Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t produce fruit…What would you do,or build ,or speak ,or buy,or sing,or draw,or write,or establish,or partner with ..what would you do if you had no fear..if fear was not in the way…if you lose your fear you will find your takes courage to go to the next level ..everything you build or go for you cant just get it you have to sustain it..don’t forget to feed what you got while you’re going after what you want… because if you go after what you want and don’t feed what you got ,you’ll lose what you got to get what you want ,and still be where you were ..#tdjakes #bringingitdown #sooogood

Tonight was surreal. Growing up, never in my life did I expect to see #JUDGE live. The inside room at @mohawkaustin completely exploded as soon as the feedback built up leading into to “Take Me Away,” and it did not stop until the final words echoed in our heads. “NEW YORK CREW!” #NYHC #BringingItDown #StraightEdge #Skinhead #FunFunFunNites #FunFunFunFest2013 Photo cred goes to my boy, @esaixinformed (at The Mohawk)