bringing someone down

Witch au in the fahc universe

Edit because I should have put this stuff in the post and not the tag:   storm/weather witch Michael who creates lightning to strike people down or a tornado to wreck the streets behind them to help lose the cops

Animal witch Ryan who lets loose animals in the zoo and convinces them to tear apart someone once he’s done with them, it’s an easy way to dispose bodies

Jack who uses her magic to heal them just enough until they can get to Caleb. She’s a white witch and her magic is suppose to be used for good and it is. It helps Geoff when he’s stressed over a heist and Ryan when he can’t sleep. It help Michael control his magic when he’s pissed and keeps Gavin from fainting when he has to use his magic. It helps Jeremy keep from getting too anxious about a job especially in the beginning and herself when things get to much and she needs to keep herself sane and calm. It helps them all from going mad when someone gets captured. 

time/fire witch Geoff who turns back time when something goes horribly horribly wrong and one of them dies and lights shit up when need be

Necromancy  Jeremy who gets ghost to help distract people and bring people just long enough when he’s not finished with them. Jeremy can only bring somebody back for so long before it drains him and they aren’t fully back to themselves they’re, well, a zombie which is why Geoff has to turn back time instead of Jeremy just bringing them back. 

Blood witch Gavin who hates his magic and only uses it when he has to

Garden witch Mica who makes vines grow from the ground to tie people up

Space witch Trevor who creates black holes and stars just hot enough to burn a person when Geoff isn’t around to do it

Eclectic Witch Lindsay who is basically the crew Jack of all trades 

Creation witch Matt who makes new weapons and vehicles for the crew

and divination witch steffie who they all go to before a job to see how it goes

Another edit because something was pointed out by @whatdoyewant :  ryan using mangy cats and dogs, wild forgotten things that prowl the alleys and scrap for scraps. who are starved and half crazed and more wild than any zoo animal. zoos are precious conservation programs with rare species that are well taken care of, and he wouldn’t touch them. He’d summon the cats left behind, the dogs who ran from fighting rings and abuse, the rats that fill every crack of every dilapidated apartment and every sewer.

Thank you very very much!

This probably won’t happen, but I truly hope that both Army and Exo l, and every other fandom that has beef with each other will finally be able to find peace with each other and stop fighting and arguing over the littlest most immature matters in 2017. Fighting and arguing over things like which group is better than the other or pointing out each other’s flaws is going to do nothing but hurt people. You shouldn’t be fighting over such little things, and you shouldn’t let the negativity and hate take over you. It’s not healthy, especially when it’s because of something as immature as fandom wars. There are way more important things in life than spending hours trying to prove that your fave is better, and honestly bringing someone down to make someone else look better just brings you down lower, so I hope you all let go of all the hate and negativity from 2016, and move on with a clean slate in 2017. I promise you that you will feel so much more happiness.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been out for less than 12 hours and I get on Tumblr to see endless posts of people complaining about Tony Stark, a post comparing Tony Stark fans to Donald Trump supporters, and anonymous hate mail in my inbox because I’m excited about Tony being in Spider-Man.

Like honestly let us like what we like guys, I’m so tired of this fandom. It’s okay if you don’t like Tony Stark, you don’t have to, but please stop trying to bring down and hate on the people who do. It’s like some people think we’re genuinely fundamentally bad people for liking a specific fictional character, and I don’t get it.

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

there will be people who use you. they are good at getting close so you care about them. when they see your scars, they’ll flash their own. you will feel kin to them. you know what it is to struggle with things.

and at first you think: they’ll help me if i help them.

but it doesn’t happen. you love them deeply so you always pick up the phone. it doesn’t matter that you have a test the next day or that you’re going through things of your own. you support them.

they are good at pretend. they will play like they are your friend, so you endlessly give to them. after a while you realize: it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, some more pressing emergency is always happening to them. it is a hard thing to recognize, because you don’t want people to hurt like you do. 

i have a friend who never asks me if i’’m okay. she only ever texts me to tell me she wants to die, but never goes to therapy or does any of the things i tell her to do to help herself. once when i came back from my grandfather’s funeral she demanded to know why i’d been gone, and when i explained, she said that without me, she’d almost passed out of this world. i had to lay down on the floor; nothing made sense anymore. i want her to get better. i want to help.

but there are people out there who will use you. who don’t care about getting better, they care about you giving up your time, your effort, your everything. until you are drained of it. i don’t mean those who give back, who will gladly do anything for you, who you know you can trust. who you don’t mind giving up the test for, because you know they’d do the same in a similar spot.

i mean those who don’t know you. who pretend that they care about you but are using your empathy as a sore spot. who take more than they need. who demand your attention all of the time but don’t care if you bleed.

