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Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)

did you know that Isak has an ongoing list of celebrities and historical figures who live/lived with mental illness and sometimes when he can see Even getting frustrated or downcast he’ll send him a text like did you know Van Gogh was bipolar too and he made some of the most famous art in the world maybe in 200 years your art will be up there next to his or Carrie Fisher was bipolar and she was a badass the force is still with you even when it doesn’t feel like it

and even though Even already knows a lot of the examples Isak uses (he googled a lot when he was first diagnosed okay sue him) those messages  still manage to bring him out of his funk for a few bright seconds. it makes Even’s heart swell to think that Isak – the boy who famously claimed that his life would be better without mentally ill people in it – goes to the effort of researching not only bipolar but people who made their mark on history who lived with it too just so he could use that information to send cute supportive messages to his boyfriend.

Isak’s still learning, still figuring out how to be there for Even without being stifling or overbearing, but there are two things he knows for sure.

one: that he’s not going to give up. he’s going to do his damndest to support his boyfriend.

and two: Even is going to make his mark on the world regardless of his illness, and if it’s anything as incredible as the mark he left on Isak’s life then Isak can’t wait to see it

The type of girl they’d marry

Request: Hc about what type of girl each member of the gang would marry and who the boys best man would be? Thxx!!

a/n: I hope these are okay. :) these have my personal opinion of the type of girl they’d marry. 


-Darry would marry a woman who could be fierce and kind & gentle all at the same time. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, but also knows when it’s appropriate. She needs to have a loving and caring nature, but I also feel like Darry doesn’t want a woman that depends on a man/fits the 1960′s wife stereotype. She definitely would be able to help Darry understand Soda and Pony better. He’d love a woman who could tell him when he’s wrong, but can also understand when she’s wrong too. It would very much be a relationship where you’d both wear the pants, because Darry wants a marriage like his mother and father had. 

Best man-Sodapop, because it’s a respect thing to have your oldest brother be your best man. 


-Dallas would marry a woman who’s the complete opposite of him. Of course he wouldn’t change everything about himself, but I could definitely see him trying his best to be a better man. She’d be the only woman who could stick with Dally through thick and thin, dealing with his dangerous temper and constant mood swings. I think she’d open his eyes that not everything in this god forsaken world was going to end badly. He’d test her in anyway he could, but none the less she’d stuck with him through it all. However, she’d also be an extremely strong and beautiful woman, and let him know that first of all she isn’t easy and she doesn’t tolerate anything like cheating. She could go head to head with Dallas, but at the end of the day she loves Dallas more than anything.

Best man-Darry, also a respect thing.


-Soda would marry a woman who’s full of life and love. I feel like the woman Soda marries would be just like him in many ways. She’d have bright eyes, a warm smile, and a contagious laugh. She would enjoy the simple things in life, and would see the good in everything. Everyone would love her, even Dally. She lights up the room upon entering it, and has a lot love in her heart. She’d definitely be very emotional, but knows how to be there for Sodapop and his brothers. Soda would fall in love with her more and more everyday.

Best man-Steve, because Darry played more of the father role at the wedding. 


-Pony would marry a woman who is very eccentric and free spirited. She’d show Pony many of the wonderful things in life, and would be able to pull him down from the clouds. She might be a little bit of a daredevil, and would definitely pull Pony out of his comfort zone. She’d love to listen to Pony’s voice while he read, and would leave little notes in his novels. She would do a lot of little things like that and Pony loved it. I feel like she’d have to be very in tune with her own and other’s emotions to understand Pony well. This woman would show Pony what life was all about. He’d love her with every fiber of his being. 

Best man-Sodapop.


-Johnny would marry a loud and extroverted woman. Much like Dally, Johnny would fall in love with a woman who was the opposite of him. She’d bring out everything good in Johnny and would show him that he didn’t have to be scared. In fact this woman wouldn’t have any fear, until she met Johnny, because she learned she was afraid to lose him. I feel like she’d bring Johnny out of his funk and he really start enjoying life. She would take him on exciting adventures, and he’d love every minute of it. However, she also knew to be gentle with Johnny and truly truly loved him. He’d cherish the love and safety this woman made him feel. 

Best man-Ponyboy


-Kieth would marry a woman very similar to him just like Sodapop. She wouldn’t be afraid to have a good laugh and wouldn’t take many things too seriously. Yet she knew when it was appropriate to be serious. This woman would have a good sense of humor and would radiate love. She would completely have a childlike wonder and a heart of gold. Keith would be head over heels and always would say he was made for loving you. 
Best man-Dally.


