bringing someone down

I think baby boomers’ tendency to get very mad at slow service goes hand in hand with their dislike of smart phones. Every situation I’ve been in where service is slow? I just whip out my phone and browse apps for the extra 30 seconds. It’s not a big deal. Meanwhile Landline Howard behind me in line who’s never held a smartphone in his life is bored with nothing to occupy his time so he yells at minimum wage workers instead.

So we already know Hunk is really strong but I’ve been told that, according to the Wiki, he’s even stronger than Shiro? So I rewatched the episode where he was mind-controlled into fighting Lance, and even hundreds of feet underwater, he has amazing reflexes and can literally throw his peer 10 feet away?

I dunno about you guys but now I wanna see what Hunk can really do to someone in hand-to-hand combat without environmental restriction 🔍👀


tiny children


The Crispy boy is done. HIS BOYFRIEND’S NEXT.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like your drawings so I think you can help me. I draw myself and I've got one friend that shows me how to paint humans. But if she sees my pictures, she always laughs and says that they are funny. I don't feel really confident and her meaning means a lot to me, so I think my drawings are just "funny". First I were really proud of them, but then she always comes and laughs. What should I do? P.S. I'm sorry for bad english. I'm from germany.

Um. wow…

That’s how you DON’T teach someone how to draw.  The thing with criticism, an important thing you should listen to, is that first you should find the good things about something you’re up to criticise. 

Say there’s a very detailed colourful drawing but the anatomy is very, very bad. Maybe one leg is bigger than the other, maybe the eyes are different shape, BUT.

You say that, hey, I like your colours! (for example)! You found a good contrast harmony! You’ve put so many details into it! And only then you say (BUT IN A KIND POLITE WAY) what this person should fix. Tell them what is not the greatest about anatomy AND HOW fix it, say that hey! I love your details, but It’s better to first finish the general shape because details can distract from it. Or, if you criticise something first then at least say what’s good about it afterwards.

People who laugh at someone work, I feel like, have absolutely zero interest in your improvement or self-confidence. In my opinion, this kind of people just want to level up in their own eyes by bringing someone down. We all know just how destroying those kind of laughs can be to people who put so much into their work. 

You’ve put your time, your imagination, your sincerity into something that means a lot to you and this itself isn’t funny at all! Your friend should at least respect your effort, because not everyone is born immediately great and have to work their way up.

I’d say don’t listen to your friend and keep being proud of your drawings! And I think you should be proud! Don’t let anyone bring you down like this.

If only I knew
What I know today

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you’ve done
Forgive all your mistakes
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I wanna call you
But I know you won’t be there

I’m sorry for
Blaming you
For everything
I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself
By hurting you.

— Hurt, Christina Aguilera.

Dear Gamers:

Man, that was a great E3 press conference, right? A ton of new games, all those fancy graphics - it was pretty awesome.

You know what would ruin it? Shitting on random people for being excited for something that you aren’t into.

I see it every year: people getting into fights over ‘who won’ or why their favorite is so much better than yours. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with criticism, but this isn’t criticism: it’s just bashing someone for being into something different than you.

Maybe, instead of bringing down someone else’s fun for no real reason whatsoever, you could just…let them enjoy it. E3 is a celebration of all things gaming, and there’s literally something for everyone - why not celebrate the industry, instead of getting into some nonsensical online pissing match with random strangers?

Let’s take a step back and admire E3 for what it is: a showcase of all things gaming. Again, there’s something for everyone - that sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!

There’s nothing that makes me more happy than remember that Draco and Astoria raised Scorpius in their own way, with so much love and happiness, without pureblood supremacy values. 

Like, thinking about Draco as a father is…heartbreaking, in some way. Haunted by his past, his bad choices. The war. And he doesn’t want to remember that anymore 

He doesn’t want his son to make allies, but friends, when he goes to Hogwarts. He doesn’t want his son to feel obligated to be on top of the class just to bring down someone else; he wants Scorpius to feel proud of himself, and happy and free, because that’s all that matters. 

But most importantly, he doesn’t want Scorpius to suffer like he did. Because he loves him, he loves him so much.

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Now I'm imagining young Nightingale as like, "Sir, I don't caaaare how it works, my only question is: Will it EXPLODE?" He was that clever boy who wouldn't turn in his homework, but you never left alone for too long because he'd be blowing something up in an outbuilding

See, I think he was the kind of boy who would always turn in his homework, because he was responsible, but he’d clearly be doing the bare minimum on all the theory questions and occasionally giving the kind of answer that made teachers wonder if he was subtly trolling them or actually been actually paying that little attention, because he was fine with anything practical, so how…? 

