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okay, but can imagine if after a mission near a farm or a lake, a bunch of little ducklings imprint on kara, and she gets kind of worried because she's trying to fly back home but her new adopted children waddle after her, so she just brings them all to the DEO because they're SO CUTE and she couldn't just LEAVE THEM...


This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho

Nico Headcanons

- When he sleeps, he’s curled in a ball because his time in the jar had such a huge affect on him
- He is assigned to teach sword fighting because he’s so good at it
- He hates it at first
- But then he starts to get invested in it
- He knows all his student’s names, parents, interests and preferred way of fighting
- He especially likes teaching little campers because they are so cute
- he summons skeletons for the campers to spar
- When he redecorates, he adds in a kitchenette because he love to cook and bake
- he bakes cookies for his friends
- he gives “chocolate chip” cookies to people when he’s mad but is actually raisin
- he falls asleep at the campfire literally everytime he goes
- Will usually brings him back to his cabin
- One time, Will was on the night shift and Jason had to bring him back
- Nico is asleep and thinks its Will carrying him
- he cuddles into Jason’s chest
- he has no memory of this in the morning
- Jason teases him about it to this day
- he always blushes furiously when its mentioned

a lil laila/alvarez thing because there isn’t nearly enough about them here

  • they were the first not-straight couple to make their relationship public in the exy world
  • how it happened: laila managed to get a shutout in one of their championship games, moving the trojans another spot closer to winning the whole damn thing
  • alvarez drops her racquet and helmet on the ground, sprints at laila, jumps into her arms, and kisses her right there and then 
  • they’d talked about it beforehand, and they’re both on adrenaline highs and its scary and wonderful and a million things in between
  • the rest of the team is also ecstatic, and they carry laila around on their shoulders around the court in celebration 
  • the reaction from the public is…. Not Good
    • (remember when kevin was like “its easier to be straight when youre playing exy blah blah blah”? that was because of the reaction laila and alvarez got)
  • the entire trojans team has their back though, and they help scrub graffiti off the outside of the court and they unquestionably stand up for their teammates when hounded by the press. the first time jeremy almost got a red card was because someone was spitting insults during a game
  • eventually it gets a little easier, because there’s so much drama in exy that something else distracts from their coming out (something kevin related, probably)
  • now onto the cute stuff
  • alvarez is a morning person and laila is not, and alvarez schedules all her classes for the mornings and is done for the day before noon, getting back to the dorms just as laila rolls out of bed
  • alvarez brings her coffee and kisses her forehead
  • they cuddle on the trojans bus like its their job
  • they love to paint each other’s nails!!!
  • they’re Team Moms™️
    • they always have bandaids and painkillers on them, will yell at you to do your homework, will bring snacks to team hangouts
    • “mom! no, other one!” -every single member of the trojan exy team
  • can and will shit talk about you in spanish, directly in front of your face
  • made a megabed in their shared dorm room by pushing the two twin beds together
  • laila has a lipstick collection that could rival allison’s, and she likes leaving little kiss marks on alvarez’s face
    • “babe. really”
    • “yep!! gotta go to class okay love you!!”
    • alvarez never wipes them off, there’s just something so endearing about it
  • they took a roadtrip to seattle together the summer between their sophomore and junior years and sent postcards to everyone on the team
  • i could go on and on!!! give me more content about them!!!! they’re so important okay!!!

“I hope you’re not busy tomorrow evening. My mum said she wanted to have dinner with us,” Iwaizumi said conversationally, bringing Oikawa’s hands that were still in his own, up to his mouth once again. He ghosted his lips across Oikawa’s knuckles to the back of his hands before slowly kissing up his pale arms.

“Ah,” Oikawa breathed out as Iwaizumi sucked against his flesh, loving the way his lips felt against Oikawa’s skin. “N– not busy,” he confirmed, remembering the question.

“And what about tonight?” Iwaizumi asked, pressing Oikawa backwards until his back hit the mattress. “Are you busy tonight?” he asked again, bringing his face close to Oikawa’s and peppering his cheek with light kisses.

“N– nope,” Oikawa stuttered, hands gripping the hem of Iwaizumi’s shirt for some kind of leverage.

I couldn’t help myself with this amazing scene from @oiivkawa precious Iwaoi fic Coffee King (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

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Hi! I just recently found your blog and I have to say that I am so happy with how you write Hunk! I love him so much and I feel he doesn't get enough love at all! Anyways, I was wondering if you could do how team Voltron kiss their s/o or like what are their favorite kisses? Thank you in advance!

