bringing them back to the scene of the crime

Communication and Jonsa

One thing you’ll notice about Jon and Sansa is that they work really hard to communicate with each other. It’s the foundation of their entire relationship after reuniting at the Wall, and something borne out of a need to really be with someone that matters.

Of course, they struggle to do so in the beginning. It’s been years since they had seen each other last and both weren’t exactly great at communicating to anyone. Jon was a brooder, and Sansa was lost in the clouds.

But when they do reunite the focus the showrunners choose to put on this communication is how important it is for them to be a team. From the very beginning there is this driving narrative undercurrent that Jon and Sansa are partners, and thus a pair. They rush into each other’s arms, crashing into one another and seeming to melt into each other as if they were a single person that was suddenly whole. Very melodramatic, and no reunion in the show is quite to that level, before or after.

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But it’s not enough to talk at each other or even be close to one another. They also need to understand each other, and this becomes an important facet of their relationship in season six and seven. Some people analyze this as the struggle of their relationship, but I think it is their strength.

Jon initially thinks he can just run away with Sansa and forget the troubles of the world, but Sansa tells him why they can’t do this. They build from this moment and Jon is able to later realize that Sansa, despite what she has suffered, can handle hearing Ramsay’s letter. I don’t think anyone else in the room would have read that letter to Sansa, but Jon did because he knew she could handle it.

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In the infamous tent scene this trust seems to erode, but as Jonsa fam have pointed out lately, Sansa made it clear to Jon was Ramsay was and what defeat by him would be like. If Jon failed, she was going to commit suicide rather than return as his prisoner. I don’t think she realized Jon could be revived. And Jon, perhaps knowing he might be brought back by Melisandre again, asked her not to do it.

With Winterfell lost and Ramsay the winner, the Starks have also lost. This was their last stand, and they were going to fall together. And Jon agreed, because fundamentally, the two had decided and communicated they were a pair that cannot be separated.

The writers want you to draw this conclusion. That’s why they spelled it out to us directly instead of implied it. Neither are driven by revenge. Neither are driven to take back the North. They really just want to return home… together. And at that moment, it looked impossible.

Fortunately, they won the battle. People often blame Sansa for not telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale, but I don’t think she told him because she wasn’t sure if they were loyal, if they were coming, and what she would be exchanging in order to get their support. It was a bargain that was not in her favor, and we know this because of Littlefinger’s cryptic comments after retaking Winterfell.

Jon being declared King in the North was her only reprieve, because it weakened Littlefinger’s potential actions. If you watch Sansa during the proclamation, she’s happy, not upset, and I think she realized what Jon being king meant for whatever she owed to Littlefinger being delayed. It wasn’t until she noticed Littlefinger’s unhappiness that she realized Jon was a target too, and because Jon and Sansa are a pair as much as they are a team, she was now Littlefinger’s target as well.

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But other than the infamous parallels to other couples in the show, the emphasis on communication never ceases. At the end of season six, Jon reminds Sansa that they need to trust each other… not that they didn’t before, but that it was them against the world.

Rewatch that scene and you’ll notice a few things. The first is to remember the context of the scene because we so often take it out of the temporal context. The scene takes places after the Battle of the Bastards, but before Jon was declared King in the North. It was also directly after Jon ends Melisandre away, a mercy but his attempt to prevent her from bringing him back to life again or committing any other terrible crimes. Interestingly, Sansa is there as he watches her ride off.

The scene that comes after the battlements is Sansa in the Godswood with Littlefinger, and Sansa is no longer certain of Littlefinger’s intentions. It appears she expected something different to happy with Littlefinger after Winterfell was retaken, and it didn’t. She is disturbed, however, when she learns his intentions remain the same and she rejects his kiss. The end scene in Winterfell is Jon being declared King in the North.

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Now that I’ve gone to the context the scene is in, let’s go back to Jon and Sansa’s conversation on the battlements. She wants him to take their parents chambers, effectively placing him above her despite winning Winterfell and Jon recognizing that. That’s interesting, considering what we know about Sansa liking nice things (which has never changed) and wanting to retake her home (she is Lady of Winterfell).

Jon gives the room to her anyway, which she accepts, and reminds him he is a Stark to her. Remember: Jon never stops being a bastard after this scene in the eyes of the North, but to Sansa he is a Stark. This communication between them is interesting, because it establishes a few things: they are equals. Their relationship is about giving and receiving to and from each other.

Also about the context of this scene is that before, Jon turns away the person who gave him his life. The scene that follows in Sansa turning away the person who gave her life. Both powerful people who can continue giving Jon and Sansa more power, and they turn it away. We are reminded what they need is each other and nothing else, supernatural or political, dragons or a marriage alliance, will save them from everything that is to come.

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Within the scene, you’ll also notice that Jon asks Sansa if Littlefinger really sold her to the Boltons. Sansa says yes. It’s always been implied in this season and in the next that Littlefinger didn’t know what would happen to Sansa, and I don’t think Jon believes Littlefinger did either, however, he is horrified after asking if Sansa trusts him. Truly, absolutely horrified.

The focus of the camera in that moment is Jon’s reaction to that thought and his reaction to what she says. He looks a little relieved when Sansa tells him only a fool would trust Littlefinger, but it is established in this one moment between the two of them that Littlefinger is a threat. Something they both understand, but something they can’t yet deal with.

After that moment, the camera switches to Sansa and her apology about the Knights of the Vale. But I don’t think she is apologizing about hiding a potential army (remember, she didn’t know if they were coming) she is apologizing after a comment about Littlefinger and if they can trust him. I think what Sansa is apologizing about is making a deal with Littlefinger, possibly a marriage deal (why else would the Vale come to the aid of a foreign kingdom in the midst of winter and a war with the Iron Throne?),

And what does Jon do?

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He reminds her they are a pair. That they are in this together. That they have to trust each other. And I believe this is not because they didn’t before, but that they have to continue acting as they are in defiance of the obstacles and opportunities in their path. Like Cersei told Joffrey in season 1, anyone who isn’t them is the enemy. While Jon and Sansa don’t see things as so black and white, Jon makes it clear that what matters is each other. That they have to rely on each other, no anyone else, in order to see it through.

He gives her a tender kiss on the forehead, one that reminds Jonsa fam of the reunion in the beginning of the season. They meld together, and become one again, and when they part, they share a sweet moment about the coming of winter. It should be a warning and one they lament, but it reminds them of the time of wolves before with their family. That moment, and Jon’s crowning that is soon to follow, is all about communicating to each other and the audience that they are going to see Winter through together, and will come out of Winter as a pack without relying on anyone else to do so.

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Everything that comes after that moment is built on that promise to remain together. They continue to try and navigate the political waters they have found each other in, still stumbling, but always arriving at a point in which they choose to trust each other - that same polite correction and affirmation we saw at the Wall.

