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Hey um, love sans question I know you give to everyone but what if someone fell in love with you and I remember dream sans saying that because of his arua people feel happy and he made them suffer from that because he couldn't make them happy forever and does same thing happen with you?

Love: Well, if that happens it will be natural, I couldn’t do nothing about it, because I can’t allow myself to influence the feelings of others in that way.
My aura is always under control…

Love: Since letting it flow freely would be a danger and I couldn’t fulfill with my purpose as guardian. So don’t worry, I’m here to help people, not to create more pain.

This is unrelated but,,

Anyone calling out Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and now some members of Game Grumps for being “Nazis” or “Nazi Sympathetics” are absolute fucking retards. Felix was making a joke, and I’m sorry you’re so far up your own ass that you can’t see anything besides your own flaming rectum at all times. Unfucking believable. And I know this isn’t AOS Related, but I’m so tired of seeing this pure unadulterated garbage on my dash for the past week. Get over yourselves. You don’t need to always have some righteous “regime” you gotta stand up against on the internet, especially when the one you’re choosing to currently battle isn’t even fucking real. You’re all children, and you’re all insignificant. The fact that for even a second you believed that making a 5 paragraphed text post on the internet, and tumblr to boot, was gonna be enough to topple down “media giants” like fucking pewdiepie is laughable. I’m sure Felix could give less of a shit about your opinions. While you’re here crusading against what you believe is “Nazism”, Felix has already apologized, helped out everyone in this situation as best he could, made sure shit on their ends were resolved justly and swiftly, and now he’s chilling in his million dollar home surrounded by dogs, money, and his sweet gf. Some hobgoblin looking Tumblr girl who looks like her eyeballs are sink holes for dollar store mascara and who showers 2 times a week if not less isn’t a problem for him. He doesn’t care about your opinions. He still makes money off of all of you. He’s still rich and famous and will be for a while. &He’s not a fucking Nazi.

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Hard on throbbing with need, Baekhyun let out a moan of desperation.

Pleading the best he could with a ball gag in his mouth. You had just denied him of his orgasm for the third time that night.

Taking the vibrator off of the tip his cock you leaned back to take in the sight of him, hair a sweaty mess against his forehead, his heavy breathing and the way his ab muscles tensed with each of your touches.

Caressing his thighs bringing him back to his senses, “you’ve been a bad boy remember? you need to be punished don’t you?” you asked.

Baekhyun nodded weakly, letting out a soft moan at the thought of another punishment. His favorite was your flogger, the stinging sensation it left on his skin was pleasurable in the most delicious way.

Crawling up to meet his face you took the gag out of his mouth, your hips hovered above his abdomen. you pulled off your panties, the pair he thought made your thighs look delicious.

With his cock laying flat against his stomach you grinded hard onto his cock. The tip of his hard on was rubbing against your clit making you moan loudly. The sounds coming from baekhyun tightening to coil in your stomach. He was letting out deep moans and cries of your name, once in awhile he would let out high pitched whines. His melody was absolutely the most amazing sound you had ever heard.

Sorry this was kinda short. (but hey this blog is called shortsmut for a reason) I just really love the idea of Baekhyun having a ball gag in his mouth. Please let me know that you like this by liking and rebloging! -xoxo Q~

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Christmas with Jungkook

And onto our maknae, Jeon Jungkook (also I just saw the video of Taehyung in a leaSH and I’m just I don’t I can’t) and also to everyone that celebrates, merry Christmas!! To everyone that doesn’t celebrate, I hope you have a great day and hopefully you’ll still enjoy some bad boy kook

