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i've been repeatedly called offensive for pointing out the non existence of reverse racism to my WHITE british teachers. I straight up told them they couldn't be oppressed, they seriously "offended" and it is going to a) affect my grades bc i made a presentation on it and my teacher got mad b) possibly get me in a ton of trouble because another teacher reported me to the head of school. I genuinely hate white people at this point and i want them to go away forever.

Well I don’t know how to solve the issues of your teachers and school but I can back you up on the other crap they’re denying. Expect a long post.

So, let’s take a look at this reverse racism lol. Sorry, it makes me laugh whenever white people bring it up because first of all, society and the systems and institutions that create it were built to cater to white people because they had the most power (and still do). It is necessary to understand these power structures and once we understand them, we will see that reverse racism in fact does NOT exist because white people are not oppressed in any systematic way or form.

The demographics in America are indeed changing but society is still assumed to be white and therefore, systems and institutions are still built to cater towards white people, giving them an advantage. This is known as white privilege. And it doesn’t matter if a white person’s life is economically tough because economics is only ONE factor that plays into the course of an entire lifetime. A single factor is not enough to offset white privilege that has been awarded to white people for hundreds of years that continue today. Let’s look at some resources…

Reverse Racism:

White Privilege:

Now let’s look at your British teachers and what their ancestors did:

I can go all day with this but you get the idea.

And not that I’m trying to put the spotlight on Germany but the atrocities of World War II are taught to German children in school with “great depth” and is mandatory. Now if white people were taught and actually understood about all the crimes their ancestors did, how it all benefits them today, and how it all spills over in today’s world (especially in America), then perhaps white people would be a little more sympathetic to and understanding of everyone else, instead of denying everything.

You see, white America does everything it can to erase all the atrocities it committed (even those being committed today) while conditioning white people to deny when said atrocities are brought up. It is both erasure and denial of white supremacy, white privilege, colonialism, genocide, racism, and many other things that keep white people in power and the rest of us oppressed. In fact, the moment white people see such terms, they automatically become defensive and harbor a state of denial, which is proof of their conditioning.

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Angry Asian Guy

I Need Your Help (End)

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40s Bucky, swearing, angst

A/N: I think this will be the end.

“Thanks for the milkshake, Steve.” you smile as you both walk back up to your apartments.

“No problem, I had fun hanging out with you.” he replies. The both of you stand in the middle of the hallway as you talked.

“Me too.” you reply. “Well I guess I should get going. Talk to you tomorrow?”

Steve smiles. “Definitely.”

You both hug then part ways, Steve going to his apartment and you going to yours. Before you unlock your door, you turn back to Steve.

“Hey Steve.” you call, grabbing his attention.

“Yeah?” he says just as he pushed his door open. Steve turns to face you with a questioning look.

“If you ever need a place to crash, I’m just across the hall.” you tell him and a smile breaks out on his face.

“Thanks.” he nods his head. You turn back to your door, unlocking it and stepping in with a sigh. As you focused on unzipping your jacket, another voice startles you.

“Did you have fun?” he speaks and you jump, hitting the door.

“Bucky.” you breathe, placing your hand over your beating heart. “You scared the shit out of me, what are you doing here? How did you get in?”

Bucky shifts from his spot on your couch into a more comfortable position before pulling out a pair of keys from his pocket.

“We gave each other a spare key to our apartments in case of an emergency, remember?” he responds and you nod, remembering the day. “Did you have fun?” he repeats, taking you away from your thoughts.

“What?” you were confused about this whole situation.

“With Steve.” he clarifies and you notice how his eyes got a bit darker as he spoke his friends name. Was he jealous?

“How did you know I was with Steve?” you question as you made your way over to him.

“I got back a couple of hours ago and decided to take a stroll around here and ended up in front of the little diner around the corner and saw you two laughing and talking and having a grand ol’ time.” he says calmly. Almost too calm. It scared you. “Didn’t know you had a thing for scrawny men.”

