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Albums may come and go but personally one of the best albums that is near and dear to my heart will always be Block B’s Blockbuster. That was truly a masterpiece in my eyes back when I was 15. That was only I pretty much listened too. So some years listening to it again brings back such great fond memories

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37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?

Hmmm…I think they are complementary in someway, rather than one being easier than the other one.

Though I do think that ‘’forgetting’’ is easier, it’s not the best solution, and just ‘’forgiving’’ is, sometimes, not enough.

When you forgive someone, you are saying ‘’It’s okay that you did this, and I accept your apology’’. What’s the problem with this then? Let’s put an example:

A and B have been best friends for many years. A did something wrong, B forgave them. Later on, A does something wrong again, and B is upset about this, so in their rage, B brings up the first problem back again into the discussion between the two of them. A gets really mad too, because B said they forgave them, yet it seems like they were still upset about it. At this point, what will happen with their friendship is a mystery.

Then is just ‘’forgetting’’ ever okay? No. Forgetting about your mistakes isn’t wise, and much less it is when you ‘’forget’’ that someone did something bad to you. By forgetting, you should be letting go your negative feelings towards the other person, not pretending that something never happened.

To move on, both of them are kinda needed, yet in their respective order and measure.

Many will disagree with me probably, yet this is how I’ve been living so far and I’ve been doing just fine.

psymplemind replied to your post “Do you watch ouat anymore? I miss seeing you post about Captain Swan.”

similar feelings….slow steady buildup for four years of CS as True Love to suddenly be dropped as almost irrelevant/put on back burner is mind numbing. Killian gets 2-3 minutes screen time (except for the one episode that was about his past) CS scenes included in that 2-3 minutes screen time…huge let down! Regina and Rumple dominating storyline..also hate seeing Emma being weak/scare/doubting after making her a ‘tough-lass’ of indomitable spirit. Betrayal by writers

I think this goes to the point of what I’ve come to feel about OUAT, which is that it markets itself as a hopeful show but they have forgotten how to write the characters/story when they’re not in Perpetual Deadly Conflict.

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