  • Bringing back bad boy!Jungkook
  • This is your fourth Christmas together
  • It takes you a while to get him to agree to celebrating
  • Secretly, he’s super excited about Christmas but this is bad boy!kook and bad boys don’t get excited over Christmas
  • Your friend invites you over for a Christmas party and the hardest part is convincing Kook to come with you
  • “Is this like my type of party or is it like a dinner thing??”
  • Once you tell him that no, it is not his type of party he’s out
  • No chance in hell
  • But kook is actually lowkey wrapped around your finger
  • All you need is some puppy dog eyes and a “do it for me” and he’s yours
  • Getting him to dress up is pretty easy tbh
  • Once you get him to agree to come with you, all you have to do is tell him to try it on for you (that’ll require more puppy dog eyes, maybe a pout or two but overall 4/10 on the difficulty scale)
  • Once it’s on him, just grab his hand and pull him out
  • He’ll whine a bit, maybe drag his feet but once he sees how wide your smile is when you put the lil antlers onto his head, he decides he’s okay with dropping the bad boy thing for tonight
  • Seeing you smile is worth all the shit he’ll get from the boys the next day bc you’re just so happy you got him to cooperate and now he’s got these cute lil antlers and a Christmas sweater on
  • You two have turned the library into a lowkey hangout
  • You bring in the smallest tree you could find and a box of ornaments and he’s just n o but honestly he ends up getting more into it than you do
  • You just watch his eyes light up whenever he sees the tree bc he remembers oh hey it’s Christmas
  • You two spend so much time in that lil library tbh
  • It has a million pillows scattered around it and about ten different blankets from all the times you’d decided to cuddle in a different spot
  • You get there earlier than he expected one day and you climb in to see he’s gathered every single pillow and blanket in the entire library to build himself a fort
  • You kinda stop bc yes you knew your boyfriend had childish tendencies but he was always the first to say no to building forts
  • Yet here he was, his laptop in his lap and his earphones in, curled up into one of the pillows
  • You just start laughing and that’s when he notices you and he’s goes from :) to !!! within 0.5 seconds
  • He sits up so fast you’re worried he’d make himself dizzy and he’s just stuttering bc oh no oh no mayDAY MAYDAY A B O R T
  • You sit next to him and grab one of his earphones and you just lay back next to where he was and start watching the movie he had on
  • He slowly lays next to you and is super tense bc he’s waiting for you to tease him or say something about it but instead you just cuddle into his side
  • It isn’t until the movie’s nearly over that you say anything at all
  • “You need to improve your fort building skills, next time, wait for me to get here so I can help”
  • He sometimes “secretly” (he thinks he’s being discreet but literally everyone can tell) burrows himself into the sweater that you’re wearing
  • He just stands right behind you and hugs you really tightly and buries his nose into your shoulder and it looks cute especially bc he isn’t all that cuddly in public normally but the reality is he’s trying to borrow some warmth
  • You try to get him to wear a sweater but he’s just “men like me don’t do sweaters”
  • “Jungkook, you’re shivering”
  • “I am not, I’m just dancing, this song gets me hype”
  • When it comes time for the actual day of Christmas, you two agree to meet up at sunset like you normally do
  • He shows up empty handed and you’re a lil ?? 
  • You’re not really upset about it bc it’s just a gift but you hand him his lil present and he just gets so excited
  • He unwraps it similarly to the way a 5 year old would
  • You bought him a sweater (you made sure it was just plain and black bc that was pretty much his entire closet) and one of the video games he’d been mentioning for a while
  • He just smiles so so s o wide bc that’s just precious to him and he just has to hug you as tightly as he can and he just mumbles a “thank you” into your hair bc lil bad boy is lowkey shy
  • You don’t bring up the lack of presents on his side and just snuggle into his warm arms but then you feel a bandage on his arm and you’re immediately just like you got into a fight??
  • You give him the same disappointed look you always give him when he gets into fights but he just smiles this time and shakes his head
  • He takes off his jacket and takes off the bandage to show you his newest tattoo
  • It’s this really pretty rose on his bicep and it completes his second sleeve perfectly
  • “It’s for you, on our first date, I gave you a rose and now I’ll always have a reminder of it”
  • You almost tear up tbqh
  • Bc this kid got a tattoo for you and it was something between just the two of you and it was such a sweet innocent way to proclaim his love and you just basically melt into his arms
  • Christmas with Jungkook is filled with him glaring at the wall while you toy with the antlers on his head, blanket forts and really cute presents that always make your heart skip a beat
Only If It's Me

Because I really liked the idea. Tagging: @one-million-pillows @one-true-four @eunhaesinn @super-organic-destiel @cenedrariva @livyjh @the-fabulous-fangirl

They had been roommates for a year, and like all people who are in closed quarters for a long enough period of time, they had had their fair share of difficulties, but Dean had never had a really bad one until Cas started bringing boys back to the dorm. The first one was a boy named Uriel.

Cas had brought him over to their dorm room, but Dean did not like him the moment he walked through the door. Yes, he was outspoken and almost threatening, but that described a lot of college students. It bothered him when Cas walked in and Uriel had an arm around his waist, but that’s what worried Dean. The thought occurred to him that he might not have a problem with Uriel, but he might have a problem with him and Cas being a thing. The mere sight of them together did weird things to Dean knew could only be wrong. He could not stand to be in the room with them. It made him almost angry, but definitely uncomfortable, and that’s what worried him.

Dean had never given much thought about homophobia, but now it seemed like it might have been inside him all along. He didn’t want to be upset by Cas being happy if that meant he was with a guy instead of a girl. Cas was his friend, and his best friend since going to college at that. He wanted Cas to be happy, but his skin felt like it could crawl away when he saw Cas with Uriel, so he did what the outburst inside of him told him. After Uriel had gone back to his dorm, Dean told Cas not to bring him back anymore, which had resulted in an argument over whether or not Dean was homophobic, one which Cas had easily won.