You glared at him. “And I didn’t know you had a thing for ex girlfriends who cheat on you.” Bucky’s eyes widen at your words before acting like he wasn’t fazed by them.

“Okay, I deserved that.” he nods, looking anywhere but you.

“What are you doing here, Buck?” you sigh as you run your fingers through your hair.

You turn around, heading into your room to put your things down. Bucky follows you.

“I came to make things right with you but it looks as though you’ve already moved on.” he says and you know he’s referring to Steve.

“You’re unbelievable, James.” you scoff, rolling your eyes at the tall idiot in front of you.

“Me? Unbelievable?”  he repeats. “No. The unbelievable one is Steve. He knew just how I felt about you but here he is sweeping you off your god damn feet like I don’t exist. Like I didn’t spend the last year talking about how much I liked you.”

“Steve didn’t do anything wrong.” you tell him.

“Bullshit, he’s trying to take you away from me.” Bucky snaps.

“No he’s not.” you sigh.

“Then what exactly happened? Because to everyone else it probably seemed like you two were on a date.” he crosses his arms over his chest and you let out a laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“You.” you giggle at the man who was pouting at you. “Nothing happened with Steve, Bucky.”

“Then what did happen.” he says and you sit down on your bed.

“Steve came by looking for you but I told him you must have stayed at your parents house then he asked me if I wanted to go get something to drink and I said yes.” Bucky’s hard look stayed on his face as you continued to explain everything. “While we were there he told me that it was just a friend thing because he could never hurt you like that and I agreed because I like you and not Steve.”

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief. “He was just keeping me company.” you add.

“You still like me?” he questions and you roll your eyes again.

“Is that all you got from that whole thing?” you question him and he just smiles. “Yes, I still like you. I shouldn’t because you’re an asshole but I do.”

“This is great.” Bucky takes a deep breath before joining you on your bed. “I want to explain everything to you. Will you please let me?”

You think for a moment. “Go ahead.”

“Okay.” Bucky breathes. “Where do I start?” he asks himself but you answer for him.

“Start with Carolyn and your feelings for her.” you say and he nods, folding his hands in his lap.

“I don’t like Carolyn anymore. I don’t love her, I have no feelings for her what so ever. She was just using me for a quick fuck while I was back in Brooklyn because she knew I’d be up for it. I’ll admit, when we first got there I still had feelings for her I mean she was my first love. I thought we’d still be together to this day.” he says. “I wasn’t thinking when I was with Carolyn. But when I saw you the night of the wedding, crying, I knew I fucked up. I knew I had to make things right with you.”

“After you left the party I sat outside on the bench trying to figure my shit out and then Carolyn came out and sat next to me. We talked - well, more like argued about things and I had come to the realization that she’s no good for me. Never has been. I don’t know why I was still stuck on her. I don’t even know why I thought she’d still have feelings for me after all those years.” Bucky shakes his head and you scoot next to him, hugging him.

“You thought you were in love, Bucky.” you simply say and you can hear him sob softly.

“She was using me, Y/N. She was gonna lead me to believe she still had feelings for me then drop me right before I had to come back home.” he cries and you hug him tighter.

“Can I tell you something?” you look up at him and he nods. “You’re stupid.”

Bucky lets out a chuckle. “I know.”

You bring your hand up and wipe away his tears that had fallen from his eyes.

“Why didn’t you come home right away?” you ask him, still holding him close to you.

“I wanted to give you space.” he replied and you nod your head. “I’m so sorry for hurting you Y/N. That was never my intentions. I just thought Carolyn was what I needed but you,” he looks at you in a loving way, “you are what I want.”

You blush, pushing him away. “Stop being cheesy, Bucky. It doesn’t suit you.”

Bucky laughs and gathers you back in his arms. He leans back, allowing you two to fall back on your bed and he smiles at you.

“I guess I can forgive you.” you sigh dramatically. “On one condition.”

“And what’s that?” he questions.

“No more seeing Carolyn.” you say and he nods.

