo Nutini

 Questions by scaffalipienidivita

  1. You’re asked to represent young people in front of your government. What do you say?
    That it’s time to do something to improve our situation, to make a change because we’re fed up with the present situation. We want opportunity and the chance to live our life at its best.
  2. Which period in history do you like the most? Have you ever wished to live there?
    I would like to live in the 19th century but at the same time I don’t know if I will adapt quickly and without problems.
  3. Your favourite film of all time?
    The Phantom Of The Opera
  4. Dinner with your heroes: who would you invite?
    Hard question, probably I would do a mix between historical figures, artists and people from the star system but I’m quite sure that Vincent Van Gogh would be the first to receive my invitation.
  5. Faults you think can be easily forgiven:
    I can forgive almost everything once, but if you do the same mistake again I would erase you from my life.
  6. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    See question number 10 from the previous block of questions ;)
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Yeah I do, but it’s better if you do not forget to wear glasses…
  8. What’s the biggest pleasure in life?
    Do what you like the most, feel in perfect harmony with what surrounds you, see happiness in the little things and always enjoy music and a perfect landscape.
  9. Tell the story of how did you get one of your scars.
    It’s not an actual scar, it’s like a furrow in my forehead. I got it when I was very young, I don’t know exactly how it happened but I just had an exuberant rendezvous with the wall :S
  10. Describe your hometown in one word.
    The Waste Land (yeah I know these are three words but they gave the perfect image of the situation).
  11. Complete the sentence as you like: “Roses are red, violets are blue…”
    I’m Jim Moriarty and I O U! lol

My questions for those tagged:

  1. If you could change your name which would you choose? And why?
  2. If you could “steal” a book from its author, because you like how it’s written and/or the story, which would you choose?
  3. The record that you would bring with you on a desert island.
  4. Your hero (real or fictional).
  5. Would you prefer to sort out your problems with the help of magic or just with the use of your intellect?
  6. An historical event which you wish you could have lived.
  7. A quote that describe yourself
  8. A place you want to visit
  9. Which is/was your favourite subject at school?
  10. Who is your favourite artist?
  11. Have you ever told “I love you” to someone?