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Dorianmance Week 2017

When? February 20-26

Event tag? #Dorianmance Week

Many of you expressed interest in participating so why not bring some more Dorian love to everyone’s dash? Always wanted to write that one-shot? Draw a comic? Write down all the romantic headcanons?

Now it’s your chance! The rules are simple: create something for your Dorianmancing Inquisitor for the week: be it fanart, fanfic, video edit, screencaps or headcanon. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hard Hitter – switch themes between angst, fluff, humor, bittersweet, smut. Make us feel things.

Customized – come up with few AUs during the week. Vampires? Hipsters? Gladiators? Go nuts!

Forever Marked – explore your post-Trespasser headcanons.

Synergized – team up with other Dorianmancers. Art trade? Fic swap? Collaborations are beautiful things.

People Person – You haven’t romanced Dorian but still want to participate? Create something for a friend who did! Ask a Dorianmancer about their ship!

We are all busy people - besides it’s not quantity that matters but quality. Even one post is a great contribution!

For those who like to challenge themselves. Set your goal and post fresh content every day for the week. Flood the tags with your Dorianmancing OC!

Happy creating, guys! (:

He's a tease

Characters: Changkyun/I.M x Reader
Genre: SMUT, fluff, one shot

Summary: you just saw a dog in the alley, that’s all you know.

A/n: this is my debut smut a.k.a first ever smut, so please do bear with me.

You were always been a cat person, every time that you see a cat on your way it like a need to pet their heads. You are always been fond of them you see yourself to them moody, always sleeping, eating and always cleaning. 

Basically cats are your spirit animal.

Stopping by an alley you saw a white tabby cat and went to it to hi! Stroke it on it’s ears. It was so fluffy you swear that this cat doesn’t belong here.

You were about to take it when the cat runs towards the other side,  you weren’t able catch the cat because of the groceries on your hands. You just prayed that the cat can be safe.

Walking to your apartment it began to pour hard all of the sudden, running to look for a place that can keep you dry.

You know you were alone but you heard rustling sounds behind, slowly you walk out of it but stopping in mid step when you heard a whimper.  Your head snapped behind you and there you saw a dog almost drenched like you. 

“should I take him home??? What if he has an owner??? But I cant leave it here like wey, it might die. But… the pound his waaaay far and my apartment is just there…." 

You were on your train of thoughts when you felt paws on your leg and when you looked down the dog was already there. 

Squatting down you open one of you spare shopping bag and let him  jump in, standing up you held him with the groceries and dashing off the wet streets under the crying dark sky. 

Arriving at the towering apartment,  you shake your wet body and entered the warm lush lobby and walk towards the elevator. Waiting for the doors to open you were shivering from the coldness you felt that the bag shift and the dog’s head popped out.

The doors open and you entered the elevator you waited for people to come in but there wasn’t so you punched in your floor level and the doors closed. 

Humming, you thightly holds the bag with the dog and carries the already giving up paperbags of groceries in one. 

"What should I do?” You asked yourself on time as you heard a ding, you went out and walk towards your apartment’s door. “Stay there. Ok?” You told the dog as you put him down the floor along side with the groceries. 

After punching in the pass codes you took the bag and the groceries, but as soon as you grab the paper bags all of the contents went falling. Sighing, you put the dog inside first and lazily picks everything putting them insida one by one.

After you were done you went to the kitchen to arrange everything, after that was done you went to your bathroom and wash. 

The feeling of the warm water makes your cold body to relax, closing your eyes as you sigh submerge under the water and staying still. You let your thoughts to be wash.

You were relaxed not until a certain bag passed your mind, jolting up from the tub. You immediately wrapped yourself with a towel and sprinting out of the bathroom to your door. There you saw him, the dog patiently waiting fir you to pick him up.

“You’re a good boy” you smiled at him as you finally picked him and headed back to your bathroom. There you told him to stay for a while so that you can finish your bath and give him one.

For a stray dog he seemed to be well taught and that he is groomed 'he is really a beauty' you thought as the dried mud and dirts had been washed off of him. There you can perfectly see his gorgeous silky fur, his eyes were shining black and weirdly you liked looking at them.

After a couple of minutes of washing him, you set him on the counter and blow dried his fur. You were humming to the tune of the elevator song, you put him on the floor and he walked cautiously. 

You went to your cabinet and took your favorite pajama and slip on it. “Here boy! Come here” you called him and he came running and you picked him up and went to the kitchen. 

“Its still so cold, even if I had changed the heater’s setting” taking a bowl and pouring yourself some cereal whilst adding milk. You took a spoon full and briging it to you mouth, humming in satisfaction. 

He was there watching your every move,  looking down you saw him and offer some of the cereal thinking he would eat, but he did not.

Rummaging through your cupboards you tried to look for something that he can use to eat and drink water, you even search the fridge for something he can eat.

“Here you go buddy, eat well and dont forget to drink water ok?” You said while patting his head you sat down beside him and ate your cereal, you look at him and smiled “go on and eat that is yours" 

After finishing your cereal you stood up and placed your empty bowl in the sink, you drank your vitamins and headed to bed after you set a basket for him to sleep at.

"Goodnight buddy! Tomorrow we will look for your owner ok?” You told him one last time and turned off the lights as you went to your room to sleep.

You look at your hand why did you felt something weird?  You like cats but this dog is something, his eyes sparkle and its beautiful. But he has an owner who loves him, so you have to bring him back.

Closing your eye, you let the darkness swallow you to its abyss to dreamland.

The next day was hard, you can’t seem to find the energy to stand up, but you heard whimpers outside your door accompanied by some scratching noise. Standing up you saw him staring at you and licked your leg.

“Hey I will just go and get a shower then we’ll go out to find your owner” you kissed him as you embraced, You put him down and quickly dashed to the bathroom. 

After s good few, and a warm bath you were ready for the day. You dressed up comfy with a knee high floral dress shirt topped with a leather jacket and just your trusty kicks. Applying a little amount of make up and lip tint you dashed out of your room to the kitchen to feed the dog.

“Buddy? Why didn’t you eat?” You ask him while changing the water.

“Its because I dont eat those yanno?”

Shocked you immediately looked behind you and see a naked man standing behind you. 