Hunk is my HUSBAND so I have to get him right lol but yes my sunshine deserves more love cause he is perfect and pure. I am so glad that you like him as much as me


- He isn’t into pda much besides holding hands occasionally but if he is feeling particularly comfortable he will kiss their hands

- When alone he is about long tender kisses, hands in hair and deep breathing

- He loves kisses in the morning! Kiss his whole face and neck to wake him up he loves it

- After a really troubling mission or something he will find s/o grab their face in his hands and just leave a long kiss on their forehead. Its become almost a calming ritual to him


- Surprise kiss this boy! He gets all flustered and freaks out and its adorable

- When relaxing together he will kiss their temples constantly, like watching tv together and just barely turning his head to give their temples a gentle brush with his lips

- His kisses when alone are hungry and he wants s/o to be able to understand all his emotions through that kiss cause he can’t bring himself to say it all out loud

- After a super long kiss he goes back for one more small kiss


- She is smol and because of this s/o is bound to be taller than her so bending over and kissing her on the nose is bound to happen and its so cute she dies

- When holding hands she will find herself kissing s/os hand periodically 

- She holds her breath while being kissed even after the 100th one

- She doesn’t care how embarrassed she makes herself she is hooked on the good luck kiss before going out on missions


- You know those kisses where its like five small kisses in a row and its loud? Yeah those are the kinds they are always doing

- Much like him his kisses are always loud and obnoxious to others but also sweet. That classic ‘mwuah!’ sound is pretty much what his kisses embody

- He loves to lean on his s/o and kiss the top of their head

- When hes not trying to be annoying to his friends he is actually a really good kisser. Possibly the best out of the paladins


- Any kisses. The sweet boy wants to be kissing his s/o any time they are close enough

- If he moves at all during the middle of the night he kisses them, its just a habit

- He loves to give and receive kisses on the neck. It sends shivers up his spine and he melts

- Not really a kiss but he will also raspberry his s/o to see them giggle cause he is all about hearing them laugh 

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Shawn when you are one your period bulletpoints??? I'm loving the bulletpoint concept btw, it's so cute and you are a wonderful writer.

  • Accidentally waking Shawn up because you’re moving so much
  • He’d roll over and sleepily ask you why you’re up
  • And you’d just mumble cramps, while curling into a ball
  • HIs large hand would start gently rubbing your lower back
  • And he’d apologize for your pain, even though it isn’t his fault
  • You’d fall back asleep pressed up against him
  • Snapping at Shawn for nothing
  • And he lets you go because he knows you’re not feeling well
  • And he knows you don’t really mean it
  • So he just kisses you even though you push him away
  • He’ll bring you ice cream
  • And let you whine all you want
  • Shawn knowing you’re on your period without you having to tell him
  • He’d always be willing to cuddle
  • When your cramps hurt so much you refuse to get out of bed
  • He’ll just pepper you with kisses
  • And tell you how much he loves you
  • He’ll lie in bed with you
  • And watch rom com’s or whatever your favorite movie is
  • He won’t complain when you ask him to go buy you tampons
  • He’ll always come back with ice cream too
  • He’ll always ask how you’re feeling
  • Or if you want him to get you anything
  • He’ll draw you a bath
  • Saying the water should help your cramps
  • He’d spoil you
  • And get you whatever foods you want
  • He’d give you lots of cuddles
  • And lots of kisses
Portal portal meets camp camp