Sansa accepts that he is going to make an alliance with Daenerys, and Jon leaves her in charge of Winterfell and the North in his absence. That would only generally be left to a wife, child, or regent. But in context, leaving Sansa in charge of the North is because she is the other half of the pair they have formed. They already ruled it together. Apart, they’ll continue doing so.

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We also see Jon furious over Littlefinger, threatening to hurt him, but he doesn’t kill Littlefinger. I think for two reasons: the first it would be political suicide, and the second in that Sansa has demanded that Jon let her protect herself, and I think their relationship hasn’t just been built on communication, but a recognition that both skills and a handle of certain things. Sansa can’t wield a sword, but she can handle Littlefinger.

We are reminded of this all through season seven, and she eventually sentences him to death. Instead of Jon saving Sansa, as I’m sure many people expected regardless of shipping, Sansa saved the future they have promised between Jon and Sansa - the same future they agreed to fight for back at the Wall, the same future they agreed to die for if they failed at the Battle of the Bastards.

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Jon being apart from Sansa in season seven isn’t because they are separated from the promise they made each other. That promise continues, from the moment Jon steps onto Dragonstone. We are reminded that he thinks about her, that he respects her, and that he misses her. So too, are we reminded with Sansa back in Winterfell, who defends his rule (their rule).

Later, the show continues to focus on that promise to the future. Jon is told to keep Longclaw for his children, and the Stark song plays in the background, and then moves back to Sansa as she continues to try and protect their future in Winterfell, just as Jon is trying to protect their future by finding a way to defeat the White Walkers.

Whether you believe in undercover Jon or not, it’s clear what the showrunners have been saying: Jon and Sansa are working together, despite being apart, to build a future for their family, and everything about that promised future to each other seems to be echoed as destiny in the show by the characters and the narrative construct of the plot.

The future has been communicated to be a Time for Wolves, with Jon and Sansa at the head of the pack.

Invisible, Chapter Six

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1550

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Five Reasons to Say “I Love You” (Chapter III)

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Reason: They Are Always By Your Side

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, feat. Tony Stark

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends and have been ever since they were in kindergarten. Due to their close friendship, Peter has never said how he loved Y/n since they were children. But, as Y/n and Peter get older and Peter starts to have stronger feelings for Y/n, he can’t keep the words on the tip of his tongue.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is the third part of my new Peter Parker series. There’s three more coming soon.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter was worried. He was worried about whether or not his hand was sweating as it sat in Y/n’s. He was worried about whether or not she truly wanted her perfectly manicured nails and soft hands tangled in his calloused and scarred fingers. He was especially worried on whether or not he had crossed a line by bringing Y/n with him to meet with Tony Stark, but he didn’t want to keep going on with his superhero business without Y/n involved in it.

Y/n had only taken Peter’s hand out of habit, or at least, that was what he had told himself. Since they were children, Y/n would intertwine her fingers with Peter’s when they took the train or walked the crowded sidewalks of the city streets in fear that Y/n would be separated from Peter or lost in the seas of people. Y/n had never let it be known to Peter, but she was never in her little life scared of being lost, she just wanted nothing more than to innocently hold Peter’s hand.

“Good to see you again, kid.” Tony’s voice removed both Peter and Y/n from their own separate thoughts. “I see you’ve brought a friend.”

It was then that Y/n removed her hand from Peter’s and allowed it to drop to her side and left Peter to feel and odd emptiness in his chest and hand.

“H-hello, Mr. Stark. This is my friend, Y/n.” Peter replied and motioned toward Y/n.

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, smiled and shook hands with Tony. “It’s nice to meet you, sir. Peter’s told me a lot about what you’ve done for him.”

“It’s a pleasure, Y/n. I’ve heard about you as well. When we worked on the spider suit, the kid wouldn’t shut up about you.”

“Oh, really?” Y/n asked with a light laugh. “I hope it was all good.”

Peter could feel his cheeks heat up as Y/n’s eyes glanced over his form.  “Mr. Stark, I came to get some repairs on my suit and webshooters.”

Y/n’s laugh once again rang soft and sweet in Peter’s ears as he figured out that she had seen through his ruse. She was clever and smart, sometimes too much for her own good, but Peter had admired the way she was. She was, in all cheesy romantic reality, everything Peter had ever wanted.

“Well, then we will get that fixed. You and Y/n can help me so you may learn how to fix this on your own.” Tony replied. “You learn work in the gray area and you learn to do your own fixing. Deal?”

Peter nodded. “Deal.”

Peter watched in silence as Y/n and Tony conversed. He could feel himself memorizing the way she laughed when Tony told her something she found hilarious and he was not surprised to see Tony leaning in close to hear what Y/n had to say. Most people would think that Tony was hard of hearing because he had to lean in to hear Y/n, but Peter knew better. He knew it was one of the many tricks Y/n had to make people like her because the close proximity she held people in was one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Y/n was a special girl, even Tony saw it. He couldn’t pinpoint what it was that made her special, what made her stand out from the rest. She didn’t have powers, or at least, he didn’t think she did and she was most definitely not special because of the crush Peter had on her that didn’t seem to weigh her down as it would with most girls who seemed to know of those kinds of things. No, that wasn’t it. The young girl walked on air, spoke in a soft and crisp voice that Tony found was something you wanted to hear, not just because she always had something important to say, but that her voice sounded like the innocence of a girl and the strength of a woman.

As they walked into the lab, Tony along with Peter watched as the lines of Y/n’s face contorted into a look of happiness to a look of curiosity and wonder.

“This place is amazing, Tony.” Y/n said breathlessly. “It’s a marvel.”

Tony chuckled. “Why thank you, Y/n. You can have a look around if you want.” He said proudly, as if the approval of a teenager was all he’s ever wanted.

Peter was surprised about the causal nature of Y/n and Tony’s relationship due to the fact that Peter and Tony were not that casual with one another. He was also surprised at the hold Y/n seemed to hold on Tony in the short time they had met.

But then again, maybe that was what was so special about her, her ability to create relationships in such little time and maintain a sense of respect.

“What are you waiting for? Come on, Peter! Tony said he’d start on fixing your stuff while we take a look around.” Y/n said and bumped shoulders with Peter before she slipped her hand into his.

Peter’s eyes trailed from around the lab to his and Y/n’s hands before he looked up at Y/n, who was already starting to drag him along. Peter felt a laugh escaped from his lips as he watched Y/n look around while he attempted to not trip over his own feet.

“Bug, slow down, you’re gonna trip me!” Peter laughed.

Y/n stopped and looked back at Peter with a shy smile. “Sorry, Petey. I’m just really excited. Tony said he might let me hang around here sometime. We discussed the makeup of his suit and he thinks I bring good ideas to the table.”

Peter rose a brow as he refrained from allowing his jaw to drop. “Really? That’s amazing, bug! Maybe one day we’ll work alongside each other.”