“what the fuck??? Who is he?!?!?!?! Is he the owner? Fuck he looks hot. Wait now is not the time for this! How did he even manage to enter my house!!!”

Your train of thoughts when you felt a hand on your waist and another on on your shoulder. He was leaning closer and to your defense you tried to stop him by putting your hands in his chest "its firm. Fuck! Not now. Now is not the time!

“Also… Im Changkyun, I like buddy but you’ll be needing to know my name”

“Yes! I need to know your name so I can call the  police!” Screaming as you went to your side and took the water bowl for defense, you kept on backing away from him but he went walking towards you in a slow pace.

“Oh really? But yoy brought me here, also it would be polite if you’ll scream my name on th-”


“Wow! I never knew hearing my name from your mouth woukd be that sexy” he said as he sat down on the kitchen counter “I should tell you that there was this "witch” that turned me into a dog until I find someone suitable for me" he said

“Like princess and the frog? That is that your a dog” you look at his face down “OH GODDAMMINT CHANGKYUN HIDE YOUR LITTLE YOU!” you screamed again whilst closing your eyes.

“The little me wants to hide on you” he smirked, jumping from the kitchen counter  and walks to you again “so for now on until the day I die you’ll be my master and you can do anything you want me to”

“Im not your master! Get your hands off of me!” You said as you tried to pry his hands from you, but he grips a little more and pulled you to him

“But to top it all” he leaned in to you ear and whispered “im very good at pleasuring” he licked and bit your ear and earning himself a moan coming from you.

Pushing him that made him stumble a bit you turned around because of the sight of a naked man gives you shivers. You know he is already behind you, bringing you fingers to your nose bridge and pinching it to ease your stress.

“Chance back into a what you were last night, we are going to look for your owner” you heave an expharated sigh as you turned to face him again, but this time he had this angry sad face.

“But you ARE my master, then it means that your MY owner. Cased closed"he said as a matter of fact. You dont even know if he is mad or happy, but one thing is for sure he likes to tease.

"You see Changkyun this is n-”

“This is the besy idea! Me, you living under the roof! If I have my tail you see them swaying!” He turned around waving in butt in front of you with a smirk.

“Stop that you asshole!” You shouted at him, but instead he went up to you and slowly wrapping his hands to your waist turning you to look at the reflection in the mirror

“I can feel you want me from the beginning, also we look cute like this right?” He said as he brought his head to the crook of your neck smiling to himself as he nips the skin on your neck. “You know what? I can make you change your mind” he took your flesh to his mouth and slowly sucking at biting once in a while

“N- ah… stop tha- fuck you Cha- Changkyun!” You yelled ar him while closing your mouth. 

“I like that language of yours” smirking, he carried you bridal style walking to your room, kicking the door to open. “And I would love to have you now” as he placed you on the bed carefully. 

Crawling aways from him was a bad idea because he just went to you while he brings his fingers to ghostly touch your skin, leaving your skin with goosebumps. 

Your mind went blank when he started to play with the the hem of your dress shirt because his hand was just over your core. Trying to swat his hand but it was no use, the once hand that plays with your dress is now on your thigh.

He went too slow that your mind was being fogged by lust but you still fought, his hands slipped onto you without knowing. Gasping when you felt his fingers pressed on your womanhood.

“Sto-s no! Stop this Changkyun!" 

"You want this as much as I want” he pressed a soft kiss on your lips as he went down you neck slightly grazing your skin "worry master I will be a good boy" you can literally feel him smirk on your skin.

He went on kissing your lips as he lifts your dress shirt but your hands founf their way to stop him “come on master, I will be very gentle with you" looking at your eyes as he tries to lift them again and this time succeeding. 

He pried your legs open as he slid himself in between you his lips still on yours, his kisses were sweet and you felt safe. With that said you responed his kiss with the same passion, his hands roams around your body. You both parted as you catch each other’s breathes, looking at his eyes you were completely lost. Those black eyes that you can see the galaxies in them, you initiated the kiss this time and you were completely intoxicated by him.

His hands tried to undo your bra and tried to hold on a laugh because you can see his face in pure confusion, because he cant undo the fuckin bra. You heard him growl faced etched with annoyance, you tried to help him but he just swated your hands telling you that he can do it alone. Once he undid it he smiled at you with truimp, he eyed you like a predator.

Kissing you once again as he cups your breast and softly kneeding it, he wasn’t satisfied for your lack of response so he went on pinching and twisting your left nipple. With that he got a response of a meal.

"So master likes it when I twisting it like this?” He said with his deep voice and you responded with a loud gasp of pleasure “master, we haven’t even started yet your this…Wet"he teasingly slid his finger into your panties.

"God dammit Changkyun! I thought you’re a good boy!” You snapped as you pushed him to his back and straddle his hips “you’re not being a good boy Changkyun!” You said as you look at him whilst slapping his right right, a Yelp was heard from the boy underneath.

“Someone is being impatient” he gave you a smug smirk and pushing you back on the bed “now, I will take these off of you completely” with one !I’ve you were now completely naked underhim. “Now master we will begin” he smiled as he attacked your lips in a kiss.

That kiss escalated into a fiery fight for dominance, you being inexperience easily gave up to Changkyun as he takes the lead. He darted his tongue out asking for permission and easily gave way once again, his tongue and yours danced in sync like they already knew each other.

His lips travelled down from your lips to your jaw to your neck, stoping there to leave several marks on your neck, he went further to the valley of your breast. He took one of your nipple as he suck on it whilst playing on the other, the pleasure are slowly building up on, you grabbed a fist full of his black hair and pushed his head deeper on you. Him happily obeyed.

Hi used his tongue and lips very good and sometimes teething you to gain more responses on you. His mouth alone drove you crazy and you can feel an unfamiliar feeling building up on you. Craving for something more  you tried to slip a finger in you but your hands were pinned by Changkyu, retracting his mouth from your breast he looked at you dead in the eye as he told you not to touch yourself.

Afraid that he won’t continue you obeyed him. He slowly went to your stomach, down to your navel and stopping just inches to your core.

“what do you want me to do master?” He asked you as he lazily plays with your folds not answering him, he completely inserted a finger on you as his thumb pressed on your clit. Humming you buck your hips to meet his finger that doest move.