-Steve would marry a strong and respected woman. She would have a hot temper just like Steve, and would never back down from defending what she believed him. She knew when to admit she was wrong, and to pick and choose her battles. This woman would fiercely love and protect Stevie. She wouldn’t be afraid to be herself, and do things like dance or sing her heart out. She’s very opinionated, but also very understanding and compassionate. Her love for Steve is intense and passionate. He’d never be able to get enough of this woman. 
Best man-Sodapop. 
Caryl Spec. for 7x10/7x16

These spoilers have only confirmed my suspicions… I will die of a heart attack on Sunday night and I will do so happily and willingly.

But it makes me wonder too, that these spoilers are not even every single detail of 7x10, only a snippet of it. Not to mention it doesn’t specify how they look at each other while they say this dialogue. So it begs the question, what will happen in the moments that we DON’T know about? If the spoilers that we got are this good, then there’s even more potential for even more amazing Carylness!

Yes we know now that (SPOILERS) Carol initiates the first hug, and Daryl does the second, which is supposed to be a very sweet hug. But what about in between? Because with what they talk about and the hard angsty snippets of dialogue we’ve been blessed with, I can’t help but assume that they at least cuddle with each other, since hugging and cuddling are one of the best ways at comforting your boo. What about the looks they give each other, for I could only assume they would look at each other lovingly. What about if they cry, because if they’re not crying during the hugs then I’ll do it for them!! What about during the hugs themselves? We don’t know the details, so as far as we know, there could be lifts, head nuzzling, forehead/cheek kisses, hand holding after they part… *swoons*

But for me, there’s an even bigger question mark on what will happen during 7x16. The new spoilers have shown us that Carol does indeed love him but is still troubled by what she’s done. She even (SPOILERS AGAIN) wants to go with him when he leaves, and he hesitates on leaving, but neither listen to their urges. So it makes me wonder, how will their reunion play out during 7x16?

Carol will obviously leave the house once she finds out about Glenn and Abe, but of course she herself had said that she knew she’d kill people if she found out about who the victims were so she didn’t want to know (or so I’ve read). Something else needs to trigger her back from this torture arc, not just coming back in the fight, but to help her understand what she needs to do. 

What if it’s the fact that Daryl was captured and tortured that kind of brings her out of her funk? Hell yeah it’s bad that she lost two friends, one in particular a very close friend. But Carol is by no means stupid, and finding out about Daryl’s capture and torture will make her realize that he’s got a target on his back. And that if he gets caught again, he will die. So maybe, that’s what makes her realize that killing is necessary, because she would never forgive herself if she could’ve saved the man she loves most from death if all she had to do was kill a few saviors to do so.

Fast forwarding to 7x16, after all of the amazing fluffyness that was 7x10. The only reason it didn’t push forward in 7x10 was b/c of her emotional trauma, so to me they should do something more during 7x16. I used to think that 8x01 is when we’d get their first kiss, but I’m not so sure about that anymore (I flip back and forth on it all the time really).

To me, Carol will be so grateful to see him again that she runs and embraces him, and she’ll kiss him right then and there because she’s so relieved to see him okay, and he, although shocked at first, will happily oblige. Then comes 8x01 in the next season (again, the 100th episode), and maybe the big moment would be them to consummate their relationship. Yeah it does seem rather quick for Caryl, but they could start off the season with a small time jump of a few months. Or they’ll use the illusion that the 6 month hiatus brings, where it feels like to us that their first kiss happened so long ago, so it’s not as much of a jump to see them do the dirty 6 months later.

This is just pure speculation right here, but more than anything I am SO DAMN EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN 7X10. SUNDAY CANNOT GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!!

Caryl on loves!