“Done. Already told her I want nothing to do with her. According to my sister she’s been whoring around. Her words, not mine.” Bucky tells you.

“Good thing for you, I don’t whore around.” you smile and he pulls you closer to him.

“You can whore around with me.” he chuckles and you playfully roll your eyes.

“I’m not the whore in this relationship, you are.” you respond and his smile gets bigger.

“Relationship, eh?” he smirks.

“I meant friendship relationship, Bucky, Jeez don’t get your hopes up.” you tell him and he frowns, causing you to laugh.

“Don’t play like that.” he pokes your side and you cup his face in your hands.

“Sorry Buck.” you smile. He looks into your eyes for a moment before they flicker down to your lips.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you if it means I get to hold you in my arms forever.” he murmurs softly as his nose touches yours.

Bucky began to lean in for a kiss but you quickly back away. “One more thing, stop kicking Steve out of the apartment every time you bring a girl over because I will kick your ass.”

Bucky laughs. “Oh baby I won’t have to bring girls over for the night because you’re right across from me. I’ll just come to you.” he says, trailing his index finger down your neck, stopping at the top of your shirt. His eyes go back up to yours and his left arm pulls you to him. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to kiss my girlfriend properly.”

“Girlfriend eh?” you smirk and Bucky playfully rolls his eyes at you.

“Shut up and kiss me.” he says and you nod, closing the gap between the two of you.

A/N: This was shit, my bad, I’m just really tired. Welp it’s over! If you have any ideas/requests send ‘em in and I’ll try my best.


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Twister (John Laurens x Reader)

Word Count: 1467

Genre: Fluff, maybe a little humor but not a whole lot.

Request/Summary: Noise Complaint  (Yes you do have to read Noise Complaint first for Twister to make any sense whatsoever.)

AU: Modern

Warnings: Awkwardness, Cussing, King George exists, that should be it.


A/N-YAAAAYYYYY finally Noise Complaint Pt. 2!!!! I still do have requests to finish and I will, I just wanted to post this… so yeah… 

You laughed. No, you actually laughed. This guy made you laugh. You hadn’t had a date that could make you laugh in six forevers.

“(Y/N)!” A man exclaimed, approaching your table, your smile fell as fast as it had appeared.

“George.” You greeted sourly.

“When am I gonna get that second date?” He asked, his British accent more annoying than ever.

“Hmm… is ‘never’ open for you? It’s about the only time I have free. I’m a little preoccupied.” You reached across the table and took Strawberry’s hand in yours.

“I’ll see you around.” George growled.

“Bye.” You waved, your voice brimming with artificial sugar. As soon as he was gone, you retracted your hand and rolled your eyes.

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“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You” (Simon Dominic)

Requested by anon

Full prompt: Excuse me for falling in love with you. + You’re an idiot. I married an idiot. + Remember when we were dating and you _____

Originally posted by callmeloco0

    “Kiseok, it’s freezing in here,” you said, pulling your sweater a little tighter around you.

    “Oh…” Kiseok said. “I, um… I couldn’t get the window closed.”

    You glanced at him, raising an eyebrow. “Are you serious?”

    He nodded. “As soon as I pushed it up, it just dropped open again.”

    “Did you try locking it? I’m pretty sure that’d do the trick,” you said, and a look of realization dawned on his face.

     “Oh… I’ll go try that.”

     A few minutes later he sat back down next to you on the couch. “Well?” you asked.

     “It worked.”

     You just shook your head, chuckling.

     “What?” Kiseok asked.

    “You’re an idiot,” you said. “I married an idiot.”

    “Hey!” Kiseok said. “It’s not like you’ve never done stupid stuff. Remember when we were dating and you almost got us in an accident because you went the wrong way down a one-way road?”

    “Are you ever gonna let that drop?” you said. “You’ve been teasing me about that for years!”

    “Nope, I’m gonna keep holding it over you forever,” Kiseok said mischievously.

    “Why did we get married again?” you asked.