Ava/blue: Sudden thought. What if the crossover between camp camp and portal portal went the other way around?? Pp!max who is in the middle of trying to fight daniel. Daniel causes a major malfunction with the portals. Next thing Pp!max knows he is finally outside. But just, pp!max being mistaken for cc!max trying to run away?? But the other campers are like,
“Your clothes?? What is that strange device you’re holding? You look like max but you havent yelled at us yet?? wHO ARE YOU?? Cc!gwen finds pp!max and drags him to camp (he appeared a little bit away from it).
Ollie: Poor pp!max has no clue what the hell is going on.
Onyx: Being forcefully grabbed and dragged away seems awfully familiar….
Ava/blue: Pp!max is just internally screaming.
Onyx: oooohh no! He isnt even sure about cc!gwen since she hasnt casted herself in a very positive light.
Ava/blue: poor pp!max is AMAZED and SHOCKED that he is outside. Be he is also freaking terrified.
Onyx: of course kinda predispositioned to behave around david. But gwen is a new factor entirely!
Ava/blue: its so many people at once. Plus the unwanted touch and OTHER HUMANS?????? Plus the emotional mess that is having to fight A GIANT ROBOT THAT WANTS TO KILL YOU.
Pp!max is on the verge of a emotional and mental breakdown. Someone save him pls.
Onyx: oh god if he hasn’t broken down already he definitely is right now. Of course since this is cc!david’s first interaction he’ll probably try to physically comfort pp!max but it makes it 100X worse.
Onyx: of course there is no moonrock floor to use the portal gun on so, and they are probably in a cabin. So there is no immediate escape.
Ava/blue: pp!max would probably kick all their asses if he wasn’t a mess rn.
Onyx: like a caged animal tbh.
Ava/blue: id imagine that the cc!crew would realize that what their doing isn’t working.
Onyx: since he’s been fighting for survival since day one
Ava/blue: so they give him space.
Onyx: gwen would probably notice first tbh, psychology major?
Ava/blue:^^^ YEP
Ollie: YES
Onyx: manhandles cc!david to back off and everyone else is just kinda standing there dumbfounded.
Ava/blue: everyone wont stop staring at pp!max and its starting to make him uncomfortable.
Onyx: probably cant stop looking at him because he shouldn’t be there
Ava/blue: how much you wanna bet pp!max is covered in scars?
Ollie: watch pp!max not even talk, but make small noises instead.
Onyx: probably even snarls.
Ollie: HAHA ohmygod he goes to base animalistic instincts and growls. They’d DEFINITELY know its not their max by then. They’d sooner think he and nikki traded bodies.
Onyx: anything to look threatening to these people he has no idea how to interact with.
Ollie: what if like. Nikki is the one to calm him down?
Ava/blue: OH MY GOD YES.
Ollie: because she has the whole interspecies communication thing. And can probably communicate beyond words.
Onyx: use submissive gestures to get her point across that she means no harm.
Ollie: HAHA she gets on the ground and rolls over
Onyx: no teeth baring
Ava: Nikki is just like, step aside. I GOT THIS.
Onyx: since our poor bean hasn’t really seen smiles save for those that literally brought them pain. He just doesn’t understand human facial expression that well.
Ollie: Nikki keeps her mouth closed when she smiles and after max warms up to her she goes to gently touch his arm. He pulls away uncertain..
Onyx: because teeth baring in literally any other species means a threat gesture.
Ollie: and she just nods and does it again and he sits there, taking in the she’s touching him, and he slowly calms down.
Ava/blue: nikki eventually softly hugs him.
Ollie: Y E S
Onyx: and it isn’t hurting and he can get away
Ollie: YEAH she totally demonstrates that he can break away first.
Onyx: lotta failed attempts before this of him shying away and putting distance between them, nikki lets him.
Ollie: and she yells at the campers who start to circle
Ava/blue: cc!nikki and pp!max is a brotp i didn’t know i needed until now
Onyx: they give him a separate tent to retreat to. Its empty, no one allowed in without permission since god knows this kid wasn’t allowed boundaries before.
Ollie: He’s comforted by nature because you know, too much technology. So he takes walks into the forest with nikki
Onyx: brings back all sorts of leaves and stuff back to his tent.
Ollie:!!!!!!!! So he and nikki have a need for nature that’s so cute
Onyx: he might even obsess over texture since he’s used to smooth white walls.
Ava/blue: tbh i highkey headcannon that pp!max tends to cradle his right arm, because he’s so used to carrying a portal gun.
Onyx: different leaves, pieces of bark and stones all litter the inside of his tent.
Ollie:… guys
Onyx: he likes to pick them up randomly to just examine and feel them.
Onyx: yeah?
Ava/blue: yes?
Ollie: when he finally decides to let nikki on she’s COMPLETELY HONORED.
Onyx: oh yes!!
Ollie: like her eyes get all wide and starry.
Onyx: she probably makes an effort not to touch anything tho. Wants to establish that it is his stuff and he doesn’t have to share it.
Onyx: that it wont be taken away from him….. like mr.honeynuts.