“please, sto- dont tease!” Still trying to move your hips. Lower but Chankyun held you down firmly on the bed.

“why so rude master? You should ask politely” he smiled at you while he plays on your clit. Slowly pulling his fingers out “I can play this game forever” his deep voice was laced with tease and hunger. 

“you said im your master! Do it now!”

“such an impolite master I have” he heaved a sad sigh, as he sat up right completely retracting his fingers on you “how do you even think I will always be a good boy if you, yourself doesnt even know how to be polite. Just say please and well move on” he told you as he makes small circles on the insides of your thighs.

after a minute or two of grugelling silence, Changkyun just gave you a disappointed look as he stood up from the bed ready to go out of the room.

“hey! Stay here I order you to finish this!” You shouted at him and he only gave you another sigh. “Please?" 

"see was that hard?” He smiled at you as his feet waltz back to the bed and once again settle himself in between your legs and ahoved his fingers right into you.

He went on a normal speed hitting a bundle of nerves that sent you screaming his name, he went on ramming his fingers and adding another in the process.

You kept on moaning and screamingnhis name like a mantra, he went on slow to fast thrusting hus fingers in you. With enough thrusts you came in to his fingers.

Whinning as soon as his fingers left your womanhood, he brings his coated fingers into his mouth and and sucks on your juices with a a very quiet hums of approval. Releasing his fingers with a pop he then attacked your lips letting you taste yourself.

While he plays with your nipple, he grabs your hips and lets you feel how hard he is for you. Felling him twitch under you, grinding your hips to ease the building tension in between the two of you, hearing him groan in pleasure you kept on gridding on him to return the little favor.

Swatting his hands, you push him on his back as you touch his aching member feeling it throb with anticipation. Running your fingers on the popping veins hearing him groan with just you fingers makes you feel more excited than ever.

You held on it with force as you pump on it hard and fast, completely opposite of what Changkyun had did to you. You’re just returning the favor but your not a tease like him oh nonono, you are not.

A few pumps later he is already leaking adding more pressure as you squeeze him and slowly moving your hands down, the room is now filled with deep voiced graons and moans you feel powerful. This is what a master should always do, dominating. 

You slowly brought your head down as you lick the precum on the tip of his cock. Putting him on your mouth, his width made your mouth to stretch even more you bobbed your head up and down. His length was nothing like what you thought that he would be.

You tried your best to take him whole and you succeeded, you look up to see your Changkyun melting under you. Running your tongue in his underside to the head, kissing his length you take him whole again. 

Bobbing your head deep throating Changkyun and once in a while teething him. Running your fingers on his legs digging your nails in the process.

You tried to make him go crazy and your plans worked, his hands found their way to your head and grabbing a fist full of hair helping you. He went on a string of curses as he moans your name, you felt him twitch indicting his near.

Taking the initiative to leadnthis restless blowjob, he pulled himself out and stood up and you went to your knees and made you eat him again. We went on thrusting in your mouth fast and hard. A few more thrust he came in you, slowly pulling out you watch him look at you as you swallowed his load.

Pulling him down you kissed him just repeating what he did to you last time as you gently lay him and top him.

Settling yourself as you straddle his hips, slowly grinding yourselves. Getting impatient Changkyun holds your hips as he switch positions that he is on top now.

Even him being so impatient he still waits for your approval before he makes a move, nodding your head he swings your right leg over his shoulders and teasingly let the head to lightly rubs on you.

Inch by inch he slids on you , knowing that it will hurt he leaned in to kiss just to distract you from the pain that you’ll soon feel. 

Bitting on his lips as he suddenly thrust into you hard and fast, you tatsted metal and you broke from the kiss to check on him , there you saw that you bit his lips so hard.

But instead of you looking at a mad Changkyun he only smiled at you whilst patting you in the head

“Tell me if it’s hurt” he kissed your forehead as he slowly thrust in you holding your frame as if you’ll break if he will go too fast. Why? A dick and fingers are different.

A few slow thrust you had adjusted to his size, he took hint when he noticed the sudden change in your facial reactions. His thrusts now became fast and hard, with every thrust he makes sends you to oblivion.

One certain thrust made you arch your back and moaned loudly, meaning Changkyun found the spot that will make you scream his name. His thrusts quicken as he plays with your clit to add more pleasure,  you grabbed his head you tilt it to the side and nips the skin there marking him as yours. Every thrust that he makes felt needier than the last, this was unusual he wasnt even teasing you but instead he was very sensual, passionate if thats the word.You felt him throb inside and you cant stop clenching on him, he looked at you in the eyes and he lean kiss.

“I- fuck im near and you?” He bites his lips

“Me too” closing your eywa as you hold onto hia shoulders as he pounds on you like there was no tomorrow, after a few more hard thurst he came inside and you followed suit. He collapse on your side, eyes closed as he triea to even out his breathing. You just looked at him and you were just in awe on how beautiful he really is,  hair sticking everywhere, body covered with sweats. 

“Did I changed you mind master, you wont let me go?” He asked as he opened an eye to look at you.

“Change?” You huffed a laugh and achangkyuns face turned into a sour one and you noticed it “you didnt change my blown it” you tweaked his left nipple and laughed at his pained expression.

“So… are you ready round two?” He asked you as he wiggled his eye brows at you.

“Can we eat breakfast first?” Slapping his thigh you stood up, but beimg pulled back by a pair of hands.

“Baby im your breakfast in bed” he winked at you.

With that said lets just sat you two went on for another couple of rounds.

anonymous asked:

I'm a bisexual women, and im still coming to terms with it. Tumblr is my safe space, but lately im seeing more and more biphobic posts by lesbian blogs and other member of the LGBT community. How do I stop as many of these showing up on my dash as possible? Its actually really damaging to women coming to terms with their bisexuality and can cause a lot of pain


THIS IS ME. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ME. I am in the exact same place as you, at first I thought I was lesbian but then identified as bisexual and felt much more comfortable with that label. But then I really started to notice lots of biphobia, especially in wlw spaces and it’s very damaging to women like us who have just come to terms with being bisexual, and it’s something I still struggle with because for almost 20 years I thought I was straight, I thought I was just “admiring” certain girls and that I was 100% straight. So thanks to Tumblr I finally understood myself and came to slowly accept that I like girls.