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“Seventeens reactions to you calling them late on a rainy/stormy night and they find out you have a really huge phobia of thunder.” 


Tbh this poor kid has to be so strong right now, he’s never been in so much pressure before. He’s going to turn on the lights and see you glued to the corner of the room crying, and just break down on the inside. But on the outside he knows he needs to stay strong for the both of you so he just comes over to you and crouches down looking into your eyes giving you his reassuring smile.  I’m here now, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Let’s..move in together so you won’t have to face this alone ever again.” 


He’s going to try his best to lighten up the mood, no matter how hard it is. As he stands in front of you he plays a small game of peekaboo with you. I wasn’t here before, but now I amThen he’s going to sit right in front of you, and reach his hand towards your face and use his thumb to wipe your tears awayAish, someone as precious and sweet as you should ever shed tears, nothing is worth your tears.. He’ll now preposition himself by sitting next to you and lean your head on his lap while he strokes your hair. 


As soon as this kiddie hears you breaking down, he completely forgets everything and brings all the food he can gather that you like. Food always helps him, and he knows you love food and you love him so that should work right? As soon as he turns the lights and sees you in the state that your in, he just drops everything and runs over by your side. “ Jagi, Jagiya! Say something, please. Are you alright? Please be okay, I’m here now, I..I didn’t think you would be like this. I’m sorry for not coming earlier.” 


Mm this poor kid is going to have a hard time trying to help you cheer up honestly. He’s never really seen you in this kind of state, nor has he ever been in this kind of situation himself. So he’s just going to sit beside you, lay your head gently onto his lap and tell you all the fun times you guys had together. Maybe till you fall or asleep or even forget it was even raining outside.  Heh, do you remember when we were had pizza one night, and I was drinking soda and you made me laugh so hard soda came out of my nose?..Actually, that was not funny! That really stung..” 


He’s so ready to fight the rain and thunder, like he even makes you look out the window as he’s outside in the pouring rain throwing punches at the air. He’s screaming some nonsense while he’s at it and your just scared he’s going to get sick or the neighbors are going to call the cops! So you make him back inside, and as soon as he comes in he’s soaked in rain water and dripping it everywhere. He gives you the biggest hug he can and laughs softly. Let’s just say the both of you were stuck in bed the next day with a hard case of the common cold. The things I do for you Jagi…Ha..Haa chuuu! Aish, now I’m sick, love sick~literally cringing and barfing at Hoshi


He doesn’t really know what to do to be honest. As soon as he sees you stuck in the corner sobbing, he literally wants to break down and cry with you, but he knows he can’t do that cause it’ll escalate the situation by at least 100x. So he puts on his most macho face and directly at you and picks you up and holds you in his arms. As you lay softly on his chest he rubs your back softly, whispering reassuring phrases, and readily kissing your head. 


This poor kid is honestly so lost. He has no idea what to do and he just feels guilty. He sits in front of you for a bit and occasionally ask you a couple questions. It takes him awhile to realize that should actually comfort you instead of watch you freak out. So he’ll crawl over and just wrap his arms around you for what seems like forever. “ I’m sorry I didn’t just do this earlier.” 


Our precious little monkey is going to lighten the mood up so easily that it’s crazy. Instead of letting you sit down and cry, he’s going to pick you up and make you dance. You guys may look dumb, but he’s hearing you laugh and that’s all that matter to this kid! Keep dancing Jagi! We’re going to dance till we both drop! Even after I drop, I’ll carry you on my back and dance, we’re in this together forever~” 


Our little eating king is so selfish, so so selfish. Seeing you like this kind of makes him angry. He doesn’t like seeing you like this, actually he doesn’t like seeing anyone like this. So to bring a small smile to your face, he’s going to pretend to throw a tiny fit. Hmph, I come home from work and I don’t get greeted by my sweet Jagi? She must not love me anymore! What must I do for love? Aegyo?~ The sound of Aegyo just makes you laugh and cringe because no one wants to see that. 