“Or maybe one day you’ll get all the glory and I’ll be doing all the work behind the scenes.” Y/n joked, referring to the ongoing joke between them of how all Peter does is go out and fight crime while Y/n worked on helping him train and get him patched up.

Peter rolled his eyes in a playful manner. “Oh, shut up.”

Y/n shrugged with a smile and a laugh. She turned on her heel, her hair swinging over her shoulder in a way that framed her face and made her look more charming that Peter could have ever imagined. She was more beautiful than the way she looked on her blind date or homecoming and her cousin’s wedding combined. It was the mix between her intelligence, wonder and natural beauty that bewitched Peter in that moment where he watched her work the room.

“God, I love-” Peter paused for a second, as if his use of the word “love” never happened. “I love how excited you are about all this.”

Solace: Interrogation - Rafael x Author!Reader

Word Count: 1445
Warnings: Rafael being a boss ass bitch, like a couple cuss-words? The f-bomb maybe? I don’t really remember. Honestly I write the warnings before I write the actual story. Maybe a little bit of angst if you squint.
Summary: This wasn’t how you were expecting to spend your day after yoga. Instead of sitting in a coffee shop online shopping, you were sitting in an interrogation cell for 5 hours until Rafael dropped in from visiting his mother. @miamorbarba might love this chapter

Walking out of your local yoga studio that wasn’t ravished with hipsters, or hot moms, you didn’t expect to be picked up by Rafael’s SVU team. The winter air nipped at your bare shoulders as Fin and Sonny stood questioning you, a coffee shaking in the younger officers hand.

“Maybe we should take this to the station, clear things up a bit, and it won’t be so cold there,” Fin placed his hand lightly on your shoulder and you were complacent enough to follow him to the back of the squad car, noticing how Sonny’s left hand hovered around his pistol.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
“I’m not going to talk without my lawyer present, and he won’t be back for a couple of hours. He’s out of town right now,” Folding your arms across your chest and leaning back in the metal chair, you were thankful Rollins had brought you a sweater, a shiver still running down your spine from the temperature of the slate grey room.

“Darling that sucks for you, I can do this all day, I grew up in Staten Island, I have superb perseverance and I don’t give up too easily,”

“That’s fantastic,” you leaned forward and placed your cuffed hands on the table, “But once you’ve survived what I have, you don’t know the definition of perseverance,” leaning back, Sonny glared at you before Fin walked in, patting him on the shoulder.“Can you tell us where you were last night?”

“I was at my apartment, watching Christmas movies on Hallmark and pigging out on Chinese food,” once you’d seen the two detectives raise their eyebrows you shrugged and bit your lip, “yesterday was my cheat day. I tend to go a little wild on my cheat days, that’s why I went through three rounds of yoga today and two rounds of pilates,” you cracked your neck and stared straight ahead.

“Your apartment security system says that no one has entered in the past month,”

“Yeah? And?”

Sonny looked at you and sighed, “You just said you were at your apartment watching Christmas movies,”

“Well, it’s not my apartment, it’s my boyfriend’s. I always keep an apartment in my name in case anything happens between my boyfriend and I or if anything ever happens to the apartment or apartment building,”

“You really need to clarify these things, they count on your statement,” Sonny glanced over at you and your cheeks turned a bright pink.

“Can I ask what you guys are charging me with? I really still don’t know why I’m here?”

“We think you’re linked to a series of murders that have been happening to wealthy socialites in the Upper West Side,” Fin looked up from the folder in his hands, casually glancing over to read your facial expression.

“Wait what? What makes you think that?!” All color drained from your face and you had to push the urge to vomit down. Murder? They honestly couldn’t think that you were capable of that kind of crime. Stabbing someone for taking your food? Yes. Hitting Rafael for putting himself in danger? Hell yeah. But murder? That was impossible.

“We have photos of you ar galas with everyone who was murdered, just hours before they were found. We can only assume you were the last person with them,” Fin laid photos out of the crime scenes out in front of you.

You were searching the faces of the victims, all of them bringing back what were now melancholy memories. Your hand scanned over a well-built young woman the same age as you, hair tied back, dressed in an elegant emerald gown.

“There’s no way I could have done this. Not now, not ever.” Your hand was placed over the woman in the emerald dress, “I could have never brought myself to hurt another human, especially Noah,”

“You know this woman?” Sonny looked at you skeptically, knowing you were an author, he always assumed you surrounded yourself with these people at parties to promote yourself and your works.

“Yeah, Noah and I met in high school, but we didn’t become close until college. She wanted Wall-Street, and I wanted a quiet life. To settle down after a bit well-off, not having to worry about constantly being beat out by co-workers or prove that I was still better than everyone,”

You smiled and shrugged at them, “we moved to New York together, found apartments a couple blocks from each other and proceeded on with our lives. Coffee on Monday, Pilates on Tuesday, Book Club on Wednesday, Yoga on Thursday, and Bars on Friday.” Moving uncomfortably in your chair, you wanted out of the room that seemed to get smaller by the second.

“So, you’re admitting you knew one of the victim’s routines,” Fin looked from Sonny toward you and folded his hand on the table.

“I refuse to say anything further until my attorney has arrived,”
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Rafael turned from his mother’s house with dishes stacked in his hands, knowing how happy you were going to be tonight with some of his mami’s homemade cooking, his bliss and daydreaming were soon interrupted by his cellphone ringing. It was Olivia. “Hello?”

“We’ve caught a suspect. I know you’re at your mother’s but it’s urgent. They aren’t speaking anymore and maybe you could ease them into some sort of deal.”

“I’m on my way, get all detectives out of the room until I arrive, it might help sweat the suspect out.” Rafael pulled away from his mother’s house and hung up his cellphone, trying to get to the team as soon as possible, while staying within the boundaries of the law.

Arriving in the bullpen, Carmen was waiting with a cup of coffee, Olivia must have notified her and everyone was preparing themselves for Rafael’s own form of interrogation, “What has been said and what do we know?”

“We know that she was last seen with the victims hours before they were found.” Olivia started.

“She also knew one of the victims by name and had a personal routine with them, making them a perfect target,” Fin stood and paced around his desk a bit.

“She said she was at her apartment last night, but after we mentioned security, she quickly changed her story to her boyfriend’s apartment,” Sonny had to lightly jog to keep up with Rafael as he made he way toward the interrogation room.

Staring through the window, Rafael saw you pacing back and forth, biting on your thumb nail, and chest heaving, he willed you to calm down so he could sort this all out, knowing how any innocent person would be stuck in an interrogation room.

“She said she was at her boyfriend’s? She’s clearly innocent. Let her go,” Rafael turned away from the window and waved his hand in the air.

“Rafael you can’t do that, she doesn’t have a lawyer and she doesn’t have an alibi for her story. Sonny protested with Rollins nodding her head along, crossing her arms over her shoulders.

