Recovery spell

What you need: 3 white candles of ascending size, set in a row, placing the smallest to the far left. A small pot of salt.

1. You can’t do this bill for someone else by naming their name in the beginning of the spell speak on their behalf.

2.two candles with the first candle and say each day greater vitality.

3. Like the third candle lit the middle candle and say each day better I will be.

4. Bringle a pinch of salt into each flame moving from left to right safer candle one cleanse be.

5. Your candle to say that I may see.

6. For candle three say recovery.

7.hold your hands towards the candles with the palms down and fingers together then touch your heart with your fingertips cup your hands together and say :so do I take within me strength,health ,vitality.

8. Low out the candles in reverse order and say: I received this feeling lights with thanks. Blessings be on my recovery. Leave the salt to absorb sickness and totally the same night.

-Cassandra Eason