Kick, punch!
Chop, block!
Chop, kick!
Punch, block!
Duck! Jump!
Turn! Pose!
Duck! Turn!
Jump! Pose!
Kick, punch, block!
Chop, kick, block!
Block, turn, kick!
Block, duck, punch!
Duck, duck, turn!
Jump, kick, chop!
Punch, punch, punch!
Step on the gas?
Step on the brakes?
Step on the gas?
Step on the gas!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the gas!
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Now turn to the left!
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
You, forgot, to close, the door.
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Step on the gas, now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Step on that gas, now turn to the left!
Step on the brakes!
Do I know why we stopped the car again?
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
The skunk over here will bring you luck,
The pump over here comes with a truck.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the funky funky flow.
I have never sold everything, everything.
You have never sold everything, everything.
Money money money, is all you need.
Money money money, is all you need.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Butter butter butter joins the bowl.
We’re makin’ us a cake that you never seen before.
Heat up the oven, now we’re on a roll.
Cheap cheap cheap’s the name of your soul.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
All we gotta do is apply the final touches.
Take out the shrimp, the clam and the perches.
The perch goes here, the clam goes there,
The little tiny shrimps just go everywhere!
Whatever you like’s in the middle, fiddle.
Seafood cake comes just like the riddle.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow, but now I really gotta go.
The toilet over there will bring you luck so give up! I got no time to spare!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Yo yo everybody. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for, here’s the party!
Sunny’s my life, She’s like a dice, I cannot tell which way she’ll turn till I spice!
But I went through it like that, because I want it like that, no other difference, is the fact!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
P to the A to the R to the A, PaRappa’s the name I rap everyday!
Breakin’ out was the name of the game for me, you, you, you, and you!
Kick punch chop, I got the funky flow, M.I.X the flour into the bowl!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Somebody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now scream!
Everybody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now screeeeam!
Cut the lettuce!
Heat the grill!
Toast the buns!
Cook the patties!
Serve the drinks!
Melt the cheese!
French the fries!
Sweep the floors!
Cook those burgers!
Turn the patty over!
Watch them fries!
Better execute sooner!
Bring on the ketchup!
Don’t forget the cheese!
Bring on the mustard!
Handle it with ease!
Cook those burgers, turn the patty over!
Cut the lettuce, don’t forget the cheese!
Toast the buns, french the fries!
Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors!
Love kick.
Love punch.
Love duck.
Love turn.
Love chop.
Love twist.
Love pose.
Love hug.
Smooth kick.
Nice punch.
Sweet chop.
Love fight.
Hold hands.
Face to face.
Get romantic.
Let’s get it on.
Love style.
You and me.
Together forever.
Never to part.
Look up in the sky.
See the stars?
I hold you tight.
Lovers we are.
Smooth like butter.
Caress your lover.
Enjoy the moment.
Won’t last forever.
Love punching.
Soft chopping.
Sweet kicking.
It’s all about the mind.
Tamanegi flava.
Wish I was a playa.
I’m a tax payer.
Need a good lawyer.
Kick, kick, punch, jump, pose.
Smooth chop, love, with a rose.
Duck, twist, twist, turn, punch.
Hug, kiss, love then chop.
Ta, ma, negi sensei
Here, he, comes, so make way!
What’s my name, what’s my name fool?
What’s that sound? Who dat be, huh?
Where I come from, where I come from?
I think I’m big? I think I’m big kid??
Is my desire, to grow back again?
I came to the right place, You’ll make me big.
Pull the lever or whatever, right now, right now!
Better make it quick, hey, hey, look down.
Get you out of this and now push the button.
Come on, come on, you’re big all of a sudden.
What’s going on, what’s going on, you’re really scared.
SOS, SOS, please handle you with care.
You weren’t scared, I must’ve been dreaming.
Better believe it, your mind is like a demon.
You’re the lord everybody knows your name.
You got it all, cash, money and fame.
Now back to business, I want to grow big right?
Let’s not waste no time, here we go, alright?
It’ll never happen again, you promise, you promise.
You’ll do anything, a hug? a kiss??
You don’t know what to do, it’s all because of me.
You enjoy your size, your charm too.
Put you back son, come on you gotta go.
Or you’re gonna miss your favourite TV show.