Ah our tiny baby is probably going to do whatever he can to make you smile~ He’s going to come into the room and pretend he can’t see youAhh~ where is my happy Jagi? Is she not home right now? Hmm, maybe she went out to get me some sweets, but why would she get me sweets? She’s the only sweet I need! Well maybe she went to the market to buy some groceries so I could cook her, her favorite dinner? Hm, I hope she didn’t because I already set dinner up outside for us~ Ooooh Jagi~ He cooes out til he finally hears you speak upAh, there’s my sweet jagi! Where have you been, let’s have some dinner..okay?” 


Honestly this is giving him the hugest headache of a lifetime because..he can’t figure out what the heck to do. So he does what he thinks he’s best at and he sings you a small song meant for children but with a small twist.                          The itsy bitsy jagi
Climbed up onto the bed
Down Seungkwan to jump on her bed
And threw all the blankets off the bed
Out came moon 
And the blankets stayed on the floor 
And the itsy bitsy Jagi
Yelled at Seungkwan again!


He’s literally praying that you feel better before he gets there because he honestly has no idea what to do, and it’s not only cause he doesn’t know what to do but if he even sees you shed one tear he’s going to cry himself. So as soon as he arrives to your home he mentally prepares himself and makes his way towards your room and knocksJagi..?Right after he opens the door, he sees you in the corner crying and he just runs over to you as fast as he can and wraps his arms around you. I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier, what was I thi..thinking?” Oh no, now there’s two people crying. 


This kid is so ready because he knows what exactly he’s going to do! As he makes his way to your home he’s literally undressing himself and getting ready. As soon as he arrives at your home, he heads straight for your room and he’s literally just in a tank top and some comfy shorts. He picks you straight up from the corner bridal style, and jumps into bed and under the covers. Safe from outside, rain,  and thunder. But most importantly he’s there protecting you…in a cute way~ 

Weee hello tiny babies!!(◞˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰ I feel like it’s been forever since I updated a reaction and talked to you tiny kids!! (ノ・д・)ノ But anyways here I am today giving you guys one sweet little reaction! Hello  Sensei-seogangnim!! ヾ(。・ω・)シ Thank you so much for requesting something!! And I’m so so so sorry it took me 20 years to get to this! ( ≧Д≦) But here it is now! And thank you so so much for enjoying my reactions! I’m so sorry to hear about your experience.. I hope you felt better after you called your homie!~(ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑ But I also really hope I executed this reaction the way you wanted me too~(。•́︿•̀。) Ahh well I also really hope that all of you enjoy this reaction as well~( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ And I really hope you all bought seventeen’s ‘Boys Be’ Album! I’m watching all of you~ ε-(‘ヘ´○)┓Last reminder!!!!!! You guys all better be doing your homework, getting rest, and eating all your meals okay? If you do all of those things it’ll make me happy~٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و And if you want to tell me about it, go for it!~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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turatas  asked:

maybe daisuga were suga is a fashion YouTubeer and daichi is a normal vloger. and they meet at a event after daichi's been obsessed with suga's channel even though he doesn't even like fashion, but can't figure out why he like it so much

“I can never go anywhere with you…” Asahi sighs, starting up again as Daichi rejoins him and they keep walking. 

“…I’m a youtuber at a youtuber event, do you really expect me to not get recognized?” 

“I just want to meet up with a friend, and you’re taking forever…Why did I even decide to bring you with?” 

“Because you have crippling anxiety issues and need me as a social crutch while you make it across the hotel?”

“That was a rhetorical question, I didn’t want an answer…” Asahi sighs. “…But yes.”

Daichi laughs, continuing forward. 

“Asahi!” Someone yells, and Asahi jumps, turning back. 

“Suga! Did I seriously right past your door?”

“Yep! Come on!”

“Coming…” Asahi groans, and turns fully to backtrack into the open door. Daichi follows awkwardly. “I brought someone; Suga, this is my friend Daichi, Daichi, this is–”

“Sugawara Koushi.” 

