bringing this back because it never stops being funny

nathanswallofopinion  asked:

Here's a headcanon for ya. The Gerudo chief loaning the Thunder Helm to a voe warrior is actually the first half of the traditional Royal Gerudo wedding ceremony. This is why Riju asks link to further prove his devotion to her people before she loans it. Once the voe has the Helm, he is supposed to go out and accomplish a great feat and/or gather renown for himself thereby adding to the legend of the helm. It's also why Riju tells him to wait to bring it back until she is older.

-Link would be very embarrassed when he heard about this. He can’t really bring himself to do it

-Riju tells him he doesn’t have to marry her if he doesn’t want to, and he’s just apologizing nonstop because she’s his friend but he just can’t

-She teases him about it for years, and every time he just goes red as a beet and hides his face in his hands

-It never stops being funny to her, but the effect eventually wears off, so she stops

-Until she brings it up to Sidon and Link is clapping his hands over her mouth, leaving Sidon very confused, and Riju with a new way to tease him