Rafael pinched the bridge of his nose, he knew one day the team would know the intense relationship between you two, he just didn’t want it to be like this, “She’s not acting like a guilty person.”

“And she’s not actin’ quite innocent either Barba!” Rollins raised her voice, her hand dramatically falling from the air slapping her thigh, which pioneered everyone else to start bickering to Rafael.

“Oh Dios Mío, dejarás de pelear! Her lawyer is standing right in front of you! She’s innocent because her boyfriend’s apartment is my apartment! I’m her alibi!” Rafael slightly raised his voice, tugging at the pink and grey striped tie he wore.

“Wait, that’s your girlfriend?” Sonny stopped mid-step away from everyone and pivoted on his heel.

“Barba has a girlfriend? I didn’t know you could get them tiger!” Fin went to slap him on the back before stopping and stepping away, “We better go get our big lawyer man’s girl outta shiny bracelets then.”
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Sitting down to dinner that night, Rafael had opted for the couch instead of the dining room table, moving his leg so you could sit, you placed a kiss on his cheek before taking your place on his lap.

“What did my big bad ADA tell the SVU detectives?” Leaning down to munch on the delicious food Lucia had made earlier that day.

Only that I was your alibi. Now Olivia wants us to come over for dinner,” before you could open your mouth Rafael continued, “it’s not going to happen. I’m not ready to share you yet.”

The movie Rafael missed last night played in the background as you stared at him in amazement, moving further into his chest than seemed possible. This was definitely not how you planned your day to go.

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Gibbs & Meadows

This was requested by @sealscreech! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word Count: 232

Warnings: comfort

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

It wasn’t often that the stress of your job got to you.  This was one of the first times in years where you felt like you couldn’t handle your job.  Not only did it bring back memories of the worst case you had ever worked, it appeared to be almost the same situation as your first case.  Your stress did not go unnoticed by Gibbs.

There were a few wildflowers to his side that caught his eye.  He knew how much you liked wildflowers.  He plucked a few of them and made his way towards you.  The Marine lead you away from the crime scene, his hand resting in the middle of your back.

Gibbs handed you the flowers, his icy blue eyes looking into yours for a brief second.  “I know this is hard for you [Y/N], but you can do this,” Gibbs assured you.  “You’re a tough woman.”   The agent leaned forward, pressing a kiss to you forehead.

When you wrapped your arms around him, he returned the embrace.  “Gibbs what if this is a copycat,” you wondered.

“Shh,” Gibbs soothed, rubbing your back.  “We’ll do what we always do.”

“Catch the bad guy,” you mumbled, taking a step back from Gibbs.  You looked back at the crime scene that was a few meters from where you stood.

You’ve always hated meadows, but at least you had Gibbs there.

Tag List: @saranasai@mija-novella@trashforwinchesters@ivvitm1109@emilyymichelle@lapsissolaregina@girl-next-door-writes@flufy07@gabriels-trix@becauseflife@the-latina-trickster@moose-on-the-l00se@anamademedoit@theridiculouspanda@captain-amelia-bradley@holding-on-to-francis@massivelyunsteadyposter@haeminhee@lizbeth-loves-bobear@21-wolves@rayleyanns@silverwingedfox@myplaceofthingsilove@jez-zolnierz@pocketcow@mogaruke@mycuddlycorner

Check Please Police AU where everyone except Bitty is a cop.

(This is hella long so it’s under a cut.)

Jack Zimmermann is the son of former Police Commissioner, Bob Zimmermann. Bob is a legend among the police with his cases solved and arrest record numbers. When Jack became a police office, everyone compared him to his father, and it got to be a little too much for him to mentally handle. So, he transfers to Samwell, a small town with a generally low crime rate.

When he arrives, Jack expects to keep to himself and do his job, but his partner, Detective “just call me Shitty” Knight, won’t let Jack isolate himself. The others at the station all welcome Jack into the folds of their little police family. Ransom and Holster are partners and always seem to be doing everything together. Lardo is small, but no one dares to underestimate her. Johnson doesn’t say much, but gives Jack the nod of approval on his second day.

Samwell is very different, but very good for Jack. Not nearly as stressful as when he worked Homicide back in Montreal where everyone expected him to either fail or do great things. No, here, there is very little of that pressure, and for the first time in a long while, Jack feels like he can actually breathe.

One day, they get a call for a Break and Enter at Bittles, a cute, little, corner bakery that looks like it should be run by a cute, retired grandmother. Jack is surprised when he meets the owner, the very attractive and popular Eric Bittle whom the whole town is in love with. He’s already gotten five marriage proposals this year alone. Shitty calls him Bitty when they get there; they appear to be friendly and know each other already.

“Does everyone in this town have a nickname?” Jack asks later on the ride back to the police station.

“Don’t question it, brah. It’s just how it works,” Shitty said smoothly.

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Sparks and Flames

Pairing: Linstead

Timeline: Before 2.11

Genre: Fluff

A/N: We could all use a little fluff in our lives right now, so I wrote this kind of AU piece! This is the first thing I have ever written, so please be kind, but I do hope you enjoy it! Reviews are always welcome!!

@halsteadpd thank you for helping me with this & @halsteadandlindsay thank you for being the reason I started writing in the first place!! 

They had both convinced themselves they were not on a date.

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The Right Moment

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: The Right Moment

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 927

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @malindacath: I was wondering if you could do one where Chris LaSalle wants to propose but something keeps getting in his way. Maybe he asks at night while sitting in a swing? I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was both a blessing, and a curse to date someone you worked with.  The same went for you and LaSalle.  He never planned on falling in love with you, one day he felt the butterflies in his stomach and it changed everything.  With a push and a shove from both Pride and Percy, a first date happened.  Then another, and eventually there were too many dates to count.

Two years later, you and LaSalle were still happily together.  There were obviously bumps along the road, like in every relationship, but things were going well.  You even moved into LaSalle’s house within the last year.  The two of you worked well together in, and out of the field.

During the last few days, LaSalle had been busy.  He was trying to plan his proposal without you knowing.  Pride was a huge part of you not finding out.   He kept you busy long enough for him to go shopping for a ring.  He wanted to do this right, with his family there to witness the special moment.

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Can we all, just. as a fandom. bring back the togami memes? You know. Byakuya Threegami confirmed. New cast list is Junko and Togami 15 times. Byakuya Togami: Super High School Level Crime Scene Tamperer. Tell them, Naegi. And my personal favorite: Barackuya Obami. I just need some more Togami memes in my life

totally legit spoilerz: he is the v3 mm


Video footage of investigators removing the remains of a number of victims of the Houston Mass Murders, carried out by serial killer Dean Corll with the aid of Elmer Wayne Henley.

Most of the victims were young boys, with the youngest victim being 9 years old. They were lured to Corll’s home where they were plied with drugs and alcohol, causing them to pass out before being tied to a plywood board that became known as ‘the torture board’. The victims would be sexually assaulted, beaten, and sadistically tortured while they were strapped to it. Sometimes these assaults would last days, before Corll would kill them either by strangulation or by shooting them.