Do the jump!
Do the flip!
Double Dutch!
Don’t lose the grip!
To the right!
To the left!
Side to side!
I’m the ref!
Jump the ropes now!
Get up high now!
To the limit now! Right now!
Kick, kick, kick, kick!
Slide, slide, slide!
Do it slick, do it, do it slick!
And ride, ride!
Lean it to the left!
Lean it to the right!
Crouch down for speed!
Just obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go! all the way!
Come on now, we ain’t got all day!
On the rails, or just on the trails!
Crave for speed, and let your body go!
The need for speed will keep your body tight!
Remember, never go down without a fight!
Climb the rocks, step by step!
Right, left, right, right, left!
Phew! you’re tried, please take a break!
Come on please, for old times sake?
You gotta do this, every single day!
Tell you the truth, your hair’s turning gray!
Where’s the ropes? Where did you put it?
I thought you had it, I gave it to you!
Oh well then, why don’t you get your skates?
Where’s yours? Can I please wait?
You wanna just forget it? And just take a picture?
You carry a camera, for all your adventures!
Snip snip.
Trim trim.
Cut cut.
Shave shave.
Snip trim cut.
Shave cut snip.
Trim shave dye.
Cut snip trim.
Snip snip snip, snip snip
Cut cut cut, cut cut
Trim trim trim, trim trim
Shave shave shave
Cut the cut, snip the snip
Trim the trim, shave the shave.
Trim the cut, shave the snip.
Cut the snip, shave the trim.
Trim trim cut, cut trim trim
perm perm cut, cut perm perm.
cut cut perm, perm cut cut.
snip snip dye, dye snip snip.
dye dye snip, snip cut cut.
trim trim dye, dye snip snip
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all.
Rinse ya good, I made you look tall.
Dry your hair, blow up and down.
Come on son, it’s time to get down.
Keep the line, keep the line moving.
I’m non stop, my body’s just groovin
Cut your hair, flat back and up front.
Give you a perm now, and we’re done!
Cut the lettuce (THROW) toast the buns.
French the fries (THROW) cook the burgers.
Serve the patties (THROW) heat the grill.
Hug kiss, love and chop (HAI!) hold hands and kick!
Bring, on, da, funk (HAI!) don’t for-get punch.
Da Masta, Da Masta, Is original (HAI!) kick punch style is unforgettable!
Pull the lever or whatever, right, (NOW) better make it quick, come on get down
I am the lord, you all know my name? (NOW) I got it all cash money and fame.
Put me back son, come I gotta go (NOW) I’m gonna miss my TV show.
Kick, kick, kick, kick (DO IT!) Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide.
Lean it to the left, lean it to the right (DO IT!) crouch for speed and obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go, all the way (DO IT!) come on now we ain’t got all day!
Trim, trim, cut, trim, trim, (YEAH!) dye, dye, snip, snip, dye.
Trim, dye, snip, cut, (YEAH!) perm, cut, shave, shave, trim.
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all (YEAH!) rinse ya good, I made you look tall!.
Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.
Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.
Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.
Anything goes, even Alaskan.
Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.
I betcha didn’t know; There are no rules.
Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.
As long as they love food, then any thing’s cool.
C. double O. K. I. E. S.
Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.
Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.
Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.
Noodles are the best no doubt can’t deny, taste better than water, but don’t ask you why.
But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.
Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must’ve sounded real eerie.
You’re welcome brother, for lettin’ you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.
It’s party time, come on everybody you can do it shake your body.
Come on out on the floor, and rock it till you want some more!
Wave your hands from left to right, feel the rhythm, enjoy the ride.
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, come on everybody look alive
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, everybody dance, hard till the end.
He’s back again, the young pup on the block, taking every problem one by one.
Doesn’t cut corners, he never gives up! that’s why he’s always the number one!
To all the brothers, and the sisters.
All the mothers, and the fathers.
We all have problems, no doubt for sure, but tonight,  let’s forget and unite!
People in the front, people in the back, side to side, let’s all get down!
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Give it up? or believe in yourself?
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Like PaRappa, you gotta believe!
Say Ho
Say Ho Ho
Say Ho Ho Ho
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!