But then to see the biphobia, to read that “if you’re in a ‘het’ relationship you’re not part of the LGBT+ community” made me feel sick and so much worse. And there’s a part of me that just wishes I was either straight or gay, and how completely fucked up is that?

So in short, I know exactly how this feels. You’re not alone. We’re still struggling with biphobia, it’s still very prominent, especially in the LGBT+ community. But don’t let it invalidate your sexuality. Bi girls are beautiful, wonderful, and unstoppable.

Unfollow (and block) anyone who reblogs anything biphobic. Follow some bi positivity blogs (I suggest @nerdbi!!) and fill your dash with lots of bi positivity and love. Don’t let the biphobes bring you down. 💕

As a part of Spread the Love Day, I want to highlight those that I stalk the most. These people bring me LIFE on this website. Seriously. Let me tell you a little about each of them. 

@saucynewf - I am pretty sure that Pam is determined to remain #1 on my list. She supplies me with as much Dean Porn as a girl could hope. I never know what I’m going to get, and it makes following her that much MORE exciting. If you would like to get your Dean fix on, head on over to Pam’s blog and FOLLOW HER. 

@blacktithe7 - I LOVE Erin. She knows how to write Jensen and SUCK ME IN. I recently re-read her Rockstar! Jensen AU Silk and Rough Velvet. If you, like me, have a thing for Jensen singing, you need to give this series a try. It is SUCH a roller coaster that you won’t regret. Then you need to read her NEWEST Jensen series Forward. It has been absolutely delightful. I’m enjoying every damn second of it. Follow Erin RIGHT NOW. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Mimi is absolute fanfic ROYALTY. Just saying. I love pretty much every bloody thing she writes. Let me just lay it down for you. An Unassuming Life Series is a Mechanic! Dean x Reader AU in which you will absolutely lose yourself. Then she writes THE BEST Dean x Donna pairing EVER. It’s my drug, and she is my supplier. I swear. I CAN NOT get enough. Then there is The Arrangement. A Mechanic! Dean x Reader series in which you will LOSE YOUR SHIT. It is so damn good. So, why are you still looking at me, go follow her and read all the things. 

@ravengirl94 - Let’s talk about Emily, shall we? I discovered her blog just a week ago and all I can think is, “Where the HELL has this been all my life?!” Holy Toledo, Batman. This girl CAN WRITE. The first thing I read was her Billionaire! Dean x Reader AU The Arrangement. I’m so in love with it I can hardly function. It brings me life and makes me smile and feel all kinds of things. THIS is like a book. It’s so well written and sucks you in. And it’s way different than almost anything out there. Then the way she writes Jensen is utterly AMAZING. Check out her I Want Crazy Series. It will not disappoint. Then while you’re at it, just FOLLOW HER ALREADY. 

@justjensenanddean - My supplier for EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Whether it’s Jensen singing or being an AMAZING father or Dean in all is beautiful glory, this blog makes sure I never go without these two men. Bless you, my friend. Thank you for always creating and reblogging THE BEST stuff. Ugh, go follow this blog, you fools!

@torn-and-frayed - You made the list again, Steph! :p I can not say enough about this woman. She has a masterfully executed Series Rewrite in which she has inserted the reader into now up to FIVE SEASONS of Supernatural. I don’t know how in the hell she does it, dudes. Then there is Daddy’s Little Lovebug. I LOVE It so hard. And we can’t forget her Send the Pain Below Series. It’s a Jensen x Reader, and it hurts so good. She is basically the queen of angst and making your heart HURT. Go follow her. She is bloody brilliant. 

@impala-dreamer - Let me count the ways that Bekah drives me wild. Let’s start with ALL THE SMUT. She sure knows how to drive my Dean fantasies WILD. Enchanted Encounter is a completely wonderful example of that. The reader gets cursed and all kinds of wonderfullness ensues. Goodmorning, Princess and Goodnight, Princess are both PERFECT examples of how I want to wake up and go to sleep EVERY DAMN DAY. Then there was the time that Bekah made me HATE HER with The End of Time. I’m telling you, get some tissues. I was so damn pissed at the end of this one, I cried for a while, then lashed out. Everything Bekah does is GOLD. She also writes Sam, blah blah, and it’s not so bad either. *rolls eyes* Go follow her talented ass. NOW!

@jacklesonmymind - Constantly reblogging ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Bless her for making sure I don’t go anytime without seeing his beautiful face on my dash. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these wonderful trashy rebloggers. They bring me LIFE. You are AMAZING. 

@misswhizzy - Liz, Liz, Liz… You make sure that if I missed it the first time around from someone, that I’m going to see it once you reblog or post it. I feel like there are so many wonderful gifsets that I would have missed out on if it weren’t for you and your wonderful eye for beauty. You have a wonderfully run blog and it fills my dash with joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

There are SO MANY MORE great blogs out there, but today these are the wonderful souls I am featuring. What are you doing still reading this!? Go Follow their wonderful asses!

Forbidden Fruit (Jacob Frye)

Your smile brightened up the ballroom as you stepped foot through the doors. Your shimmering (E/C) eyes observed the guests as you made your way through the crowd. Your beautiful dress was turning heads; men were complimenting you on your natural beauty while the women gave small smiles and returned to their small talks, no doubt gossiping about every little thing that happens in Whitechapel. You made your way to the grand staircase and greeted your doting mother and father on the top steps.

“Oh (Y/N), you are looking marvelous this evening.” Your mother cooed, eyeing you up and down with admiration in her eyes. She turned to your father and hugged his side as his gentle smile appeared in your gaze. He walked over to you and took your gloved hand as he raised it to spin you around, taking in your appearance.

“My dear daughter, you do look lovely. You look just like your mother.” He gave you a slight hug as you looked over his shoulder to look at the crowd conversating below. Everyone was here to celebrate your twentieth birthday, but the celebration seemed more for your father’s business; his business partners were here instead of your closest friends. You went along with it though, because you were never the one for too much attention pointed in your direction.

“Oh how are you enjoying your party, (Y/N)?” Your father asked you as you stood by the railing, eyeing the cheerful crowd.

“It’s perfect, father. I see that you have invited some of your business partners as well?” You nodded your head in the direction of the little throng of men, talking lowly in the corner of the room, eyeing everyone in the room until one of their dark gazes meet your bright one.