Dean Corll was killed when Elmer Wayne Henley shot him in self defense - having been drugged and restrained when Corll lost his temper over Henley bringing a girl back to his home. Henley immediately contacted the authorities, confessed to the murder of Corll, and revealed the location of a number of Corll’s victims. Henley would eventually be sentenced to six life terms - being only 17 years old at the time of his arrest.

Personal Ties

Sorry this took long. It was a busy day and I thought it would be an easy day, but that’s life lol. As always, enjoy!


“Dawson, Nagel, I need you to go somewhere.” Stone said as he rushed over to them.

Antonio and Nagel listened to what Stone needed for them and they were about to head out when Stone stopped him.

“I feel like I need to warn you that the paramedics on the scene were your sister and your girlfriend.”

He nodded his head as he sucked in a deep breath.

“I got it.” He promised, knowing he couldn’t run over to Sylvie or Gabby just because of his personal ties with them. Deep personal ties at that.

As Antonio headed out of the Justice building, Nagel looked over at him. “So, let me get this straight.Your sister and your girlfriend were at the crime of the scene when pretty much a gang war erupted in front of them?” She questioned.

“You were there when Stone explained it, Nagel.” He said, clearly frustrated.

“Look, I know you want to check in on them, so you can question them while I question other witnesses.” She suggested.

“Are you sure?” He asked as he headed over to his truck.

“Absolutely.” Over the last few months, they grew closer as partners and knew how much family meant to Antonio. “As long as you get their statement, I don’t care.”

Antonio climbed inside his truck and he nodded his head. “Thanks, Nagel.”

Once they were buckled up, he put on his sirens as he headed towards the scene of the crime. Probably because of his sister and girlfriend in this mess, he made it there in less than 10 minutes.

As he quickly unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the truck, he looked over at Nagel as she quickly made her way over to the witnesses. There were cops with Gabby and Sylvie, but thankfully, as he walked over to them, they walked away.

When Gabby saw Antonio, she quickly gave him a hug. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to show up or the intelligence unit.” She admitted as she stepped back from the hug.

“For the most part, this is their case but still investigating it since this is huge.” He said as he glanced around at the crime scene.

“5 dead, and more injured.” Gabby said, bringing Antonio’s attention back to her.

“I’m just glad you guys are okay.” Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to say since these were just kids, but it was the truth.

He glanced over at Sylvie and he walked over to her and he pulled her in his arms.

“I’m fine, Antonio.” She promised, knowing him, he was worried out of his mind.

“Did they hurt you?” He asked as he pulled away from the hug and examined her face. Once he didn’t see anything, he stepped away from her further and examined her body.

“Antonio, stop!” She said in a loud tone, but only loud enough for him to calm down. “I’m fine. Me and Gabby went and cover when the shooting happened.”

“Thank god.” He said as he pulled her back in his arms and kissed her head.

Maybe his overprotectiveness could get annoying, but she couldn’t blame him. Every time he went to work, she couldn’t help but think she was going to get a phone call that he was shot. But this was their life and they chose it but more importantly, they respected each other and knew they could handle each other.

She knew he was only being overprotective because this could have ended badly but she had no doubt in her mind that she knew Antonio thought she could handle herself.

A few seconds, he pulled away and he looked at Sylvie and Gabby. “I know the last thing you want to do right now is give a statement and you may have done so with other cops, but I need you guys to tell me what happened.” He said as he took out his notepad and a pen and started writing down what they said occurred.

After they were done giving Antonio their statement, Gabby placed her hand on his arm. “Thank you, Antonio.” She turned her attention to Sylvie. “I’m going to go get in the ambulance and call Matt to tell him we’re okay.”

Sylvie nodded her head and watched as Gabby walked away and got in the drivers side. She turned her attention back to her boyfriend who was staring at her intently.

“You’re cute when you’re all worried.” She thought maybe flirting with him and getting his mind off of what could happen would calm him down.

“Yeah?” He asked as a slight smile appeared on his face. But just as fast as it came, it was gone. His eyes turned serious and he stepped closer to her. He took her hands in his.

“I think I’m going to have to buy you a bullet proof vest to make sure that you can’t get hurt.”

Sylvie laughed as she shook her head. “We live in Chicago, I don’t think I can expect to be a paramedic and that I’ll be safe at all times. I learned that in my first few months of being a paramedic.”

“I guess I should just be relieved that you’re strong.” He smiled softly as he leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Antonio may not have been a fan of PDA before he met Sylvie, but then again, before Sylvie, he was a different man with different beliefs.

Sylvie glanced over at Nagel who seemed to be waiting for Antonio and knowing Gabby was waiting for her, she knew they had to say their goodbyes for now.

“I would love to stay here all day, but I know Gabby wants to leave and I am technically still on duty, so I’ll see you later?” She asked.

“Damn straight you will. Will you be coming to my place after shift?” He questioned as he let go of one of her hands to stroked her cheek.

“Of course. I’m already exhausted after what happened here, and I always sleep better in your arms anyway.” She smiled.

“Okay. Be careful, okay? Please.” He pleaded with her, the last thing he needed was to find out she was in danger again.

“I will. But you be careful too. I love you.” She sealed her proclamation of love with a kiss against his lips.

It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was kiss filled with love.

“I love you too.” He said once the kiss ended.

As he walked away, Sylvie smiled, feeling better than what she was feeling before he showed up. Antonio always managed to make her feel better.

Stakeouts With McGee

gif is not mine

Title: Stakeouts with McGee

Pairing: McGee x Reader

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this McGee fluff! I’m trying to even out my writing of NCIS and SPN.  I just seem to be currently more inspired by SPN, but no worries!  I will always write for both!

This stakeout was on its third day, and you were already tired of the small room you had spent your days in.  Sure, there was actual furniture in this place, but you hated stakeouts.  You groaned as you set down the headphones, “they aren’t saying anything.  What if they aren’t even there?”  You sat down in the chair next to McGee who was studying cameras that had been placed in the alleyways and hallways of the building.  The building across the street only had four floors, the one you were in was six stories high; luckily you were on the third floor.

“Well they haven’t left all day,” McGee yawned, resting his head in his hand.  “We saw them come in the building at noon, and it’s only 9 P.M..  They haven’t left since they arrived at noon.”

You checked your phone, sighing heavily, “Tony said him and Gibbs are going to go back to the crime scene to find that missing bullet.  So we’re stuck here all night.  Tony says he’ll bring us coffee in the morning.”  You set your phone down in anguish.

“Do you hate being in a room with me that much,” McGee asked, glaring at you.  

“How could you even say that, Tim,” you furrowed your eyebrows, glaring back at him.

