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How Sterek Could've Became Canon

I said once before how I thought it should’ve happened. Now I’ve updated it.

Season 1 same

Season 2 Stiles realizes he bi

Season 3 He realizes he has feelings for Derek

Season 3B Derek realizes he has feelings for Stiles

Season 4 They make it work

Season 5 Still together lol

But then I thought what about a little more detailed?

Season 1 same

Season 2 Stiles realizes he bi

Season 3A Stiles realizes he has feelings for Derek. Stiles helps Derek out after the Alpha Pack attack. Derek dwells on the whole everyone dies around him speech. And Stiles lets him know that he’s still there. He’s got his back. To which Derek feels happy and kisses Stiles. Stiles is at first shocked and Derek seems embarrassed…but Sparks fly and they end up sleeping together! Derek regrets it because of the whole Kate thing (hence would open up those PTSD wounds that Hoechlin was asked about death wanted to explore but Jackass Davis wouldn’t do it) He lets Stiles go. Toughest thing he’s ever done. Stiles is confused and hurt and that’s when he finds out about Paige from Peter. He knows why Derek is the way he is and hurts for him. He also figures out what happened with Kate and knows Jennifer is no good. The rest of the season stays canon and Derek leaves without talking to Stiles.

Season 3B Still canon minus the Stalia scenes, but when Derek finds out about Stiles possibly dying or Chris having to put Stiles down, he realizes he does care for the boy and has to make it up to him. He calls Stiles and asks to meet him at the loft. But before Stiles does, he gets kidnapped. Stiles goes to talk to Derek but can’t find him. He’s hurt and yet suspicious too.

Season 4 Stiles has learned tips and tricks from Deaton, his father, and Melissa (which he should’ve learned before. Jeez the boy is defenseless) Young Derek doesn’t remember what went on between him and Stiles. All he knows is that he feels a connection with him. As things progress canon-ly they are able to talk. That night when he’s helping Derek with his wounds( after the canine distemper issue in school) he teaches him about being human. Derek is impressed with how mature Stiles has turned out and feelings resurface, hence them sleeping together again and making love. The season goes on the way it does. While Stiles is getting the guns ready Derek admits he’s willing to die for Stiles and his newfound family. Stiles is livid because of Derek’s martyr complex. Derek reassures him that if it came down to it, he’d make sure Stiles was safe. Which in turn in Mexico, Derek gets hurt prompting them both to say ‘I love you’ before Stiles leaves. As he’s walking away Liam asks, “He’s not going to make it is he?” And Stiles with his shotgun tearfully says, “No.” But later we see an evolved Derek! Stiles sees him and they embrace. But he tells him he’s gonna have to leave for a while to get his powers under control but he’ll be back. There’s finally something worth staying in beacon hills for.

Season 5 goes the way it usually would. But a part of me wants to see an evolved Derek changing back and Stiles having his spare clothes in his jeep lol. But I’m glad Hoech had time to do some of his own projects. Super grateful for Everybody Wants Some and Supergirl.

Season 6 Derek comes back because of Stiles being missing. He’s the only one besides Theo that remembers him. Now we get to see coyote Malia and wolf Derek. They have better senses as their natural selves. So we get to see Derek naked sometimes(that isn’t a big deal but it would be very nice to see). Noah, Scott, and Derek are able to bring Stiles back and Sterek reunite. Because let’s be real the whole Lydia brings Stiles back was extremely stupid. Why wouldn’t his father and so called brother bring him back instead? After that…Derek and Stiles take a trip to Virginia to help with his FBI training.

Season 6B: Time has passed and they’re still together and have to come back to Beacon Hills to help Scott and his Dad from the new group of hunters, Gerard, and Kate. Sterek get to battle Kate and they win, but Stiles is injured and near death and Scott changes him. The bite takes and Stiles becomes a were-fox. Just seems better suited for him than a were wolf. He flashes his eye orange and Derek flashes his yellow. Or Sterek beats Kate and Stiles remains human, but becomes the pack emissary. After that the series ends with everyone being with who they need to be with including Jackson and Lydia.

Now this is just my thought and theory. Please be kind and no negativity.

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