Oh, Daichi knew. He didn’t need an introduction. “H- hi…” He waves pathetically. 

“Are you here for the convention, or did Asahi drag you along?”

“I- I’m a…youtuber…”

“Me too!” 

Yes he was, and a damn good one, too. “Cool.”

Suga then proceeds to converse with Asahi, leaving Daichi to his thoughts. 

Never, in his nineteen years of life, has Sawamura Daichi ever been are red in the face as he is now. And that includes when Kuroo put a dildo in his bag the day the school was doing mandatory bag searches. He’s positive he’s embarrassed himself in front of this god of a human being in the few words he’s spoken. 

Truth be told, he’s just scared. Terrified even. He’s been watching Suga’s videos for a few months now, and even though he doesn’t really get the fashion terms he uses, nor can he use the advice given in his back-to-school style videos, or understand the importance of “lookbooks” because he isn’t into that kind of stuff. He will admit, though, he doesn’t care much on the content as long as he can look at Suga’s pretty face. 


Daichi startles, head snapping up in the direction of he voice speaking to him. “Y- yeah?”

“You ok? You were pretty spaced out there…”

“No! I mean! Yes! I’m fine.” 

Suga giggles nervously. “I’m sorry we’ve been leaving you out of the conversation! Asahi and I just very rarely get to meet up in person, so we usually utilize our time together. Are we boring you?”

“Hm? No, I’d never be bored watching that face…I mean. No! Please, proceed, before I dig myself deeper.” Daichi lets his head fall, and the sound of Suga’s melodious giggles rings in Daichi’s ear. 

Daichi swears when they’re leaving later, he hears Suga whisper to Asahi. “He’s kinda cute…”


Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1485

Summary: The reader finally has her wings back, and life settles into place.

Part 14 in Fairy Series. Read Part 11 here, Part 12 here, and Part 13 here.

The last and final part to the Fairy Series! I have loved writing this series, really. Thank you all for coming on this ride with me! Enjoy this last part! :)

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Signs as things my twin sister has said
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> Meet me in the pit... I'll bring the scones<p/><b>Taurus:</b> [to our dog] Can you say forever? No because you're a dog and have commitment issues<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You're a bitch, you're a ho, and you're awesome wanna hang out this weekend?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> [crying because someone didn't give her her pen back]<p/><b>Leo:</b> i think my art teacher is trying to make me a furry<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Im a bitch crack whore slut fuck<p/><b>Libra:</b> gurt [immediately starts laughing and crying]<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Guess what Dan and Phil did with these sharpies in this fanfic? They decided to put them in their assholes<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> This horse is a whore, a whorse if you will<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> I love the show boob's bugers<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> I got a C+ on the final paper for history that i did on anime<p/><b>Pisces:</b> i used to think when people say they smoke weed they meant they smoked dandelions. Now i know it's marraige-iguanas<p/></p><p/></p>

My Top 5 Favorite Pics of Brad:

1) Talk about SIDE PROFILE!! AND THAT ASS WOW 👌 I love when he wears all black JUST LOOK HOW SEXY HE LOOKS AHHHH


3) When I first saw this, I was SPEECHLESS because not only is he adorable and so beautiful but you can really see the passion in his eyes and how much he enjoys what he loves doing AND I CAN HEAR HIM LAUGHING AHHHH HE IS SO PRECIOUS

4) This is probably my number one fave Brad look and it brings me back to the time I started liking them, it was “the beginning of forever” for me! I’m in this for life

5) When I first saw the boys perform live AHHH GOOD TIMES (fun fact: I made a tag for the shirt he’s wearing because it holds such significance to me)

"Olicity Is Irreplaceable" - Twitter Trend Event (3/5/14)

On March 5, 2014, was the twitter trend event for “Olicity Is Irreplaceable.” This was another great one with so many reasons and so many possible tweets.  Below is an archived list of all the reasons I came up with before Twitter slammed me, yet again, in jail. LOL.

Olicity Is Irreplaceable….

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