“Oh… yes of course. Even on your special day, I still have to work, unfortunately. If you’ll excuse me for a moment.” He pecked you on your cheek and kissed your mother before descending the stairs and making his way over to his partners. You sighed as you turned your head to your mother, who had a look of concern staring at your father.

“Mother, what is it exactly that father does? I don’t think he has ever told me.” Your question brought your mother back to the moment as her wide eyes turned to you and her concerned look faded away and her faded rose lips tugged upwards to a smile.

“Oh, heavens, (Y/N) darling. Your father… his job is very strangely alluring and dangerous for the men that work with him. He is a powerful man in his own state of standing…” Her voice drifted as her eyes carefully watched your father interact with his partners, his smile was big and bright, but his body seemed stiff and tense as if something was to go terribly wrong. “Anyways, let’s not dwell on your father and his strange occupation, it is your day after all.” Her smile was genuine as she stood next to you at the railing of the stairs.

The musicians played some somber music, majorly contrasting against the loud and boisterous crowd that stood before them. The music was quite fine to you but your mother thought otherwise and asked them to change the beat of the even, so they did. The music was uplifting and everyone began to grab a dance partner and take the floor. The tables were left vacant and the dance floor was full with voluminous dresses and classy men. Your smile struggled to stay on your face as you wished to dance with someone.

Your prayers were soon answered as your eyes drifted to the ballroom doors opening and two people walking in through the door, one male, and the other female. The man looked dashing as ever, but could be easy seen as out of place with the color of his vest, a deep woods green that stood out against the black, gray or white ones. His hazel eyes were dancing around the room as a smirk took place of his lips. His eyes just had this charismatic feel to them that you seemed to be allured by them.

The woman seemed fairly uncomfortable standing there in her scarlet dress, contrasting to your (F/C) dress that was very voluminous. Her hair was beautifully done in a braided crown that wrapped around her head. Her kind smile was only a facade that you saw through, she looked as if the man had simply dragged her against her own will. Her hands were at her sides as she inspected every inch of the ballroom, her sea green eyes looking over you as you just watched the two.

“Mother, who is that posh couple at the door? Are they friends of fathers?” You asked curiously as you took slight steps to the stairs. Your mother wasn’t listening to you as she was busy chatting with other people who stood near her. You decided to investigate yourself and you found yourself halfway down the winding staircase, smiling at the kind gentleman and woman.

You approached them slowly with a sweet smile as you stared them both in the eyes. The man’s smile grew as you introduced yourself to them.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N) (L/N), welcome to my party. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that we have never met. You two are?” You looked at the man as you saw him gently take your hand and bring it up to his lips. Your cheeks blushed a beautiful peach before you turned the other way to hide it.

“I am Jacob Frye, and this her is my dear sister, Evie Frye. Sorry for barging into your little party, but we thought it was a free gathering of some sorts. If you wish for us to leave…” His voice trailed as you shook your head in a disagreement.

“Oh, you two are fine here, I can’t possibly say no to you two dashing people. Come, get a drink with me, if you are interested.” You looked between the two and right before Evie was to respond, another man came up and took her hand, dragging her to the ballroom floor. She gave her brother a warning look as her head nodded in the direction of you. You brushed it off, thinking that she was worried about being swept away in the party.

“Well, how about you Jacob? Would you like a drink? I know I am parched.” You laughed lightly as he held out his hand for you to take.

“Lead the way, Miss (L/N).”

“Oh, please, call me (Y/N). I’m still youthful looking, am I not? Only women who have been married and widowed with children can be called ‘Miss’.”

“Alright then.” He smiled at you as you brought him to the drink table. You poured each other a drink and stood by the edge of the ballroom floor, watching everyone, including Evie dance around to the lively music.

“So, this is your party? May I ask for what?”

“My birthday. I am now twenty, but my parents still believe I am their baby girl. Isn’t it a bit touching?” You asked him curiously as you sipped your drink before taking one big swing of it before returning for more.

“So touching, indeed…” His voice seemed sarcastic as he finished his drink and returned for more. “I would not know what that feeling is like, my mother died during childbirth and my father had recently passed.”

“Sorry to hear that, let’s drink to them. They have raised such a fine gentleman.” You turned to him as you waited for him to bring his glass to yours, but he didn’t; he turned to you with a sly smirk plastered to his face.

“I rather not, but thank you for the complement. Your parents have raised such a beautiful girl.”

“Careful now with the word girl, in your eyes, I am supposed to be seen as a young beautiful woman, so says my parents.” You laugh as you finished your drink and set it down on one of the nearby tables.

“Well, would you care to dance with me, such a beautiful young woman must dance at her party.” He said to you as he held out his hand for you to take. Your smile grew brighter as you took his hand and let him lead you to the dance floor. He took hold on your waist as you placed your hands on his shoulder.

The music played and you two danced with the rhythm. Your dress swayed with every step to the side, every twirl and dip in Jacob’s arms. It felt magical as you slowly tuned out the rest of the people dancing around you, and it felt like it was just you and him in the moment. His hazel gaze never left yours as moved. A small smile was on his lips as he stared down at you with awe, but something in his eyes seemed…dark.

“You’re awfully quiet. What is on your mind?” He asked as he looked around the crowd, no doubt looking for his sister, Evie. His eyes returned to yours as you shrugged your bare shoulders.

“Nothing that is to your concern, sorry if I sound rude, I just have a lot on my mind this night.” You confessed, your eyes drifting to your father talking to some woman that you could not see.

“It is fine if you do not wish to talk. I prefer if we just stare into each other eyes… what marvelous eyes you have.” He made you blush as you looked down at his feet. “Oh love, don’t hide your blush from me, I find it quite adorable.”

“Oh… thank you. You mind if we head to the gardens? It is quite stuffy in here and I can barely hear myself think.” You chuckled nervously as you pulled him to the gardens.

You sat on the wooden bench as you watched the waterfall flow. It was silent and both of you played with your fingers. You felt His gaze burn into the side of your head, before you turned to him quickly, to catch him in the act.

“You were staring” You smiled at him as he shook his head, disagreeing with you. “I saw you, liar.”