I respect all ships but I hate the tumblr mentality

If your first thought when you see a character is. “Hmm are they gay or straight?” You have a problem. A characters sexuality doesn’t define them. Just like an actual real life human being. Sexuality does not define you. Love who you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But when you start telling other people what THEIR characters sexuality is you need to stop. Blizzard has been working on Overwatch for years. Longer than you’ve even known of it’s existence. Don’t tell them all THEIR characters are gay, or straight.

And for gods sakes let people be happy when two characters they love have more interactions. More character development.

Cause omg who would’ve fucking thought that characters are more than who they fuck??? WOW SO SURPRISE I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Characters need actual story to be interesting???

Everytime you post hate or try to bring someone down you grown more and more pathetic as a person. You are a sorry excuse and you are not apart of any fandom I love. I won’t allow it. You call yourselves fans? HA pathetic a real fan wouldn’t quite on their fandom over fucking voice lines.

Guess what there’s more sexualities than straight and gay. I can’t fucking stress how little sexuality plays into a characters role. Especially on a game rated T for TEENS. The fact that yall put so much emphasis on it is sad.

If you deny that people on this site aren’t pan/biphobic, heterophobic, and acephobic you are insane. I have never seen so much hate for anything not 100% gay. STOP shaming people because they don’t like gay ships. You all seem like a bunch of psychotic people fetishsizing gay and trans people. That’s all I ever see from yall.

Bunch of hypocrisy too. Tracer can be gay and have a lovely girlfriend (they’re so cute together) but genji and mercy can’t be together? Because what some made up shit yall have about their relationship? Romantic or not Genji does not hate Mercy he calls her by her first name. That’s a big fucking deal in Japanese culture and a sign that he knows and trusts her well.

Stucky is cute, staron is cute, clintasha is cute, romanogers is cute, samsteve is cute, sambucky is cute, scarletwidow is cute, Sam x Nat is cute, natsharon is cute, steggy is cute, scarletamerica is cute, winterwitch is cute, brucenat is cute, pepperony is cute, scarletvision is cute, Tony x Rhodey is cute, t'chucky is cute, they’re all cute!

What’s not cute is leaving hate in the tags or spreading negativity about a particular ship for no valid reason, so let’s all just please try to not bring others down, and spread some more positivity and love in the fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

UUUUHH…Boron is about to become the leader of a communist goblin rebellion???? didn’t see that one coming 

also I feel silly, because i like this character enough that I want to do something with them outside of DnD…so I’m writing a trench story, but its a ROMANCE STORY??? 

so during the campaign…Boron will be a super serious and intense leader of a communist uprising…and then also…the main character of a gushy, squishy romance story about trenches learning about love for the first time. perfect.

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

It is so sad that someone as brilliant as @euclase is getting so much hate and mean messages and is being bullied because she’s talented, confident and her hard-earned skills are appreciated. Instead of celebrating the talents and abilities of each other, the SPN fandom have people so miserable, full of envy and jealousy who can’t seem to value and highlight other people’s talents. Doing art and writing fanfiction isn’t a competition; we do it because we love it and we want to share that love for our fave show and characters with our fandom. Fandom that’s supposed to support and RESPECT each other.

Everyone has a unique talent. Some have found it others are still searching, but what we are supposed to be doing is encouraging one another to find it, improve and shine. Comparing yourself to others is an attack on yourself and against others. I’m guilty of this but at least I don’t go around spreading poison. Bringing someone down because their talent is at another level or more popular isn’t the answer and it won’t make you feel better or your work stand out. Your art and writing and anything else you do is your own; it’s special and you’ll find your own fans. Just don’t be petty and hate on others.

We need to bolster and build each other up. Seeing someone else’s light shine won’t dim yours. Helping others won’t make you poorer. Admiring another person’s work won’t make yours less important. Hating not only destroys the peace of the people around you but your own.

@euclase Your work is one of the best and most beautiful I have ever seen, don’t stop doing what sets your heart on fire. You bring happiness to others~

Thank you,

Kat 💕

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ok so I can't send asks to your main but I'm pretty sure feeling like a fake is actually a thing?? Don't listen to it, please. You are amazing and people love you, don't let your own brain trick you into thinking it's not true.