“Well you and Tony always seem to have a fun time on stakeouts.  Last time we had a stakeout, you guys always left laughing,” McGee said, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Tim, that’s just because I pranked Tony last time.  He fell for the dyed lotion trick; it’s the only one he falls for anymore,” you paused with a grin.  “His hands were pink for at least three days.”

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Abandoned Chapter 3

INTRO | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 |

The bright headlights shined through the thin curtains, revealing two black vans, parked in front of the orphanages front building. Peeking through the curtains once more, and immediately recognizing the cars. Scanning the strange man coming out of it. Black suit, gold chain and an expensive Rolex to top it all off. Turning her head away, thinking about her next move, it had to be fast and clever.

Crouching on the floor, avoiding to be seen, she reached over for the phone. Her fingers shaking frantically as she dialed,

“He’s here. Burn the documents.” Breathing out her last words as the door slammed open. Black figures making their way through the office. Quickly ending the call, and deleting the number she just called, before coming, face to face with him.

“Kwang Dae” closing her eyes, as his face came closer to her’s. His breathing rasping against her face.

“I’m glad you still remember me after all these years. Not every day you meet a murderer coming in. Oh, wait… Now that I think about it, you have, the day I murdered Hanbin’s mother.” His evil grin unraveling under his lips. Flashing his infamous joker smile, before dragging her away, he wanted information and he was going to get it.

Dragging her down the dark hall, past locked rooms, upon reaching the kitchen. Kicking and pleading for him to let her go. Only agitating him more, causing him to roughly set her on the chair, propping himself against the kitchen table, pulling his gun out on her.

“Don’t give me that bullshit…. I know it’s here. I know it.” Sarcastically chuckling, while scratching his head with his gun, before turning it back on her. Her voice becoming sterner with each response. She was dead already, but she was going to protect Hanbin’s identity at any cost.

“Hanbin was never in our care. And you know that. She lied to you. Everything she told you was a lie.” Eyes watering as she talked. Bringing her back to the moment, of meeting Hanbin’s mother, the officer from Seoul, and the sweet little boy, who would be orphaned hours later.

“Fine.” Putting his gun down, before walking out of her view, and into the shadows. Wiping her tears away, looking once more around, before noticing him re-emerge from the shadows,

“On second thought. Say hi to her for me.” Bringing the gun back up to her, before pulling the trigger.

Gunshots echoed through the house, making everyone drop to the floor. Junhoe let one more shot out before throwing Taehyuns body out and into view.

“Parties over! If this is your buddy. Pick him up on your way out.” his deminer becoming colder as people didn’t move.

“Did I fuckin stutter. Get the hell out.” Yelling at the top of his lungs, before waving his gun once more, pointing it at everyone in the room, letting a chuckle slip under his chapped lips.

“Put the gun down Junhoe.” Jinhwan picking himself off the sofa, cautiously walking himself over to Junhoe, with his hands up in the air. All he could do was chuckle at Jinhwans sudden bravery, turning the gun to him.

“Sit your midget ass down.” Moving himself closer towards Jinhwan. Noticing the fear written on his face. Swallowing his salvia back, eyes closed, pleading one last time to Junhoe.

“Put it down. Everybody is leaving.” Opening his eyes, looking over his shoulder, noticing Chanwoo with Jai in his arms.

“What did you do?” Eyes gazing back at Junhoe, reading his confused look. Before realizing Taehyuns stiff body on the floor. Before Jinhwan could say anymore, Hanbin comes into view, wobbling his way over, the stench of alcohol on his clothes, with his arm wrapped around a hooker.

“Look what you did, everybody is gone.” Pointing around the room, propping himself on the girl next to him.

“You’re a dipshit Hanbin.” Junhoe smirks before kicking Hanbin onto the floor. Watching as Hanbin tried to recover from his kick. Turning his back on him, tucking the gun behind him.

“Give me Jai.” Junhoes fingers sliding under her back, taking her body out of Chanwoo’s grip. Pushing back her bangs, revealing her pale like completion. Glancing once more at Chanwoo, before walking himself out.

“Hyung! Where are you going?” Trailing behind Junhoe, before stopping.

“Stay here Chanwoo. I’ll call you when I get back. Meanwhile, gather up the girls. I need to sell one.” Repositioning himself before walking out of Chanwoo’s view.

Glancing back at Hanbin who was still on the floor. Jinhwan recovering from a faint heart attack. Bobby knocked out on the countertop, half naked. Donghyuk skinny dipping with a girl in the pool. Yunhyeong passing through his view, a towel wrapped around his waist. Sighing to himself, kneeling down to pick up the bits of the trash scattered through the room.

“Ahhh. Fuck this, Junhoe wait!” Throwing the trash back onto the floor, standing himself up, sprinting after him.

After running as fast as he could, he finally caught up Junhoe. Out of breath, as the two walked through the pure silence of the city. Passing little shops, people eyeballing at the girl in Junhoe’s arms. Whispering growing louder, as the people started to hide away, avoiding to get involved.

“What am I doing Chanwoo.” Fixing his grip on Jai’s fragile body. His eyes still looking ahead, avoiding any eye contact with Chanwoo.

“Taking Jai to the doctor, I assume.” Glancing up at Junhoe, while kicking away at the tiny rocks on the pavement.

“No not that. I mean what I am doing helping another person. This isn’t me. I’m the villain, not the hero.” Gazing down at Jai, letting a smile out, be stopping in his tracks to look over at Chanwoo.

Silence, as the cold winter breeze hit them. Both standing awkwardly in the middle of the alley, looking ahead, not a single word being said, just the sound of breathing could be heard, before Junhoe admits under his breath about his true feelings.

“I think I like Jai.” Dropping his eyes down, noticing the shocked face Chanwoo gave him. Suddenly glancing down at Jai, her eyes half open, eyesight disoriented as she looked up. Then closing them, as slipped back into unconsciousness.

The two continued their walk down the allies of Seoul, before stopping in front of a red building.

“Where are we?” Giving Junhoe a confused look.

“Doesn’t matter. Now prop open the door open for me, would you.” Nudging Chanwoo’s body towards the door.

Opening the door for him, the two disappearing into the red building. Taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, knocking on the chipped black door. There stood a nurse, with a mask on, inviting them in. Chanwoo was hesitant to go in any further.

“Come on Chanwoo.” Junhoe nudges him, which eventually Chanwoo gives in.

Her lifeless body fell harshly on the floor. The bullet lodged in her forehead. Kneeling down, to close her eyes, then standing himself up. Scanning every inch of the house, scattering paperwork on the floor. Enraged at not finding a single document regarding Hanbin.

Seating himself down in the women’s office. Feet reclined on top of the desk, hands gripping onto the chair.

“Fuck.” Slamming his gun down on the desk. Noticing one of his henchmen walks into view,

“Sir. The police are on their way here.”

“Burn the house down.” Standing himself up, walking over to him. Giving him a light pat on his shoulders before walking out of the place.