Ava/blue: awww because he never really got to have things of his own!! Personal belongings are nonexistent in aperture science.
Onyx: David might try to get him nice blankets and stuff. Nikki might actually tell him or he might notice that he likes different textures.
Ollie: AWWWWW! Im a sucker for hurt/comfort so like. Cc!David hurting for pp!max and trying to keep his distance so he doesn’t make him uncomfortable. And just being sad and asking nikki about him all the time.
Onyx: i’d imagine pp!max would favor really fluffy stuff like fleece.
Ollie: YEAH SOFT AAA, he’s never felt a soft! What is a soft?
Onyx: FLEECE PJS, also they might try to get pp!max new clothes. No more nasty jumpsuit.
Ollie: the first thing they try to do is get him a camper outfit
Onyx: he might even view it similarly to a jumpsuit
Ava/blue: his jumpsuit must be so dirty. IT HAS BEEN QUITE SOME TIME SINCE THIS BOY WAS CLEANED
Onyx: because it has a logo, and its practically mandatory to wear it. Over half the campers wear it. So he might wear it at first, but starts to piece it together as being a uniform.
Ava/blue: ok but, nikki and gwen slowly helping pp!max talk. And gwen figuring out what happened to pp!max through what little he speaks about it. And, what’s mentally and emotionally wrong with him.
Onyx: and scars
Ava/blue: they notice the scars early on.
Onyx: this bean needs a full on fleece pj set tho. He is wearing cloths. They might notice worser ones underneath.
Ava/blue: some scars are too clean looking (lazers) some are from bullets a few from being nearly killed.
Onyx: burns
Ava/blue: He’s definitely covered on bruises and cuts as well.
Onyx: acid is a hazard, he might have almost fallen a few times.
Ava/blue: absolutely!! There is no way to get through many tests without trial and error
Daisy: omg i love this….. what is cc!david’s first reaction to the scars?
Onyx: maybe whimper
Ava/blue: so many scars on such a small child
Onyx: probably paralyzed by so many past wounds.
Ava/blue: I feel like they would be wondering what would cause a child to act so feral and wild towards others and when they see the scars its just…….. ‘Oh’
Onyx: how do you think pp!max would react to the actual lake? The only large bodies of liquid he’s seen literally melt skin and bones.
Daisy: i wonder if max would super freaked out by people seeing his scars or just he’s so used to them.
Ava/blue: second option. He’s a lab rat essentially so he is definitely used to it.
Ollie: OH! He’s not used to others not being used to the scars. So they all gasp and step back a little and he tilts his head in confusion.
Onyx: he thinks there is something else wrong with him, i’d figure. Did he not do a good job? Did he break a rule?
Daisy: He sees them and he’s like ”……where’s your scars?“
Onyx: when he gets somewhat past being touched he might check nikki closer for scars.
Ollie: and she has none and he starts to sense something is up.
Onyx: Pushing up her sleeves, closely examining sections of skin for lasting damage.
Ollie: AWWW thought lets be honest, its NIKKI, she has SOME scars.
Onyx: but nothing like his. No too clean ones no acid burns. And most are relatively small and faded.
Ava/blue: pp!max’s scars are so much more fresh.
Onyx: do you think the labs were sterile?
Ava/blue: i would think so.
Onyx: hell he might be getting infections when he meets the cc!crew
Onyx: cuts without access to medical supplies?
Ollie: OH NO
Onyx: the laser wounds might not be as bad since they were cauterized.
Ava/blue: no access to medical supplies and no one to help him.
Onyx: he’d suddenly just feel so sick and not understand whats going on.
Ollie: and it’s like a time urgent thing so nikki has a lot of pressure to get his trust because they have to treat the wounds.
Onyx: god. Imagine how he’d react to his body fighting the infection! Pus in wounds is something he hasn’t seen before and doesn’t know it’s a natural reaction. Redness that gets worse and swelling that doesn’t go down.
Ava/blue: he would be so terrified
Onyx: dizziness, he literally thinks he is dying and could honestly be on the path to it.
Ollie: and then right when he trusts Nikki, she has to start treating him. And what is this liquid she is putting on his arm?? WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH??? WHY IS NIKKI HURTING HIM??
Onyx: he’d probably collapse due to dehydration because of his fever. Fever fucks with your system, makes you really dehydrated.
Ollie: ok but what if he and nikki have a COMPLETELY non-verbal argument. Like, he’s angry with her and shoving her away and she acts super submissive but then she gets angry too. And eventually she grabs him roughly by the arm and gestures to it. And he looks at it and realizes that he is healing.
Onyx: he isn’t as sick he feels better.
Daisy: AND HES SO SURPRISED “they…. they dont look the same.”
Onyx: heck he probably has crap immune system being in a mostly sterile lab.
Ollie: and he slowly looks back at her and she softly touches his arm just like the beginning.
Daisy: And she smiles “Their getting better max. We’re going to help you feel better!”
Ollie: oh fuck i just got a REALLY longwinded storyline.
Ollie: my brain just fucking completed a plot. Ok so like…