Thank you, I’ll try my best <3 

Librarians Fandom PSA

I know I haven’t been all that active in the fandom this past year, so maybe what I have to say won’t hold a lot of weight, but I don’t care. This needs to be said.

A little over three years I was in a dark place emotionally. I won’t go into specifics, but there was one thing in particular that helped pull me out; The Librarians. More specifically, this fandom.

We used to brag about how wonderful this fandom was, how accepting everyone was, and nice everyone was. There were no cliques, no ship wars. We all got along, all brought together by the fact that this show made us happy. It was as simple as that.

There was a time when we wouldn’t stand for bullying within the fandom. If we saw someone bringing someone else down for their ship, the rest of the fandom would speak up. It was the one thing this fandom didn’t tolerate. What happened to those days?

I’ve said this before in a more low key post, but that was awhile ago and people newer to the fandom probably missed it, so I’ll say it again.

No ship is better than another.

I don’t care if you ship Jassandra, Casekiel, the OT3, Ceve, or any combination of characters from the show. I don’t care if you don’t have a particular ship, if you worship Ezekiel as a character or think Cassandra should have a girlfriend outside of the main characters. You are entitled to root for whoever you wish. But this applies to everyone in the fandom.

People are allowed to express their love for their ship or character. People should be free to do this without having to worry that someone else will jump in and attack them. I am absolutely disgusted that I’ve been witnessing this sort of behaviour in our fandom recently. This is not how LiTs behave. We’re a friendly fandom, open and welcoming to anyone who enjoys the show.

I’m not calling any particular ship out here. I’ve witnessed this sort of behaviour in all corners of The Librarians fandom. Those who know me know I’ve been a hardcore Jassandra shipper since day one, and I’ve seen first hand, fellow Jassandra shippers treat other ships like shit. This fandom is in war over which ship or which character is better and that is not how it should be.

I’m not naive enough to believe that this post will change the behaviour of those who are doing the bullying. Hell, some people probably don’t even realize they’re doing it. But I had to say something. I’ve felt ousted by parts of this fandom in the past, which is one thing, but now I have friends who are hurting and I won’t sit back and let that happen.

And while I don’t believe that those doing the bullying will change, I can hope for something else. There are still friendly faces in this fandom. There are still people that are fun to talk to, that will discuss episodes, theories, and characters with you. People who are entirely non judgemental. I hope that this post serves as a reminder of this. Don’t let the bad apples ruin this amazing show and fandom for you. 

Honestly? If you are offended by NCT’s style then you have the right to. Dreadlocks aren’t just a hairstyle, it is actually a part of a religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. You don’t get to play around with people’s religion as if it’s a toy or something.
However, you cannot go around degrading the members and calling them names or saying ugly things about them. Sure, what they did was wrong but I don’t think they sat there and picked out those hairstyles from 100 different ones. SM will have a department for styling a group to fit their comeback concepts and I’m pretty sure they were the ones who were responsible. And above all, you can educate someone without bringing them down. Sure, it’s almost 2017 but ignorance is still very much alive and people do and say things without even know the extent to which it can cause damage. If they did know the damage their actions can cause, I’m 100% sure they will not purposefully do it. Don’t assume that the members will know right off the bat that it’s wrong. Tell them in a way that will open their eyes not attack them and make them block out what you are saying. Educate people if they are wrong, don’t belittle them.
And don’t go around attacking people who are offended that their culture is being used for the look. It’s a culture, it has meaning and it’s more than just a look. People have the right to be disappointed. 


in fact, i was beginning to get sick of you. people change, people leave and people make empty promises while keeping tricks up their sleeves. 


i don’t need somebody to keep me alive, i can do that by myself. i don’t need someone to bring me down, i don’t need to misplace more trust, i don’t need another broken part.


not that it matters. i’ve heard i’m incapable of loving someone from so many before you. i’m cold as ice, but then again i’m nice? 


i won’t take no ifs or maybes. if i’m to be your one and only, it can’t be just when you’re lonely. if there’s a part of me you don’t appreciate, well you have to options, learn to fucking deal with it or leave,


i don’t depend on people for happiness, as much as i’d love too. i’ve learnt the hard way that’s how you get a heartbreak.