“I am so sorry, but your eyes must have been playing tricks on you. I wasn’t doing any such thing…” he looked at you as you smirked at him, “If I was staring, it would only be because I find your beauty so alluring.” His words faded into the night as you both leaned into one another.

Your lips were grazing each other before, you sealed the deal with connecting your lips all the way. He cupped your face as you placed a hand on his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. It was sweet and tender, he was not too rough, but he wasn’t too gentle as his lips stayed on yours. He pulled you almost onto his lap, but the skirt of your dress was getting in the way.

A loud clearing of someone’s throat sounded right in front of you two and you quickly pulled apart to find Evie standing before you two, her arms folded across her chest and a look of concern and anger glistening in her eyes.

“Oh dear brother Jacob, I am ready to leave. I am not feeling so good.” Her voice was strained as she waited for Jacob to join her. He didn’t budge, so Evie started to hold her stomach as if she was going to vomit.

“Evie, you don’t look bad, but maybe it’s the makeup that makes it difficult to see.” He chuckled lightly before standing up from the bench and taking a spot near his sister’s side. He hugged her to his side as he looked at you with mirth and content. “Oh dear (Y/N), it was nice to meet you this evening, but as you can see, I must leave. I hope we can meet again, sometime soon.”

“I hope so too, Now go on and get out of here. I hope you feel better Evie.” You told her as she smiled faintly before turning around and entering the place to leave. Jacob had followed right behind her as she talked quietly to him.

You were happy with the way your evening went, but you were left a little empty after Jacob had left. You returned to the party and took your place beside your mother and father as you began to wrap up the party.


“You are a complete bloody idiot, do you know that!” Evie raised her voice as she turned to face Jacob, showing her full anger.

“What did I do to anger you, oh dear sister? Did I get mud on your evening dress? Oh, Did I rip your dress or maybe I stepped on your foot while we arrived at the party?” Jacob seemed annoyed with Evie’s sudden outburst, but he didn’t really care to actually do something about it.

“The girl, (Y/N). You know exactly what you have done. You kissed our targets daughter, you halfwit!” She raised her voice and slammed her hands down on her desk as he turned her head to look at the dumbfounded Jacob.

“She never said anything about her father being a templar or anything along those lines.” He spoke softly to himself, but Evie heard and scoffed.

“She might not even know, or she is really good at hiding it. Either way, she is off limits, you hear, once we find out what she really knows and what her motives are, she can’t be touched. Got it Jacob?” She stood before him, her arms folded as she looked down at him as he laid on his couch in the train cart. “Swear that you will not go near her until we get things sorted out.”

“I swear.”

Evie left the room on that note and Jacob let out a sigh of frustration. He could care less what Evie told him, he was a part of the mission also, so his say counted too. He couldn’t just leave you out to dry as he and Evie decided if you were a templar yourself. He was taking a liking to you, but he knew that he had fallen prey to a templar before. You were off limits to him, and he kind of liked it, though, to him, it made the whole situation feel more dangerous and fun.

Missed me?

Y’all thought that was the end, huh?

Oh no. Sorry sweethearts. Didn’t you know black girl magic was indestructible?

I know some of y’all must be real mad to see me back gracing your dashes. Actually, it was you who gave me that extra bit of motivation to bring my ass right back round and make you just that much more tight ^_^

But I have a duty to ruin your days and snatch your edges with my beautiful, unapologetically black sims and content. 

I want to clear something up though, since people love to lie and fabricate shit since I was not around to defend myself. 

I was approached by ONE Dev from imvu. Who’s content I removed quite happily from my blog. My blog was deleted from other claims of copyright. Noone else approached me or asked me to remove anything apart from the first dev. TBH, I’m not even sure that the claim was legit (because I know some of you would go to all kinds of means and lengths to get me deleted), but at the end of the day Tumblr have to do what they have to do in response to those types of claims. But if the dev had contacted me straight, I would have removed it all. Yeh, I’m quite sure you will have formed your opinion about me. I honestly don’t care at this point. I brought something that was necessary to the game by means that may not have been the best or respectful (which I sincerely apologise for), but I had so many people’s best interest at heart. If it meant getting my blog deleted, so be it. I have no regrets what so ever. Black sims never looked better in my opinion and I can look back and know that I was a part of that glo up. 

For the record. I don’t believe I am better than anyone else. A lot of you very hateful individuals really wish to maliciously spread my name in such a negative light as if I murdered your family pet. I’m just a simmer, who’s a human, who breaths air, who’s heart beats, who sometimes does stupid shit. If you can tick all of those boxes, then me and you are just the same. I am no different than you.

But hey, ho. It is what it is. That’s the end of that chapter. I won’t be sharing anymore vu conversions, but I’ll do what I can with regards to other content. Honestly, I’m glad for the fresh start and really just want my blog to be about my shit, my sims, my humour, my likes, etc. I was beginning to hate the pressure, and just want you to like my blog for what I post, not just solely for cc. 

For those of you actually HAPPY to see me back, I love you. I saw every single wonderful comment that you guys made, and honestly, it made me cry to realise that I was gonna be away from you guys. It broke my heart frfr. I couldn’t stay away for much longer. Thank you for the motivation to come back and be amongst some truly amazing, supportive and just plain beautiful individuals. 

A big thank you especially to my friends who found means and ways to come check on me and made sure I was okay ( @blvck-life-simz @xmiramira @napsims @qdogsims @simply-kita-b @sheplayswithlifeee @ashsimplysimming @prettyxsimblr @talesofascrewup ) y’all the real MVPs. 

Anyways, back to business! I’ll have this blog up and running soon. Gotta get it back up to a respectable level lol. I’ll share my website once I’ve got it looking decent too. It would have been my blog’s one year anniversary on the 5th of November. So let’s pretend I haven’t had to start all over again LOL. 