After a while he gets to know all the campers, they all understand how to gesture and understand him, david being the last of all. He slowly learns to separate GLaDOS david from cc!david. They get an understanding and he learns about all their personalities and they become close with him, but we’ve been forgetting about the other max. He’s in a lot of trouble at the facility. PP!max reveals more and more about the facility and everyone at camp becomes more worried then ever, guessing that is where CC!max is. They’re eventually able to put the facts together and nikki IMMEDIATELY starts a rescue mission to save cc!max. She’s about to go without pp!max, but in the last moment he grabs her arm, like she did for him and nods. She gives him a pointed look like “Are you sure?” He sighs reluctantly and squeezes her arm and she smiles.
Ava/blue: (does pp!max still have his portal gun?)
Ollie: (he could! It wouldn’t change the story i have in mind!)

When they get there, pp!max is their only navigator. He knows exactly where cc!max is being tested. The campers are there, using those crazy talents of theirs to pass through. But things get tough and eventually pp!max has to take the lead. He starts using what he has learned about the campers’ personalities against their respective turrets. He’s able to defeat their counterparts. Because he knows them.
Onyx:(god how horrified the others would feel when they meet their doubles.)
ollie: (HAHAH RIGHT.)

And he eventually gets to where cc!max is. He’s screaming at pp!david, as pp!daid is trying to talk to him and break his spirit.
“But Max, this is good for you! For us! For all of us? R i gHt??!!” /zaps/
Pp!max drops down to the floor in front of pp!david and cc!max.
Pp!david: “You’re back!! Oh wonderful!” Pp!max glares at him, and then boss battle ensues. The campers try to help but it is ultimately pp!max vs pp!david.
Ollie: though cc!David ends up in the fight.
Onyx: (cc!david would feel like absolute shit.)
Ollie: cc!David and everyone go and comfort cc!max while the portal portal two fight.
Ava/blue: (HE WOULD)
Ollie: eventually pp!max is able to defeat pp!david through something he learned about cc!david only when he was able to open up to him. Which in a way is unnerving to Cc!david but he’s also touched that pp!max?? Actually listened to him?? But in the last second as the facility is falling to pieces pp!max gets stuck under debris as the others are escaping. And as if it were a final act to solidify the trust, cc!david frees him and carries him to safety. The first time he’s actually made contact.
And then towards the end of it all, pp!max is now back at the camp with the others and cc!max is now traumatized much like the other max was, all the other campers go to help him and offer comforting words. But pp!max just waves them all off, he gestures to cc!max in a sort of “come on lets take a walk in the woods” way.
The end.


