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i've been repeatedly called offensive for pointing out the non existence of reverse racism to my WHITE british teachers. I straight up told them they couldn't be oppressed, they seriously "offended" and it is going to a) affect my grades bc i made a presentation on it and my teacher got mad b) possibly get me in a ton of trouble because another teacher reported me to the head of school. I genuinely hate white people at this point and i want them to go away forever.

Well I don’t know how to solve the issues of your teachers and school but I can back you up on the other crap they’re denying. Expect a long post.

So, let’s take a look at this reverse racism lol. Sorry, it makes me laugh whenever white people bring it up because first of all, society and the systems and institutions that create it were built to cater to white people because they had the most power (and still do). It is necessary to understand these power structures and once we understand them, we will see that reverse racism in fact does NOT exist because white people are not oppressed in any systematic way or form.

The demographics in America are indeed changing but society is still assumed to be white and therefore, systems and institutions are still built to cater towards white people, giving them an advantage. This is known as white privilege. And it doesn’t matter if a white person’s life is economically tough because economics is only ONE factor that plays into the course of an entire lifetime. A single factor is not enough to offset white privilege that has been awarded to white people for hundreds of years that continue today. Let’s look at some resources…

Reverse Racism:

White Privilege:

Now let’s look at your British teachers and what their ancestors did:

I can go all day with this but you get the idea.

And not that I’m trying to put the spotlight on Germany but the atrocities of World War II are taught to German children in school with “great depth” and is mandatory. Now if white people were taught and actually understood about all the crimes their ancestors did, how it all benefits them today, and how it all spills over in today’s world (especially in America), then perhaps white people would be a little more sympathetic to and understanding of everyone else, instead of denying everything.

You see, white America does everything it can to erase all the atrocities it committed (even those being committed today) while conditioning white people to deny when said atrocities are brought up. It is both erasure and denial of white supremacy, white privilege, colonialism, genocide, racism, and many other things that keep white people in power and the rest of us oppressed. In fact, the moment white people see such terms, they automatically become defensive and harbor a state of denial, which is proof of their conditioning.

Update: Another anon offered some advice.

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