                 Please don’t hesitate to spread positivity. Please don’t hesitate to send someone a message to tell them something kind. If you enjoy someones portrayal, let them know. If you like the way they write, let them know. If you like their original character, let them know. If you think they are a great person, let them know. If you think they deserve kind things, please let them know. There is so much negativity in the world and in the roleplaying community. I know, personally, when I receive a single positive message - it outweighs any type of negative message or comments that might have been sent to me. It can bring people out of a funk. It lets people know that they’re wanted around and it’s really important. I’m asking you all to spread kindness today and everyday. 

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I had never heard Uptown Funk before seeing you reblog a gifset of it, but now not only can I not stop listening to it, but every time I hear "I'm too hot Make a dragon wanna retire man" I think of Hawke and it makes me giggle

“Hightown funk you up, Hightown funk you up”

Time Upon Once, ch. 8 (8/?)

Summary: ย Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed ย for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

Tagging a few people that showed interest in this story: @lk0622@nowforruin@sambethe@xemmaloveskillianx ย @l-e-x-a-xd @profoundlyfadedprincess @once-uponacaptain@icecubelotr44 ย @poetic-justice-96 ย @allietumbles @el-kelpoย @jennjenn615 @leiandcharles ย (want to be tagged? let me know and Iโ€™ll do it)

on Tumblr: I II III IV V VIย VII


Chapter VIII

It had been two weeks. Two gruesome weeks of picking up the slack in the Sheriffโ€™s Station of a town he had barely any familiarity with, of drinking himself almost to a stupor every night at The Rabbit Hole, and nursing hangovers in the mornings.

Two weeks of seeing Henryโ€™s sad eyes and lack of a smile, the boy shutting him and everyone out. Of running into Regina and simply averting his eyes, determined not to play whatever game she was after.

Two weeks in which every day he contemplated how easy it would be to just pack his meager belongings and simply leave. Two weeks in which the only things that stopped him were Henryโ€™s grieving stare and Mary Margaretโ€™s heartbroken eyes.

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Headcanons on soda's love life after Sandy

Yes because Sodapop deserves the world yet the one he got was very,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sandy.

I had to I’m sorry

- felt like crying everytime he saw a blonde

- wrote, sang, and dedicated songs to Sandy in the shower

- He didn’t want to date, like at all because everyone reminded him of Sandy

- he went through a period where he was really angry about it all

- during said period hated babies and blondes

- even more so blonde babies

- he didn’t like going to the DX because he didn’t want all those girls comin after him when the one he thought was the right one just left

- Tried going on a date once, cried to her telling his entire life story about how his parents died and then Sandy left and was pregnant with some one else’s baby - she wasn’t the one

- tries writing letters to Sandy but she changes her address so he just keeps getting the box back

- sometimes he pretends it’s actually from her, it makes him feel better


- takes anger out one Steve by arm wrestling

- tried todo it with Darry once

- almost lost his girl and his arm

- he stops dying food

- the person to help bring him out of his funk,,,,,,Dallas Tucker Winston

- his famous line that brought Soda back was…

- ‘She’s a broad, get over it man. She’s probably out there with some other mans ankle biter not carin bout you and ur here acting like an ankle biter man. Man up.’


- okokokokokokokok so a new diner would open up and do u know what they did??? HMMMM DO YA???? THEY DYED FOOD

- Soda would HAVE to go so he would drag the entire gang with him

- Ok they would go up to the bar counter thingy where like the waitresses stand ya know and this one waitress would catch our little Sodapops eye

- her hair? Oh it was blue. Sodapops face when she asked them what they wanted with the prettiest smile he had ever seen? Oh it was red.

- the poor kid couldn’t even talk to tell her what color he wanted his burger bun to be.

- two days after that Soda still talks about her

- the gang forces him to go talk to her while they stood outside watching from the window

- he might have been a mess but he was a cute mess

- he got dem digits


Authors Note: This anon requested fic literally made me giddy. Itโ€™s a Chris Evans/Jared Leto reader fic that I truly hope that you enjoy. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Angst, Heartbreak

ย โ€œHelloooo love xx I was wondering if you can write one of those writing things about the reader being previously married to jared leto ( I just started obsessing over him ) but they divorced and now sheโ€™s dating chris evans and you can figure out the rest thank you .โ€œ -Anon ย  ย  ย  ย  ย 

The golden letters pop out of the page for you. Staring down, you see your name etched in gold as your fingers bend the edges nervously. The woman in the room tugging and pulling at you doesnโ€™t bother you at all. You were used to this by now. Your first film being nominated for an Oscar meant that campaigning and nonstop talk shows were your day to day routine. But the man that you came home to almost every single night made it all easier.

Just as your nerves were getting the best of you, he wraps his fingers around your waist. Head resting on your shoulder, he places butterfly kisses on your exposed skin. โ€œI never thought you could look more beautiful than the day that I met you. I was terribly mistaken.โ€ You giggle a little. Cheeks flushing as your fingers race against his face before placing a soft kiss. โ€œIโ€™m so proud of you.โ€

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THE STORIES OF OUR LIVESThe American Identity in Musical Theatre 2016 EDITION

3 hours. 45 songs. A special 4th of July playlist that examines that various shades of the American experience in one of the few genuinely American art forms. UPDATED July 3, 2016.