Ollie: imagine like- cc!david able to give lectures to his portal self. OHMYGOD WHAT ABOUT CC!DAVID WORRYING HE MIGHT BECOME HIS PORTAL SELF.
Ava/blue: OH M Y G OD
Ollie: “kids… im not… ignoring your needs am I?? Am-am I overworking you with activities?? Y-You know what?! Break time… no activities today” //hugs arms and walks into the counselor cabin.
Ava/blue: pp!max would definitely talk to david eventually as well.


modern witch! woozi au

• works with sigils and tea magick
• all the sigils that he designs are either about protection or for his friends or about music
• “can you draw me a sigil i have an exam next week” “that’s not how magic works you still need to study but ok”
• also likes to read tarot cards / divination in general
• except,,, seungcheol banned him from doing it in front of seventeen
• he did it for wonwoo, non-believer wonwoo realized the tarot cards were scarily accurate and he went into an existential crisis questioning everything he’s ever believed in
• seungcheol heard about it and banned jihoon from divinations
• best friend soonyoung still asks for them though
• likes letting jihoon know that he has someone who believes he’s not weird for all of this
• soonyoung may not believe in witchcraft but if it makes jihoon happy it’s all good
• has a GARDEN on his little balcony, and there are so many plants !!
• literally so calming to be in his house in general
• all of svt accepts the whole “i practice witchcraft” thing, just with varying degrees
• some don’t agree with it, but they’re not going to stop him
• “i practice witchcraft i’m scary” “you literally refuse to curse people and you talk to your plants lee jihoon what u tryna play”
• did i mention he talks to his plants because he does
• spends his free afternoons in his balcony garden songwriting and talking to the plants
• so how do you meet this soft boy?
• you’re moving into the apartment next to him
• and you meet him when you’re in the lift
• he’s on the phone and swearing super fiercely at the other person
• you’re like,, “wow this dude,, is kinda scary,,”
• that my friend, is lee jihoon swearing at kim mingyu over the phone because he broke a flower pot yesterday and tried to cover it up, but you don’t know it yet
• essentially you’re mildly scared of him because it feels like if you do something wrong he’ll rip your head off
• but,,, he gets off at the same floor as you,,, and you’re pRAYING,,,,,,,, but OH GOD HE’S YOUR NEIGHBOR
• you’re dead inside.
• after you finish moving all your boxes, you step out into the balcony to take a look at the view
• kind of maybe 90% of why you bought this flat but not the point
• and you turn and remember
• that balcony full of plants and flowers that you saw when looking at this flat,,, it belongs to the scary dude????
• you kind of want to laugh, because that DOES NOT MATCH HIS IMAGE
• and then you hear it again
• him swearing as he sweeps up fragments of a flowerpot “kim mingyu… the next time i see you i will KILL you…”
• that’s… kinda cute.
• but you’re not going to admit that instead you are going to go and actually settle in
• you set up bean bags on the balcony and like a lounge table to that you can read outside when you want to
• you don’t have classes the next day, so you try and get some reading (of your textbooks which you procrastinated) done
• so you sit down outside and read… and you end up drifting off
• when you wake up, you hear someone singing sweetly??
• it’s that garden dude !!!! singing !!!! like an angel !!!!
• your heart can barely take it he’s SINGING TO HIS PLANTS
• or maybe he’s composing outdoors but that sounds way less cute
• and oK maaaaaaybe you’re a little bit more than interested in him and you want to get to know him better
• universe has that covered hon
• the next week, you come back after school to him sitting outside his door, reading
• “are you okay?” “i locked myself out, but my friend should be over any time soon with the spare key i’ll be ok” “… do you want to come in?” “… kind of.”
• he’s very cute ,,, when you ask about his garden (bc let’s face it it is THRIVING) he gets all blushy and shy but he starts rambling about the symbolism of each plant and its uses
• it’s almost like talking to an old friend, and he’s basking in the sunlight like a cat and he’s SO CUTE
• of course all good things come to an end, and the boy, jihoon, has to go
• his friend is knocking on your door and asking if jihoon is in, and he goes back to his own apartment
• not without giving u his number, though ;-)
• outside: “is that the cute girl you-” “shut up, soonyoung”
• you two text a lot !! and he brings you food he’s cooked sometimes !!
• you study together because you’re both dying college students too, but it’s more you two chatting tbh
• and slowly… you fall more and more for him
• his smiles, his small quirks, his cuTENESS
• you like him so much,,, it scares you. you’ve never liked someone this much before.
• one day, you’re over at jihoon’s when soonyoung barges in using the spare key
• “the spare key is for emergencies, kwon.” “i know, this is an emergency!! i need a sigil for a smooth date!!!!!” “that’s- that’s not how sigils work…” “PLEASE” “ok”
• you’re like huh?? you’ve seen sigils in jihoon’s notebook before, but he didn’t explain them to you and you didn’t ask more
• you’re watching as jihoon flips through the notebook for it, and he stops at a page with some design and the words “my date will go smoothly”
• “i should curse you some day” “you wouldn’t, you hate curses.”
• you feel like you should ask about what’s a sigil, but you also don’t want to distract jihoon as he draws it on soonyoung’s wrist
• when you ask him, soonyoung actually explains it for him
• “it’s like, magical symbols or something. you channel your intent into energy, and then you draw it onto whatever, and then charge it. he’s charging it right now with his body heat. cool, right? wonwoo says it’s the placebo effect, but whether it’s that or actually witchcraft, it does still help me feel protected in a sense.”
• “wait… witchcraft??”
• “kwon, you’re a blabbermouth, do you know that? i haven’t told them outright yet.” “but they’ve seen your grimoire!! even i haven’t!!!” “yes, but that’s because they accidentally found it.”
• you’re so… confused.
• “so the sun tea was like… witchcraft too?” “yeah, i thought you knew?? to be honest, the moment i talked to you about sigils, i thought it’d be obvious.” “i just thought of them as quirks!”
• he’s blushing very hard, and you can see that he’s quite stressed
• “y/n, can we talk about this outside?”
• soonyoung drags you to his balcony, and forces you to listen to him
• “look, jihoonie’s very self conscious about being a witch. don’t blame him for not telling you straight; it took him two years to tell me, and i’m his best friend! don’t shun him for this. he’s the exact same jihoon as the one you knew before. he only uses magic for protection and blessings, ok?”
• “would he… would he have cast a spell on me to like him?” “are we even talking about the same jihoon here?? the last time i told him to try that i got slapped in the face so hard, it left a mark for a whole day. he thinks it’s a disgusting misuse- WAIT YOU LIKE HIM”
• that, my friend, was the day that you found out that jihoon’s a witch, and also the day kwon soonyoung made it his life mission to get you and jihoon together, because his best friend and “baby sister” deserve to be happy together
• aka the day kwon soonyoung decided to unleash all hell on your peaceful life
• “jihoon, y/n likes you btw” “how… how do you know” “they think you casted a spell on them to make them fall for you-” “WAIT WHAT”
• jihoon taking almost months to get the courage to ask you out (after soonyoung’s constant “persuading”)
• when he does you both are lounging in his garden, and you’re dozing off as he plays his guitar
• and you look so pretty and content,,,, it’s then it strikes him that he doesn’t want to let you go, that he wants to date you and make you happy
• when you hear it, you’re all “is this a dream??” and you’re so shocked but jihoon is nervous and your heart is melting
• “yes, i will go out with you.”
• his face just LIGHTS UP and he’s so happy that you accepted
• dating him inclues letting him doodle sigils all over u
• you knew this from being friends,, but dating him,, he’s never not clinging on to you
• if you’re shorter, he likes to drape himself over you or give you back hugs and bury his head in the crook of your neck
• if you’re taller, he likes slinging an arm around you and pouting at you to get kisses, and wrapping his arms around your waist
• also SO SHY about the fact that he likes kisses and physical contact, will only do it when the other boys aren’t around (except cheol, joshua, wonwoo and soonyoung)
• also baking and gardening with him just so that you can spend time with him
• he takes very long before he tells you the first i love you, because he keeps waiting for the perfect moment to say it
• but in the end, he ends up mumbling it to you when he thinks you’re not listening
• “you what~?” “y/n please…” “i think i didn’t hear it right the first time, you love me?” “y-yeah, i love you”
• he’s so easily flustered by you it’s fun to tease him
• but he will always,,, always get back (you learnt that the hard way)
• you pranking him and him always getting back !!!!!!
• swap the label of his planters? he’ll swap the contents/labels of your files. change the salt to sugar? he’ll bake you strawberry cupcakes with salt instead of sugar.
• spooning at night !!!!!!!!!!
• all the boys telling you to take good care of jihoon for them, because he tends to neglect his health whenever he’s too focused on things, and has to be reminded to eat etc
• and you’re like “i already know i already check on him to make sure he’s been eating and i force him to sleep -” “JIHOONIE LISTENS TO HER AND NOT US ??”
• with the seventeen boys, it feels like a big happy family

