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okay y’all have seen me gripe about this a lot but i still just wanna bring this back up again bc this always bugged me.

i know i said earlier that i didnt mind the gems not having more alien-like features but…

seeing the scrapped designs make me wish we had something more interesting. like you know those character concepts for disney films where the character looks really dynamic and interesting but then its scrapped to make an incredibly boring and cookie-cutter design? thats how it feels for SU.

before y’all say anything, im not calling the finished designs bad. they’re perfectly passable (and i adore bismuth’s design). i do have some issues with lapis since she’s a terraformer but she’s small and skinny (i’ve already explained that in depth in an earlier post).

i wish su would push their designs further and made more risks bc im getting a little bored of only getting to see cool designs in fusions (which have become a rarity now). like the only non-fusion character with an unnatural attribute is sapphire with having only one eye. I know jasper’s old concept design looks a little silly but i love the odd geometric shapes to her. it has a bit of personality to it and pushes the “big strong brute” attribute harder than her design thats just a buff lady with orange skin. or bismuth’s odd robotic body like her wrists, eyes and waist. Or lapis where her features aren’t alien-like but she has crazier hair and a more interesting facial design with 0 eyebrows and groved in eyeballs (with these weird black lines surrounding it i love it).

i dont know why the character designers  don’t want to be more creative with their approaches. are they afraid they’re gonna get hate for it? i mean people weren’t crazy about YD’s design when she was introduced, but everyone got over it and the designers brushed it off.

 and before y’all say “oh but it’ll be harder on the animators because there’s more detail” i want to remind you they’ve been managing fine animating characters like sugilite who has a more cluttered design

and sardonyx who frequently uses hand gestures despite having 4 arms



super random ai hcs, bc i have a Lot honestly?:

delta: actually pretty expressive? u just gotta be good at reading his body language. also, really easily flustered. like Really Easily. 

theta: loves stickers. like a lot. theyll put them on everything including armor n helmets and legit anything u can think of. its 100% an honor to be Sticker’d™

eta: constantly anxious. if theyre relaxed its a miracle, theyre very easily stressed out. on that note they really like white noise generators n stuff, the audio keeps em calm (theyre the type of person to have headphones in 24/7)

iota: really happy and upbeat n also pretty low empathy? like theyre good at comforting they just Cant Relate (thats etas job). also will kick ur ass if u hurt eta or theta

omega: deep, deep down, he unironically loves be my bad boy by cascada. very, very deep. also he listens to nightcore a shocking amount

gamma: his sense of humor is not limited to knock knock jokes. literally any lame thing he will find hilarious. hes got a meme folder. theyre all terrible 

sigma: constantly gets in arguments with delta abt metastability etc. they both have pretty even tones so its like the most heated discussion thats also a complete deadpan uve ever seen. 

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It's not a good thing because she is no better than Danielle and needs to be far away from Louis . I don't trust her at all.

Nobody trusts her lol obviously i didn’t like her any more than anyone else did. I’m just saying there’ll be a REASON they bring her back. and it won’t be just for bearding purposes bc it would have been much easier to just keep danielle. if she’s back it’ll be moving the storyline forward - or starting a new one. anything is better than this neverending waiting.

the life of a leader
  • junmyeon: kyungsoo stabbed chanyeol. again. someone pls remind me why i agreed to take care of eight children
  • rapmon: omg ikr
  • seungcheol: y'all should try having 12 kids. IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. AND I HAVE SEUNGKWAN TO DEAL WITH
  • seungcheol: fight me
  • taeyong: calm the fuck down. I HAVEN'T EVEN MET ALL MY KIDS YET. you don't see me complaining

Friendly reminder that Timothy Drake Wayne has lost basically everyone he loves in his life at least once and every time one of them died he freaked out and went to the ends of the earth to bring them back and he “dies” *ONCE* and everyone immediately thinks hes dead without question and they probably will never come for him and idk i think about this a lot

being home literally makes every single one of my 800 problems flare up and honestly? bless all of my friends that deal with me.

am so unstable! thanks mom! I can’t sleep!

I have trauma episodes almost nightly! I’m starting to split on my fav people for no fucking reason! and have nonverbal episodes! I am a fucking disaster mess!!

and I feel guilty for needing people so much. and then accidentally hurting them. fucking hell. get me out of here.

lmao I just rediscovered that AU Holly and I came up with where the mystery trio works at the same hospital.  Stan is an ambulance driver, Ford is an OB, and Fiddleford works in Pediatrics.

god, that’s a quality AU.