bringing shame to the whole community

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I am pretty opinionated when it comes to the whole ‘the studyspo tag is classist, it brings about notions of only studying successfully if you have a Starbucks cup, a MacBook or a plethora of expensive stationery’ thing. Well I’ve chimed in on this before and I’m chiming in again.

Never once have I looked at a 'studyspo image’ and thought to myself “hey that looks a little showy”. Not once, and I’ve been here for a good few months now and I’ve racked up around 4,500 posts. If you study on a MacBook, good for you. If you study with 100 Stabilo or Staedler pens, hey, good for you too. If your laptop still has Windows XP, that’s good for you too. My point is that it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, would you be more or less inspired if these things were not present in the pictures? My view is that it wouldn’t make a difference. Don’t ever feel shamed in to thinking that you are overtly instilling notions of your 'class’ in to pictures that you post of your studies. 

If the whole point of studyspo and 'studyblrs’ is to inspire, and to be inspired ourselves, then why take this further and bring in issues of class and affluence? Why must we play down how motivational this community can be? It really aggravates me and I wonder if there are elements of jealously which fuels some of these opinions {I don’t mean this in a negative way, that’s just how it seems to me personally}. It makes me feel like when I post a picture of my study supplies I should be substituting the materials that I actually use for a freaking blackboard and some chalk. 

I guess the point I am making is that this was something that didn’t need to become a forum for opinions on class, affluence, so on. It is a small corner of a social networking site about studying. STUDYING. I’m not saying its wrong to feel disheartened if you don’t have the same supplies that others use to motivate them, that’s okay. But believe it or not people did still study before studyspo on Tumblr, in fact millions of students still do. This is a small, diverse, enthusiastic and friendly community - and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree, I’d love to discuss this with others and see if anyone shares the same views or what your counter arguments are! Anyway, happy studying everyone xo

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some friends (also white) are giving me suggestions on being a more action-oriented ally: studying up, posting articles, engaging people day to day who exhibit racist behaviors/attitudes, filming cops, getting arrested etc etc. then one recommends listening to kendrick lamar to pimp a butterfly saying it's powerful. "new black" is so far out of my lane but i'm privy to the term and have seen some blogs (yours also) holding lamar to that label. could you share some of your criticisms of PaB?

The issue is that Kendrick said to Billboard that although he felt Mike Brown shouldn’t have been killed, blame should be placed on Brown himself and the black community in Ferguson and at large, which is fucked. He then backed that up on The Blacker The Berry on TPAB by basically saying black people have no right to be upset about extrajudicial execution of black people while gang violence still happens in black communities, conflating two separate issues in the same way white people do when they want to blame us for our own oppression or at least stop talking about it and avoid dealing with it in any meaningful way. There’s also a bunch of fake-deep Ankh bullshit (bringing up the “Willie Lynch speech” that never happened, tired Kings & Queens rhetoric, the whole “negus” shit, and so on), but the Fox Newsian rhetoric about black issues caged in what has been categorized by similarly ignorant black people and gleeful white people as pro-blackness is what bugs me.

He’s always been on some respectability politics shit (condescending to and shaming sex workers, positing religion as the solution to the ills of the black community, implying a diametric opposition between hood and educated and questioning white people’s ability to distinguish the two rather than the validity of any such opposition, attempting to position himself as a savior of influence over the hood as though all that’s needed to fix the black community’s issues is a good role model, and so on), but this album took it to a way more offensive level. Not to mention GKMC is just a better album musically and lyrically.

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I'm really upset that Ryan Lochte actually lied. I actually believed him for a while until today. Now I'm just disgusted because that's not something that's totally coolio to lie about.

I know we all believed him it seemed so plausible and now we know that not only did he lie just to make himself look better but he left his teammates back in Brazil to take the fall and skipped town when he knew he was going to get caught
You see what a lot of Americans don’t seem to understand is that when you leave the US you are no longer protected by our laws (an obvious statement but you’d be shocked); you are subject to the laws of whatever country you’re in and if you commit an offense (i.e. lying about a crime and bringing shame to a country from the international community) they have the right to charge and try you for your crime by their laws.
Since this is such a high profile situation The State Department is probably now involved and if Brazil asks they could quite honestly agree to his extradition back to Brazil
Anyway I’m so angry the people of Rio and Brazil as a whole don’t deserve such slander (especially after the incredible Olympic Games they hosted at great personal cost) just because a bunch of grown men can’t take responsibility for their actions