Seconds later, watching as the house rose up in flames. Content at the sight, he gets sets himself back into the car. Pulling out the necklace from before. Twirling it around in his hands, smiling to himself before placing his hands on his driver.

“Take me back to the warehouse. It’s been a long day. What do you say?”

“Sounds good sir.” Holding his lips back, avoiding to ask about the necklace. Kwang Dae recognized the guilt in his face. Leaning himself closer to his driver, scanning him head to toe.

“Your eyeballing the necklace?” Calmly saying, while shoving the necklace in his view.

“No sir. Not at all.” Stuttering through his words, avoiding eye contact with the necklace.

“Don’t be scared, I wouldn’t kill you for your curiosity. This is the last gift Hanbin’s dad gave her. Before that stupid bitch ratted me out. She told the police everything. The day the police picked me up, they just walked into another crime scene. Adding more to my light sentence.”

“Where is Hanbin’s father sir? Did you finish him off?” Avoiding eye contact with Kwang Dae.

“I just never got around to finding his father. But this necklace will bring them both to me.” Patting his driver on the back harshly as he seated himself again.

“Let’s go to the warehouse now.” Pointing his fingers straight, signaling for him to leave already.

Creeping slowly out of the shower, into the main room, looking at he Chanwoo picking bits of trash before sprinting off. Making his way through all the mess on the floor, up the stairs and intohis room. Throwing the towel off his nude body, making his way over to the outfit laid out on his bed. Changing into it quickly, rushing himself out of the room. As he walked out of his room, Hanbin was coming up the stairs with his hooker.

“Yah! Yunhyeong where are you going?” Tilting his head up, leaning himself against the hooker.

“Nowhere. Just needed to change. Yeah. You. Know Haha” nervously saying, avoiding to look at Hanbin.

“Let me guess? You’re going to see someone special?” Smiling through all his pain, he experienced in his stomach.

“No who said that haha.” Sweat rolling down his forehead, his famous trademark when he lied.

“Its ok I understand.” Getting closer to Yunhyeong, slipping two hundred dollars into his pocket.

“Have fun at the strip club. You deserve it. Now don’t spend it all you hear.” Punching Yunhyeong’s arm playfully, before walking himself out of his view.

Wiping away the sweat off his forehead. Running down the stairs and out the door. His feet leading him down allies, bus stops, and crowds of people. Taking a break to catch his breath, looking around him once more, before taking off again. Taking a sharp turn, a short cut through the alley, looking up at the windows above, stopping once he found the window he was looking for.

Noticing the light turned off in the room. He leaned himself on the wall, grasping for air after. Hands on his waist, looking around before noticing a girl walking towards him. She had grown up so beautifully, smiling at her simple appearance, before running up to her. Holding her tight in his hug, tears falling from each others eyes.

“I missed you so much big brother.” Tears falling onto his sweater, leaving water marks on it. Glancing down at her, wiping away the tears away from her face, smiling at her ugly crying face.

“Don’t wrinkle your face. You look like mom when you do that.” Laughing as he commented on her look. She couldn’t help but laugh, she looked at him, pushing his hair back and hugging him tight once more.

“Mom really misses you, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. Come home soon.” Breaking the hug, looking at him as she talked him. A frown as she analyzed him.

He kept his head bowed down, after hearing that. It made him think about the day, their mother kicking him out, finding about his fast money deal. He remembers his mother’s look, as she wept, disowning him in front of everyone in the neighborhood. No matter how many times he had begged, she would slam the door or slap him across the face, and disown him again.

“I can’t. I no longer belong here.” Wiping away his tears. Head still bowed down, avoiding to look at his sister.

“Please. We can find a way. Just come home Yunhyeong, give up your crazy lifestyle with those gang members.” Tilting his head up, wiping away his tears, his puffy eyes so sincere.

“Here take it.” Handing the two hundred dollars towards her. She shook her head in disapproval. Pushing it back and forth with each other. Before anything could be said, Yunhyeong head a familiar voice yelling, a voice he missed so much. Turning his head to see his mother, she was enraged to find her daughter with a son she disowned.

“Get back in the house. Neighbors are going to talk.” Completely not recognizing the guy, until she recognized Yunhyeong’s face.

“Get out of here Yunhyeong. I will call the police!!!!” Yelling at him. Grabbing his sister’s hand before leaving, slipping the money into her pocket. Nudging her to leave them two alone.

“Mom please.” Rubbing at one puffy eye while trying to talk to his mom.

“No, get out. I have no son. I don’t want a gangster hanging around my daughter. You and you’re dirty lifestyle and money.” Sneering as she talked, enraged by his appearance.

“I won’t come around any more mom. Excuse me.” Walking away from her. Tears rolling down his cheek, as he heard his mother, yelling his name. Picturing his mother after 4 years of not seeing her. Maybe it was time to accept his fate, he didn’t belong anywhere, nobodies son, or brother.

He belonged in that house. Where women flocked to him from every angle. Guns protecting him from his fears. Drugs to numb away the pain. Alcohol to express his true feelings while talking to complete strangers. Unlimited money to spend. But at the end of the day, he belonged to Hanbin, the boys, no longer someone, just someone’s puppet.

Walking themselves, into what seemed like a clinic inside of a spacious apartment. The lady took Jai out of Junhoe’s grip, advising him to stay in the living room. Junhoe tried to trail behind, but was stopped, once the door closed in his face,

“Let me in.” banging his fist on the door, practically breaking it down with every throw. Pleading, hoping the lady on the other side would let him in.

Chanwoo watched as Junhoe’s body and fist slid down from the door. Watching as Junhoe, was becoming soft for someone, practically weeping over a girl he hardly knew. It made him wonder, was Jai, Junhoe’s kryptonite?

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May I have something like 'I'm really envious of coffee right now' for kaishin please?

Sure, I’ll see what I can do!!

Shinichi slouched in his chair, eyes drifting to the storm raging outside the cafe’s window.  He sighed, running his fingers through his soaking wet hair.  With the wind as fast as it was, an umbrella wouldn’t help even if he’d thought to bring one.

He wished he’d driven to the crime scene today instead of walking.

When the waitress brought him his coffee, he shot her a tired smile and thanked her, wrapping his damp and cold hands around the steaming heat of the mug.

He sighed again.

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Living Nightmares

@joannahunts | @onehellofabartender-npc plotted starter

Last night had been the first night in months that he’d slept alone, without Jo at his side. She was on a case, hunting some demon that needed killing or banishing with the Winchesters. She’d called before he’d gone to sleep, and everything had seemed fine, until he went to sleep. That’s when the nightmares started. He’d had them a once or twice since returning from Hell. Nightmares that reminded him of the dream he’d met Jo in to say goodbye. While that dream had been bittersweet, this one was anything but. He woke thinking that saving Jo and bringing her back from Hell had only been a dream. That Jo was still dead and ash…

Lucifer had spent the night pacing, doing drugs and drinking heavily, swamped in grief, but he’d dragged himself to the crime scene Chloe had called him to. He was dishevled and darkly off when he arrived on scene. Ella and Chloe were examining the body already.