everyone arguing about who they "ship" infj with
  • INFJ: ENFP, what are you doing with my phone?
  • ENFP: *typing furiously* Um. Nothing?
  • INFJ: Well, it doesn't LOOK like nothing. Give the phone back! *extends her hand and glowers*
  • ENFP: For such a nice person, you really can be intimidating, INFJ. Yeesh. *hands phone back to her*
  • INFJ: /Thank/ you.
  • INFJ: ... Why did you text INTP 'I must profess my undying love to you or I will implode'?!
  • ENFP: Well... You guys are just so /cute/ together! *smiles dreamily* Especially how he blushes whenever I bring you up.
  • INFJ: *sighing* ENFP, that's just because you keep bugging him about us becoming a couple. Which, by the way, is NOT happening.
  • ENFP: Ohmygosh, he's texting you back! Squeeee!
  • INFJ: You did not just use 'squee' in a conversation.
  • ENFP: Yes, I did.
  • ENFP: You're so cynical today. *squints at her* ...Have you been hanging out with INTJ lately?
  • INFJ: *folding her arms* How did you know?
  • ENFP: *smirking* It's a gift. Oh, look, he just sent a response!!
  • INFJ: *flatly* 'ENFP, give INFJ her phone back.' Oh, so romantic.
  • ENFP: Hey, you two are a work in progress, okay?!
  • ENTP: *approaching them* Hello, INFJ. ENFP.
  • INFJ: Hi.
  • ENFP: Ooh, ENTP! Just the person I wanted to see. Don't you agree that INTP x INFJ /must/ become a reality?!
  • ENTP: Well, actually--
  • ENFP: Yes?
  • ENTP: --I think that INFJ with INTJ would be much more preferable.
  • ENFP: *scowling* No. Way. INTJ is mine!
  • ENTP: But, doesn't he hate you?!
  • ENFP: He's madly in love with me. He just won't admit it to himself. *sniffs*
  • INFJ: Guys, this is ridiculous. *glowers*
  • ENFP: Oooh, I know how to resolve this conflict!
  • INFJ: By admitting that you're being childish and immature, and stop trying to control my relationships?
  • ENFP: No, silly! By asking INTP who /he/ ships you with! *snatches INFJ's phone*
  • INFJ: Hey! Give that back!
  • ENFP: *gleefully* Nope.
  • ENTP: Just, ask him already!
  • ENFP: Alright, alright. *starts typing*
  • ENFP: ...Aaand, I sent it.
  • ENTP: *to INFJ* Okay, he's typing... And he says...
  • ENFP: Oh. My. Gosh. ENTP, read it aloud so that INFJ can hear what he responded!
  • ENTP: *reddening* No.
  • INFJ: You guys are being ridiculous! *snatches the phone back* And he said...
  • INFJ: *glances at ENTP* Oh.
  • ENFP: *mockingly* "Personally, I think that ENTP would be most compatible with INFJ."
  • INFJ: ...
  • ENTP: ...
  • INFJ: Bye now. *runs away*

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Yay! Another BNHA blog!! Good luck!!! Could I have Tamaki, Mirio, and Iida fluffy relationship headcanons please?? Thank you!


Originally posted by mirshroom

(Anon: I haven’t read much about him, but he seem’s like a character that’s very easy to relatable and honestly very adorable)
-LOVES TO SNUGGLE only in private tho
-you’re little anxiety elf™ is very hesitant on anything that progresses you’re relationship, so you have to be gentle and caring with him.
-Tamaki’s favorite thing to do with you is watch a movie and snuggle
-would get very flustered at any sign of romance in public; holding hands: a light blush. A hug: he freezes up. A peck: you don’t know, you know it’s be too far for him
-Only in private to you find the very fluffy boy he really is.


Originally posted by mmcpro

(Anon: I honestly loved Mirio’s first scene with Deku. I laughed so hard thinking about how brilliant of a way to introduce a character that was.)

-Workout goals; you two are those type of people
-loves improving in anything with you, especially fitness since it can be so sensual and romantic (anon: lol nope)
-if Mirio’s feeling lazy he’d appreciate snuggling with you or just holding you close
-Loves to give you kisses in public, whether they be short and sweet or long and passionate


Originally posted by fyeahbnha

-Iida enjoys the little things with you.
-He loves to bring you on small dates, like going to the ice cream parlor or seeing a movie, because you’re bound to do something cute in his eyes
-isn’t too fluffy to begin with but you can coax him out of his shell by trial and error
-gets very flustered if you give him surprise hugs and kisses, but honestly loves it inside
-Will snuggle with you at night and makes sure you get to bed alright.

I JUST READ UP TO WEAR THE BIG THREE WERE INTRODUCED SO IM SORRY IF ITS NOT LIKE THEM. Also, IM BACK BITCHES!!!!! Yep; next week school starts so I’ll be a little slow but I will post, so don’t worry! Another note; WE REaCHed 5o0 FOlLoWErS GuYs!!!!!!!!!! WooooooOOOOOoOO! Thank you guys so much! Ask box will be opening soon for matchups, but is open for anything else!
-Admin A

EXO Reaction to their s/o adopting a pet without telling them.

Hello hello!! 🌟 can i get exo reaction when their s/o adopted a new fluffy pet without telling them beforehand? Thanks in advance and i really love your works! they’re always up to my expectations so i hope you’d never worry about disappointing anyone with your writings!!! have a nice day💕💕

Hello there lovely, thank you for your kindness! We’re glad none of our writings disappoint! Have a good day hon, and I hope you like the reaction! <3


“This is something Kai would do,” Suho would just look at the little puppy, watching as it wiggled and skittered over the floor, unable to find purchase on the slippery surface. He would try and keep a stern look on his face but seeing the way you giggled and the way the puppy barked at you Suho couldn’t be mad. “Ah fine, we can keep him. But his name is Suho Jr.”