Cas, however polite he was, was not one to tolerate bigotry. He and Uriel did not last long. It didn’t feel right for either of them, so they had gone their separate ways.

After not too long, Cas had moved on and was with a boy named Samandriel. He generally avoided bringing him around Dean, but one day they were on a date and Cas had forgotten his wallet.

“Shoot. I left my wallet inside.” Castiel pawed at his jacket pockets before checking his pants pockets, neither providing the item he was looking for. “I’ll run up and get it.”

“Do you mind if I go up with you? I kind of have an irrational fear of getting abducted.” Samandriel scoffed as his eyes shot ashamedly to the ground.

Castiel hesitated, biting his lower lip with a quick nip. “It’s not really irrational considering where our school is.” Castiel pointed out, which was entirely true. People got abducted on a fairly regular basis in that city, and Samandriel was rather defenseless. He was a pacifist after all, which was uncanny considering his fear. “Sure. Come on up. It will only be a second.” He decided after a moment, mentally praying that Dean would not be in the room.

No such luck. They arrived at the room to find Dean propped up on his bed watching something on his laptop.

Dean looked up immediately, and his jaw clenched as he noticed Samandriel. Another one. He thought. Why does this bother me so much? He gave Samandriel a passing glare as if trying to find that answer, but he could not, so he pulled his gaze away to rest it on the far wall. “Who’s your friend, Cas?” His words were forced and tight as his jaw clenched again.

“Samandriel.” Castiel simply answered as if he sent a glare forcing Dean not to say anything. He edged his way over to his desk before pulling open the top drawer and fishing out his wallet. “Samandriel, this is my roommate, Dean.” Castiel’s voice was low as he tried to control the situation.

“Hey. Nice to meet you.” Samandriel forced a smile, his voice giving away that he was more than slightly afraid, which was probably from experience. He glanced over towards Cas as if he were an animal trapped in a cage trying desperately to get out. “You know, I think I promised my roommate a movie night. I should get going…” He began to back out the door.

“Samandriel…” Castiel pleaded with his eyes, telling him that they could just leave the room now, but Samandriel continued to back out.

“I’m sorry, Cas. I’ve just… got to go.” Samandriel muttered before he was completely gone.

“Look what you did.” Castiel hissed out, clearly agitated.

“I didn’t do anything.” Dean defended himself, sitting up straighter and folding his arms across his chest.

“Don’t play stupid. You have him a death glare.” Castiel snapped.

“Why would I do that?” Dean protested with a falsely incredulous face.

“Because you hate the fact that I date guys!” Castiel shouted, which was unusual for him, but Dean had pushed him too far. Homophobia was something he had dealt with his whole life. Dean was supposed to be his friend. He was supposed to be happy for him, not scare away every boyfriend he got.

Dean visibly stiffened. “That’s not it.” He grumbled.

“Then what is?!” Castiel moved in closer, his arms outstretched.

“I don’t know!” Dean shouted back, a look of pure perplexion written in his face.

Castiel paused his outburst at the response. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He no longer shouted, but his voice still bordered a shout.

“I said I don’t know.” Dean growled back.

“Well that’s not an answer, and I think you owe me answers, Dean!” Castiel’s voice rose back to a shout by the time his sentence came through. “You can’t just be happy for me?!”

“That’s not it.” Dean growled again, this time his voice getting louder by a notch.

“Then what is?!” Castiel loudly demanded.

Dean took in a deep breath, unsure of how to answer the question. “I don’t know.” He gave Cas a glare that told him to allow him to continue. “I just… it upsets me to see you with guys. I mean, I know that’s wrong, but I can’t help that. I want you to be happy, man. I really do, but it just makes me so angry to see you with another guy-”

“Wait.” Castiel caught off Dean’s rant. “Did you say angry? Seeing me with a guy makes you angry?” He was confused, but something about it seemed to make sense to him.

“Yeah. It does. It’s not like that with other people. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of gay couples, but I’ve never been bothered by it before. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I really like you dude. You’re better than anyone else here, and I want you to be happy…” Dean looked clearly frustrated with himself and his emotions, unable to piece things together.

Castiel, however, was smarter about emotions than Dean was. That was all it took for him to figure it out. Without another word, he rushed over to close the space between himself and Dean by smashing their lips clumsily together.

Dean was initially stunned, but he melted right into the sloppy kiss and kissed right back, grunting in agreement as he grabbed Cas’s chin with his hand.