- Ebz

everything you need for


  • cozy warm blanket ((after all it snows nine months of the year where you’re going))
  • good snacks ((for this one i would suggest chocolate chip cookies))
  • friend to cry with at the end
  • Toothless plushie for comfort and cuddles during sadder bits
  • pillow to muffle sounds of sexual desire joy when Hiccup is on-screen 
  • fluffy K-rated ((nothing too heavy!!)) fanfics to read afterward that will serve as balm to soothe your wounded soul


  • cozy warm blanket ((Valka’s ice cave looks pretty chilly imo))
  • good snacks ((for this one i would suggest chocolate cake))
  • Toothless plushie ((note: cover his eyes/ears when The Scene™ comes on))
  • pillow to muffle sobs when The Scene™ is over
  • ((note: take a breather here. you’ve just seen The Scene™. dry your tears. get yourself another piece of cake. only press play when you’re ready.))
  • friend to make dead stoick jokes with at the end
  • fluffy K-rated Hiccup/Stoick father/son fanfics to read afterward that will serve as balm to soothe your wounded soul ((DREAMWORKS WHY))


  • cozy warm blanket ((just b/c Jack Frost loves the cold doesn’t mean you have to!)) 
  • also warm and oversized knit sweaters!! ((just looking at all that snow makes me shiver!))
  • good snacks ((i suggest ice cream!!))
  • friend to quote all of Pitch’s lines with you 
  • pillow to dry tears when Jamie sees Jack
  • fluffy K-rated fanfic to read afterward that will serve as balm to soothe your wounded soul


  • cozy warm blanket ((what if it gets cold in space??))
  • good snacks ((note: for an extra-fun time, try and make your own Bonzabeast Stew!!))
  • foam treasure map!! ((you can even paint it gold for authenticity!!))
  • Morph plushie! <3 
  • pillow to muffle any and all sounds of pain when Silver comforts Jim 
  • be sure to pause and dry your eyes if you need to before continuing!! ((you’ll be crying again in 3 secs anyway))
  • ((note: I’m Still Here sequence coming on?? crank it up!! the world needs more Johnny Rzeznik!!))
  • fluffy K-rated fanfic to read afterward that will serve as balm to soothe your wounded soul ((preferably sweet-as-sugar one-shots where Jim and Silver meet again <3 <3 <3))


  • cozy warm blanket ((the sea can still be pretty cold, even for a mermaid as fabulous as yourself))
  • good snacks ((note: NO stuffed crab))
  • costume mermaid tail w/ lots of glitter ((note: don’t have a mermaid tail on hand? that’s ok! wrap that cozy warm blanket around your legs instead!))
  • friend to sing poor unfortunate souls with you
  • pillow to dry tears when Eric tries to marry Ursula 
  • fluffy K-rated fanfic to read afterward to make you feel even warmer and fuzzier than the ending already did!! 
  • note: be sure to sing part of your world out loud!!! it rly adds to the experience! 


  • cozy warm blanket ((no shame if the cold bothers you anyway!!))
  • good snacks ((truffles!! make Anna proud!!))
  • gloves to tear off during let it go sequence ((note: mittens will also suffice))
  • friend to sing reindeers are better than people w/ you
  • pillow to dry tears when Anna freezes 
  • fluffy K-rated Kristanna fanfic to read afterward to help you calm down ((note: ship is optional!!))


  • cozy warm blanket ((Quasi himself calls the belltower cold and dark))
  • good snacks ((almond Snickers!! you’re going to need the endorphin chocolate brings))
  • flowy skirt!! you’ll look and feel as beautiful as the gyspy Esmeralda!! ((note: don’t have a skirt/aren’t comfortable wearing them? that’s ok!! anklets, headbands and sashes all work too!! note #2: wanna look and feel as dashing as Phoebus instead? find yourself a plastic sword! or better yet, make one out of an empty wrapping paper tube. get in touch with your inner soldier!!))
  • Kleenex ((let’s not sugercoat it you’re gonna cry. you’re gonna cry a lot. it’s gonna be worth it tho.))
  • also be sure to drink some water sometime during the film! all those tears can dehydrate a person
  • and singing God help the outcasts can be really cathartic esp. for those who believe in a higher power/struggle with their faith!! 
  • please take care of yourself. if Frollo’s presence bothers/triggers you, or if you’ve ever suffered the abuse that Quasi has or the sexual harrassment Esme undergoes, there’s no shame in skipping the upsetting scenes!! 
  • don’t forget to enjoy yourself!! you may be crying your eyes out but you have to admit this film is breathtaking even through your tears! 
  • note: I have not yet found a light fluffy fanfic to comfort me after this film. i am on my own.

Hello, Londoners. I would like to wish you a very happy New Year! Also, I would like to say thank you to my wonderful followers and everyone who reblogged my posts. Thank you for sticking with me even if I didn’t post that often. Hopefully next year I can be more active and bring some beautiful photos of London to your dash.  ❤️ ❤️

Alright, alright. It’s time for me to give love to a lot of you lovely human beings out there tbh. Yes, yes… it’s about to get mushy as fuck. But you know what? That’s alright! We need a little more love in this community. Even after everything that has happened within the past months, or weeks. But let us remind each other that we are a GREAT fucking community and that we are still family. I mean somewhat family? We should still try to look out for one another. I mean that’s always important. I’ve been in a few fandoms before from WWE, DC, TEEN WOLF & now GOT. And man, I’ve met amazing people in some of those fandoms, and some not so great? I mean happens to all of us right? Some people aren’t meant to RP I guess. *shrug* but that’s not the point. The point is, I have so much love for this fandom and have met, many ( MANY ) people who are such role models on this fandom. You’re all amazing at what you do, perfection on your muses. Each and every one of you should ALWAYS be proud of the way you portray your muse. Okay so let me go on and thank you peeps !