But definitely lots of explosions. Probably in conspiracy with fellow students. 

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That's the bottom line, they're genuinely scared of Louis and the power he has. You don't spend that much time and effort trying to bring down someone who won't achieve greatness. They know Louis already has and will do great things so they're trying their very best. They got a very strong person they're targeting and an army of bees behind him, and we aren't backing down.


Before the Dawn (Part 3/?)

Summary: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (slower burn)

Word Count: ~2500

Warnings: Language, angst, and food/starvation tw!! (nothing is majorly detailed, but it is mentioned/is a theme!)

A/N: Apologies for this update taking so long, but school has been kicking my butt, and obviously, that comes first. Still, I hope you all continue to enjoy this series! (Also, I’m putting a Wanda GIF because I love her & she’s a bigger character in this part.)

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can you explain why you're anti tony? (i ain't rlly for him, i just wanna hear you rant pls)

jlkjdk i can rant so much thank u

idk he’s a war criminal first off like Stark Industries created bombs and missiles and wmds and he didn’t do shit about it. nothing. even after he stopped creating them he never mentioned it except to add to his own personal pain like ‘oh i got played’ or w/e, adn then when (not)wanda and (not)pietro bring it up bc he killed their parents he’s just like ‘i don’t do that anymore’ like ??? ok but you did it in the first place asshole w/e (i have more abt that line to say too)

also he’s a huge misogynist?? like i know his stans like to cry “oh he has a girlfriend!!” or w/e but almost every interaction he has with women is him leering at them. also he made a r*pe joke in aou so like.. who even gives a shit about him at this point

like this rich fucking asshole can’t take two seconds out of his day to be a decent human being? like no surprise there but still. shut the fuck up he isn’t funny, he isn’t cute, he treats people like shit. and i get that steve rogers isn’t perfect either but at least he doesn’t go around killing people and then crying about how it wasn’t his fault bc he’s too rich and never had to be responsible for anything in his life lmfao. 

like when (not)wanda and (not)pietro confronted him and said “you killed our parents” and he was like “i don’t do that anymore” like… too bad asshole you did it in the first place and while some things are forgivable being too rich and privileged to give a shit about who your company is blowing up isn’t one of em bye. also funny he says that when confronted with killing their parents but when bucky was literally tortured and brainwashed and tony admitted that he knew that and didn’t care it’s suddenly okay for him to go around trying to murder him? when bucky was a victim all along and tony admitted he knew??

literally his entire position on the accords and bucky comes from a place of privilege and ignorance. someone pointed out the pens he grabbed for steve to sign with were the pens used to sign the US into WWII and were largely considered controversial bc of the history behind it which just goes to show tony stark doesn’t give a shit about past mistakes or experiences and just wants to do what’s easiest for him and what he thinks is right without taking anyone else’s opinions into consideration

also he locked up (not)wanda and called her a weapon of mass destruction. her. a person who was being persecuted bc people feared what they didn’t understan. he said they “don’t grant visas to weapons of mass destruction” so fuck that line and fuck tony stark. he created wmds, he created ultron even though everyone said it was a bad idea, he can’t take responsibility on his own for it and he’s a piece of shit

and then he goes and tries to murder a victim of hydra, blasts his arm off, and then kicks him in the face when he’s already down. he’s a piece of shit misogynist who can’t take any single bit of criticism without bringing someone else down with him and regularly blames victims for shit that doesn’t even compare to what he’s done

there’s a lot more im probably forgetting but he’s a rich, egotistical asshole and i don’t care how ~snarky~ he is r*pe jokes aren’t funny and he looks like a wet sock ok bye

thx for giving me the opportunity to rant

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You go to Jeff’s house to take care of him then have dinner with your father.

04. Fathers and Daughters

Y/N P.O.V.

In the afternoon, nearing one o'clock, you received a message from Jeff, asking you to go over and take care of him. He didn’t explain the cause and you never questioned why, knowing you’ll find out when you see him.

You poked your head into the kitchen to see your father sitting at the dinner table with his phone in his hand and a spoon - supporting Frosted Flakes - mid-air, in his other.

“Hey, Dad,” your father looked up from his phone to you, “I’m going over to Jeff’s place.” You said, gesturing towards the door with your thumb. “Alright, Kiddo, but be back before five, yeah? I feel like I haven’t seen you around.”

You scoffed. “It’s not my fault. You work swing-shift and it changes every time.” You affirmed, proving that you weren’t the one being absent most of the time.

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