They were there for what felt like hours before Cas pulled away and Dean stared at him in wonder.

Dean’s eyes were wide as Castiel spoke. “So are you still upset that I kiss guys?” He coily asked.

A half grin formed on Dean’s face. “Not if it’s me you’re kissing.” He added slyly back. He leaned back towards Cas to go for a second round before the thought struck him. “What about that kid from earlier?”

Castiel shook his head. “I think you successfully scared him off, but I don’t really mind. I don’t think he was right for me anyway.”

“Good. Because I didn’t think so either.” Dean breathed out before the realization struck him. “I’m not homophobic.” His eyes widened and he began to grin. “I’m just in love with you. Who would’ve guessed…”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “I did, and you’re lucky I did too. Otherwise you would have been confused for a long time. Now shut up and get back to kissing me.”

Dean raised his eyebrows. “Works for me.” He grunted before obeying his newfound boyfriend’s command.

ok my two cents on kid hating discourse

id just… rather not be around kids age 7-13, i don’t hate em and i think most kid haters are clowns, but kids in that age group bring back bad memories. especially if theyre boys. i realize its not their fault and ill just quietly keep my distance but still

also screaming infants kills the mio. but im civil and keep it to myself while dying like a decent human being

Bringing this bad boy back

Survive (part 2)

You groan in pain as you ease into consciousness. Your head ached. You open your eyes and pull yourself up to take a look around.

Where were you?

“Oh, hey.” You jump at the voice and quickly turn around. An awfully tall man stands in the doorway. “You’re awake.”

You press a hand against your throbbing head and squint in pain. What had happened?

“I’m Wade, by the way.”

“I, uhm,” ugh, your head hurts too much to think. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Hi. Um, if you’re wondering why you’re here, it’s cause my buddy thought you were a zombie, and hit you with a pipe and knocked you unconscious. We carried you back here cause we felt too bad to leave you.”

A moment of silence follows, mostly because you’re in too much pain to speak.

“We’ve got food in the other room, and we can give you an advil if you really need it.”

“Yeah,” you cough, “that’d be nice, cause my head hurts like hell.”

He motions to follow him and you slowly rise up and off of the bed you were lying on to follow him. The two of you walk into the other room, which had two sleeping bags as well as backpacks and trash.

“The two other guys will be back soon. They’re out looking for supplies right now.”


“Yeah. Bob and Mark. They’re good guys.”

“Which one hit me with the pipe?”

“Huh? Oh, right. That was Mark. He felt really bad after hitting you. He was the one who really wanted to bring you back. You know, cause he felt bad and all.”

Boy, were you gonna give him a piece of your mind. If he hadn’t of knocked you unconsious, you could’ve been on your way by now. Plus, you wouldn’t have a splitting headache.

“Yeah, you want that advil?”

“Um, I think you should save it for something more important. I’ve had worse.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Alright, I guess I should show you around. The room you were in is the only bedroom in the house. Usually we rotate the person who gets the bed every night. This room is where we are most of the time. The people who don’t get the bedroom sleep in their sleeping bags. Oh, and they sleep in shifts. One person sleeps and the other watches.”

You hope he doesn’t want you to stay. Cause you weren’t going to. You’ve been planning to leave since you woke up. You’d been in groups before, and just like all the zombie games you’ve played, most of them don’t work out.

“Your bag is over there, by the way. We didn’t touch it.”


“There’s a bathroom over there, but it’s a little… bloody.”

“Mind if I ask why?”

“The house wasn’t empty. There was a woman in there, but she was long gone.”


“We took care of her though. We just don’t go in there anymore.”

A knock at the door startled you both. The conversation dropped and you both stood completely still.

“Hey, Wade? It’s us.”

Wade sighed, clearly relieved that it was only his buddies at the door, and not some bandits. He answers the door rather quickly. The first man walks in. He’s really tall too. You felt like a child in their presence. He turns around to look at his other friend that was just now walking through the doorway.

Aw, man.

He’s reaaaaally hot.

Monsters and Men

Dean & Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,808

Summary: A hunting accident leaves the reader with retrograde amnesia, making her relationship with Dean a little more complicated now that she doesn’t even know his name.

A/N: Bringing this bad boy back because I finally had time to add onto it! Not a song fic, I know, but whatevs. Hope y’all enjoy

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You spent the next few days in the hospital so the doctors could keep an eye on you, healing your cracked ribs as best as you could and spending time getting to know the men who you used to know so well. Most of the time, Sam or Cas would hover over you, playing card games, watching TV, or just talking. But Dean seemed to be keeping his distance from you, occasionally poking his head in the room to see how you were doing before disappearing again for a few hours.

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