“What a little tiny floofy bunny oh my goodness, hi bunny!” Xiumin would flatten himself on the floor and hold his hand out for the bunny to sniff his finger. He would have a look of amazement on his face as he brushed the top of the animals head. “She’s so soft. It is a she right?” Xiumin would look to you for a moment but the next he’d be yelping and leaping back as the bunny hopped towards him. “Oh my goodness, she scared me!”


“Ah, why,” Lay would put his hands on his hips and just stare at the little kitten in your hands. He had to admit it was super freaking cute, but that didn’t mean you could just bring an animal home randomly! “I hope you’ve thought about taking care of it, because I’m really busy so it is your responsibility!” Lay would sigh and step forward, scratching the kitten lightly behind its ear. Pretty soon he’d be in love with the kitten, and you’d have to fight for his attention.

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so about jyrus, i love them and i do have hope in them, but when i read something thats says that the probability of them being together is low, i get less hope than what i had in the first place (idk if you are getting me), so if its not asking much, can you maybe bring my hopes up a little bit? thank you!

Alright…so let’s just look at what we know.  I’m going to mostly ignore Cyrus in this post because he looked back and that’s all we need to know.

Jonah thinks that Cyrus is the funniest guy around. Cyrus says really random things because he’s nervous and Jonah can’t help but smile and laugh and find it cute. He’s said it more than once “You crack me up.”

Jonah one day out of the blue is sitting around and thinks to himself I should text Cyrus and let him know how awesome I think he is.  “You’re gnarly”

Jonah’s supposed to go on another group hang and shows up alone giving him the perfect chance to spend some solo time with Cyrus.  I don’t think that was just a coincidence.

Jonah appreciates Cyrus.  Jonah loves when Cyrus wears the vest with all the swag. Jonah made him the team mvp. Cyrus isn’t athletic but he found a way to show Jonah he cared about him and his interests and Jonah noticed.

Jonah’s given Cyrus some looks.  The heart eyes aren’t one sided.

Now for some predictions.  They are making it look like Jandi because of what’s happening after the awards but that may just be the promo trying to throw us off. I see it going like “I like being around you.  You are a great friend…” or something like that.  It still provides all the drama because now Andi won’t know what to think and Cyrus is seeing it all and getting upset.  But that’s any easy way to put Jandi on hold while we deal with Cyrus breaking up with Iris and coming out to Buffy (and maybe Andi). I don’t think Andi and Cyrus will fight over Jonah and let’s not forget that Andi said she wasnt totally comfortable about being around him not that long ago. She seems to be reconsidering that but may still decide it’s best for her to be “Jonah free”.  Also it’s just as likely that any new character that comes on the show could end up with Andi.  Season 2 is going to be wild but the door is not shut on Jyrus.

I finished The Bronze Key

That, my friend, is a photo of the book I had stickies on the pages Aaron and Callum were a little sweet to each other or as I’d like to call The Gay Moments.
I lost count when I reach 40 that I had to switch to orange stickies. Last three chapters are just so full of them that my stickies had to all pile up lmao

TLDR: Gayest book ever and I’m not complaining.

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i wish they would bring back the banelewis friendship. it was so cute and it's nice for both of them to have a friend-ish to rely on

saaame it really went to waste after 2x04? i hope it returns to us! admittedly i’m okay with it being put on the back burner for now because of what magnus is going through, but i hope we can see them interact again around 2x17 onward. i really loved magnus giving simon advice i’m always here for him and his downworlder children.

New theory:

Sana won’t post those messages in the bus page. I think she’ll show them to Sara in a way to maybe say “look, I’ve got dirt on you.” To sort of get under Sara’s skin? (Then again, she did post those messages between Jamilla and her brother on a public forum…so who knows).

Then, I think Sara would confront Isak about showing Sana the messages, to which Isak would be dumbfounded because he obviously didn’t do it. I think it may cause Isak to be mad at Sana, which would probably lead to her realizing she went about things wrong and could have just asked Isak. This would send things into a downward spiral b/c of Sana’s whole “one thing I can’t stand is when someone fucks over their friends” thing.

Then I think it could go a few different directions:

First option: Even hears about it and reaches out to Sana because it just doesn’t sound like something she would do because it’s just not like her. This could lead to a much - awaited Even/Sana heart to heart.

Second option: Her mother sees her visibly upset and comforts her, and Sana then spills the beans on everything that has happened, bringing back that beautiful mother/daughter relationship they have.

Third option: Sana reaches out to Jamilla when she realizes she made a mistake. They’ve been dangling Jamilla over our heads for awhile so she’s bound to show up.


1/100 days of productivity || 26.08.17

i’ve started getting ready to go back to school by getting my new bujo ready, i’m quite pleased with how its going so far and i think i’m going to use it more for to-do lists to keep me on track because i have the cutest planner that i got from paper chase that is super colourful, so i think i’m gonna bring that one to school.