“Another dead body, hm?” he asked swirving as he walked and crouched in front of the body on ground, “What happened, did she fall on some bullets? Ooh or stabbing, particularly violent… Dead before anyone could try and help?”

Imagine Clint Barton being gifted with the power to control women with his voice or just a touch (one of those Loki’s being a little shit types of magic). Women follow him around, bake cookies for him, show up naked in his bed, give him everything he wants. Maria Hill orders R & D to make him a sexier uniform. Pepper Potts fills his closet with tight jeans, snug shirts and leather jackets. Jessica Drew asks him to give their relationship another try. Little girls dress up in purple and their mothers pass their phone numbers. 

It gets crazy. He can’t go anywhere without a mob scene. Pictures pop up under the hastag #Hawkeyehottie and it trends worldwide. Even the bad guys aren’t immune; Viper voluntarily turns over HYDRA’s latest tech when Clint asks. 

Only Natasha is immune and, at first, she finds the situation funny. She even uploads some pics she snaps of Clint with bed head before things spiral out of control. Then the crowds get to be too much, and the first fights break out in front of the Tower. Hunting Loki down and changing things become her primary goal. 

Through it all, Phil stays unflappable, handling each new insanity, taking it all in stride. He escorts women out of the Tower, calmly breaks up hair pulling sessions, and even starts sleeping on Clint’s couch in case of midnight visitations. Since Clint is virtually a prisoner in his room, he and Phil eat together, watch TV together, deal with the fallout together. Phil’s there when Thor tells Clint there’s no cure; the gift cannot be given back but it can be controlled. He’s there while Clint submits to all the testing, meets with psychologists and behavioral specialists. He oversees the first trials as Clint is exposed to women again and learns, slowly, to use the magic only when he wants to. He’s part of the discussions on ethics and the morality of controlling others with Professor Xavier and Jean Grey.

Clint doesn’t notice when Phil’s suits got mixed in with his jeans. Neither one knows the last time Phil slept in his apartment. Come Christmas, they each get the other a present and open them under their own tree before they join the others. And Clint has no reason to not kiss Phil back the first time he leans in, after they’d been to a Captain America film festival. 

When Loki shows back up, ready to gloat about ruining Clint’s life, he finds Clint happily making dinner with Phil, puttering in the kitchen and laughing at Phil’s stories of the baby recruits. Seven villains are in jail because Clint talked his way into their organization and used his abilities to bring them down. Clint’s settled, more powerful, and content. It pisses Loki off enough for him to try and zap the two of them with another spell, but just then alarms ring and Thor catches his brother in the act, returning to the scene of the crime just as the Avengers knew he would. Loki is captured and Clint & Phil live happily ever after.


During their release campaign and in subsequent media interviews, Damien Echols and his defense team have frequently claimed that there is absolutely no evidence the West Memphis Three - Echols, and his alleged accomplices Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin - brutally murdered three 8 year old boys in the town of West Memphis, AR, in May 1993. This claim has been made so many times it has become an oft repeated fact, but unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some interesting facts of the case that you rarely get to hear, as they compromise the innocence campaign: 

FACT: Fibers found on the victims were found to be consistent with fibers from clothes recovered from both the Echols and Baldwin homes. 

Investigators at the crime scene found a tiny amount of green and red fibers on the victims bodies that could not have come from the clothes they were wearing on the day they were murdered, and thus most likely came from their killers through first-hand transfer as they handled their bodies. West Memphis police seized a number of clothing and fabric items from the homes of the three accused, including a shirt belonging to Damien Echols and a bathrobe belonging to Jason Baldwin’s mother. The fiber expert who testified at the trial of Echols and Baldwin claimed the fibers were “microscopically similiar” to the fibers of the shirt and bathrobe, and stressed the fact that while fibers cannot be matched with a sole item of clothing with exactitude, it was “highly likely” that the green fibers and the red fibers originated from the items of clothing submitted as evidence. In 2012 the defense experts claimed the fibers did not match at all, but by that time the fibers had deteriorated and the original examiner had died, making it impossible to say with certainty if they were correct. 

FACT: There is evidence more than one person committed the crime. 

Numerous independent experts have pointed out the fact that overpowering, binding, and assaulting three small but active 8 year olds would be virtually impossible for a single person to do, especially considering the crime scene’s lack of privacy (Robin Hood Hills was right next to the victims neighborhood and a busy highway ran alongside it, and the area was popular with local children and teenagers as a play area) and the general high risk that accompanies the murder of children. All the evidence points to a blitz-style assault, taking the children by surprise,  and a brutal beating that lasted a short amount of time. Two of the victims had defense type wounds to their hands, but these were superficial.  From this we can surmise that the victims were overpowered very quickly and had almost no time to fight back. Furthermore, there is evidence one victim attempted to run away from the original attack area before being caught and assaulted; Michael Moore was discovered 27 feet from the bodies of the other two victims, and compared to them his injuries were minimal. What does this mean? It means that while one or possibly two offenders assaulted the other boys, a third ran after Moore and brought him back to be bound and murdered. This is an extremely important fact to note, as Jessie Misskelley confessed to police that he had helped bring back one victim who tried to escape, before leaving the scene. 

Here are some other interesting facts of the crime that point towards at least two offenders, most likely three - 

1. The victims were restrained in a ‘hogtied’ style, their left wrists bound to their left ankle,  and their right wrist bound to their right ankle. The expert who testified at trial said that three different knots had been used to bind the children, and on one victim the knots on one side were different from the knots on the other side. Different types of knots used point to more than one offender. 

2. Amongst the items submitted as evidence were three large sticks (roughly the length of baseball bats) with rounded edges. The medical examiner testified that the vast majority of the injuries inflicted were made with weapons with rounded edges, and said that sticks recovered from the area were most likely the items used to beat the boys and fracture their skulls. Three different murder weapons suggests strongly three different offenders, as it would make no sense for a single offender to beat the boys individually with different weapons, then leave these items at the crime scene. 

Please tell me what you think :) tbc

Stay Stay Stay

Originally written for the mtv reblogs in three parts, but combined for easy reading here. 

Inspired by the anon prompt “Oliver and Felicity getting into a really big argument, and Felicity being afraid this means they’re breaking up.” 

“This isn’t something you can just avoid, Oliver. It doesn’t just go away! The fact that we’re even discussing this proves that! How can you possibly think it’s okay to just continue on this road trip and ‘Leave it for when we go home’?” She’s pacing around their small hotel room, phone still in one hand after reading the most recent email Thea had sent, and she swears she’s about to throw it at him if he doesn’t knock this shit off!

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