                                      ▌☠ ▌Flayer, players & slayers. lovely baes  ▌☠ ▌

@agirlingrey .  @akingslayerx .  @applesrose@arcanemistrust  . @arthurxdayne . @born-to-be-admired . @bowtiedmadman . @bubblegumxmallets . @bullhecd . @cerseilionesslannister   . @claimantking . @coldhonovr . @davosshorthand . @dcthraki . @distrcss . @dreadfortsgirl . @fadetogrey . @fcllenangels . @fidcns . @firstxfhernxme . @forresterborn . @frozenconsort . @fuckthekiing . @gcntleking . @greyenvy . @halfahorseherself . @heartfound . @herunfailingkindness . @honourofwesterling . @jinglenee . @kennelmastersdaughter . @klllerwithin . @ladycrcw . @liiberum . @longmayshereign-cersei . @lordnegan . @lordofthewatch . @lordxfcoin . @louvereine . @luctatio . @machinaticns . @motherofasgard  . @malleableking . @meraxesrider . @mindfulqueen .  @nattienativity .  @neitherknightnorlady . @ofarrowsandfire . @ofbrokenmen . @ofpalletown@ofgcldenroses . @ofwolvesandroses . @onceporcelain . @pearlofruins . @pertenebras . @portectorisms . @predative . @quietbxy . @ravcnkiing . @rollinsstolechristmas . @roosebxltxn . @renuntiatum  @rosethornknight  . @royalsadist . @samoansanta . @secxndstark . @sleighbvlla . @songoffireandrevenge . @suvicn . @theblackcraven  . @thedragoninthesnow  . @thetimeladyandthetardis  .  @the-tenth-will-see-you-now .  @timelordcurse . @thelostwildwolf  . @unbxrnt . @watchdeserter . @winterskraken . @withthedog . @withwildfire . @wolf-queen-named-stark .  @wolvensteel . @worshipsonlydeath . @wxngedshadow . @yngwolfrobb .  @ycngrose .  @zaldrizotala . @zaldrizotresy  @undauntedlioness .

: Seriously I hope I didn’t miss any of you >_> I know some of y’all got yourself like 100 blogs. So I tried y’know. But anyaaaays.  You’re all amazing and have made the dash amazing. Everything you do for this community is something i will always remember tbh. You all bring something beautiful and different. You’re all creative at what you. Writing. Edits. All of the above. I honestly wish I can tell you how much I appreciate you all, without repeating the same things over and over.  I may not Roleplay with all of you, or talk to some of you ooc, but i do want you to know that even though we haven’t done anything or did ( but not anymore ) I still adore you all so much. Your muse ( canon or oc ) are lovely. I thank you for putting SO much work on your muses, & I thank you for gracing the dash with your beauty.  ❤️

Okay—- so, i do want to give a few shoutouts to people i talk with ooc, a lot. and i mean almost every day. and such ( people who have seen full satan side tbh )  ( ALSO WARNING AUTO PLAY OKAY )

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Hey Guys! This is my first follow forever post…I just wanna say thank you guys for making my dash more enjoyable and beautiful with your edits/posts! Some of you don’t even know me at all and there’re some blogs that i don’t even speak to lol but I LOVE YOU ALL anyway! (especially my mutuals) (p.s if you’re curious i changed my @ recently, i was @classyasgomez)

I hope 2016 will bring you only joy and happiness! And i hope you’ll have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones!

(bold @’s - faves)


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p.s please don’t say anything about Muslims can’t celebrate Christmas…In my country we just celebrate it casue it’s a New Year and all…(i’m bad at explaining things and english is not my 1st language so i’m sorry for my mistakes)

Thanks and such

Long time no “thank you” and therefore a long list (and I hope, I didn’t forget anyone).

Huge thanks to Basile of yeswearemagazine and basilepesso, Tom of tomsphotocollection and feuerfloh, fotosgraphos, Nick of beautifullyframed and artsinmyheart, Fred of the-other-side-of-my-reality and photo-musik, accessorius and accessorius-photography, Jason of amomentovbeauty and theebrokenpathphoto, sonsofkerouac​, aldadamiao​, theovernightguy​, renamonkalou, athdhean​ and vicariouslens, Nils of subaruking54 and nh-art, and loveismyenigma3141 for the feature and the lovely words, the very kind features by drxgonfly and myutopianmind​!
Thank you for all the support to Tiana of beautiful-and-mysterious-world​ and tiananoujaimphotography, Alexis of 1x1-photography and Nur of nuretmen for the features on istumbled-upon​,  Rob of robinb-photo for the feature on camera-raw, the one and only gray-card, the beautiful people of imiging​, the amazing luxlit crew, the mysterious people behind inspiringbitsandpieces (who are you?), and the hard working lensblr-network staff, the wonderful Sara of ponderation and in-apricity and the equally wonderful Liz of mistymorningme​ and mistymorningphoto.

Big hugs to the “regulars” people-dream-in-color-here, hopstoad, mythicaldarkness, natalia-spills… and of course to all the others I forgot to mention here (it was not on purpose)

And what would this list be without theoriginalplant? Right: Incomplete!

But I don’t want to forget to say thank you to all you others out there, photographers or no, who send so much love by flying hearts, comments and messages. I know, I’m way behind and some of you are still waiting for my reply. Let me assure you, I don’t take this all for granted! Thank you so much!

And again, I want to say thank you to three (in my eyes) outstanding photographers, who let me stand in awe and are kind enough to share their vision. People like you, are an inspiration every day and bring so much creativity and beauty on to our dashes. Thank you for sharing your talent and unique view:

mirroredphotography: Haunting photos. That is all I can say about them. No. No that is not all. I am a sucker for landscape photography, that is nothing new. So, of course I follow lots and lots of landscape blogs. None of them is like this. The play with colours, the eye for detail, patterns and textures, the striking compositions, the playful and absolutely each and every time creative approach not only shows, but proves a love for photography a joy of creating atmospheric images that is - at least as I see it - unmatched. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary photos.

walking-geema: Another more than inspiring blog. Her unpretentious and direct way of capturing the beauty of nature, the sheer love for this blue (and green) planet, oozes from this blog through each and every photo. It’s like, as if she walks through nature and just sucks up her surroundings to ban them on her photographs. There is nothing artificial in her images. A wild, untamed way of documenting what’s out there for us to enjoy. Pure, unfiltered and amazing. Thank you!

hellodailycuriosity: Is for sure a very, very special blog. The name already gives a hint. Exploration of our daily surroundings. A closer look at what we so often overlook. A magnifying glass for all the details in our daily lifes that don’t seem to matter at first glance. It’s a marvellous adventure in photography, a celebration of curiousness and an overall fascinating endeavour.  Thank you, Maria for sharing your unique view!

via-sunlight  asked:

Hello, sweetheart. ♡ You are one of the top people I reblog from & I wanted to give out positivity and love towards you. I read some comments under some news today that were so hateful, I wanted to do something good. Bring some goodness back in the universe. ;) Love having you on my dash, your posts are always golden. You are precious slices of fluffness and laughter. Have a beautiful day!

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