Everybody’s Got the Right - Assassins / Cool, Cool, Considerate Men - 1776 / The Old Red Hills of Home - Parade / To Build a Home - The Bridges of Madison County / Lady’s Maid - Titanic / America - West Side Story / Carnaval Del Barrio - In the Heights / My Shot - Hamilton / Waitin’ For the Light to Shine - Big River / Molasses to Rum - 1776 / The Eagle and Me - Bloomer Girl / The Flagmaker, 1775 - Songs for a New World / Momma Look Sharp - 1776 / Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) - Hamilton / Life Story - Closer Than Ever / Back to Before - Ragtime / Oklahoma! - Oklahoma! / Goodbye/Boom Boom - Elegies / The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) - Hair / Unlikely Lovers - Falsettoland / Will I? - Rent / Something Just Broke - Assassins / It’s In Your Hands Now - Road Show / Wheels of a Dream - Ragtime / The Saddest Song - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / There is a Child - Giant  / Paciencia y Fe - In the Heights / Politics and Poker - Fiorello! / The House We Live In - Grey Gardens / Our Favorite Son - The Will Rogers Follies / A Normal, Healthy, American Boy - Bye Bye Birdie / What You Own - Rent / Second Nature - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / Sarah - The Civil War / How Glory Goes - Floyd Collins / Gaman - Allegiance / Till We Reach That Day - Ragtime / Let It Sing - Violet / Free At Last - Big River / The Lynching Blues - Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk / Lot’s Wife - Caroline, or Change / I Know Where I’ve Been - Hairspray / Everybody Rejoice! - The Wiz / Ol’ Man River - Show Boat / Make Them Hear You - Ragtime


anonymous asked:

I have 2 requests 1st - Point no. 2 with Reborn and the Vongola Guardians & Tsuna and 2nd Laughter with Yamamoto and Vongola Guardians, Tsuna and Reborn. Please if you're not to busy.

Since there’s more than three characters for the quote, I’m just going to do headcanons instead of a scenario.

    -when Yamamoto had his first violent episode dealing with the enemy, he fell into a moral crisis. Reborn dragged him out of his self-isolation, rebuking him for worrying about taking the lives of those who want to kill him. It helped bring Yamamoto out of his funk, and he was grateful to Reborn for always caring enough to show tough love
    -Hibari’s tonfas got damaged in a brutal fight, and he refused to buy another set. When he couldn’t find anyone to repair them for him, he grew frustrated. Reborn took the broken weapons and sent them off to a specialist to have them fixed, knowing Hibari would not take his help if asked. Later on he found money in his room as repayment, along with a note from Hibari that said, ‘Don’t touch my stuff.’ (And that translates to ‘Thank you’)
    -when an urgent mission threatens to prevent Ryohei from spending the day with Kyoko on her birthday, Reborn switches the names on the report so that he is assigned instead
    -when Mukuro has flashbacks to his days with the Estraneo Family late at night, he’ll go and sit outside. Whenever Reborn notices him, he’ll go out and sit with him for as long as it takes
    -when Chrome’s car broke down on a rural road, Reborn came to pick her up, despite her insistencies she could walk the distance home
    -Lambo spent a week straight working on one of his school projects. Whenever he fell into a snag or had trouble, Reborn would help him figure it out until he was finished
    -Gokudera was stuck at the airport during a weather delay, and Reborn (who dropped him off) stayed with him until it was time to depart
    -Reborn taught Tsuna most of everything he knows, and is the reason why he made it through school and is as strong as he is now. When Father’s Day rolls around, he celebrates two people–Reborn and Iemitsu

      -Yamamoto has a tendency to walk into things when he isn’t paying attention, and the one time he ran smack into a pole thouroughly amused Hibari
      -whenever Chrome is feeling down, Yamamoto will put in a comedy movie and watch it with her
      -Uri got stuck in a tree, and Yamamoto got stuck trying to get the Storm cat unstuck. It took Gokudera twenty minutes to stop laughing so he could help
      -Yamamoto once tried to sneak up behind Mukuro and push him into the pool. It failed miserably, and Mukuro laughed about it for a good day
      -when Lambo was eight he jumped out from behind a door to scare Yamamoto. His response was to tickle the child until he conceded defeat
      -Ryohei and Yamamoto like to play catch, and one time they broke the school window by accident. They immediately took off running, knowing Hibari would be on their tails quickly, and though they should have been terrified they couldn’t stop laughing
      -Yamamoto isn’t the best with directions, and Reborn takes great enjoyment out of giving Yamamoto a map and ordering him to find the marked destination
      -Yamamoto tried teaching Tsuna how to play baseball. Once the bat flew straight out of his hands and landed on the roof of the sports shed. After a beat of silence, they both broke into laughter